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jesspitt90I’ve been watching GMM for like, 4 years, every single day. And NEVER in my life thought I would actually meet Link. I was geeking out so hard and it was all so surreal. He is so nice and it definitely was the highlight of my entire holiday season. Keep doing what you’re doing guys and be your mythical best 🔥🐓 #gmm# goodmythicalmorning #link #bejealous #hessonicetho

If you’ve seen Freaks and Geeks,you know there’s a lot of scenes with Sam Weir laughing

If you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably seen gifs and pics of it. 

As shown in this video here:

For some reason, all videos are at the bottom,so watch them there!

But what if I told you there was a scene in which Sam laughs….offscreen?!?!?!? Yup! There is!

It’s from the episode Chokin’ and Tokin’, in the episode, the geeks have a teacher named Ms. Foote,who after Bill tells her about his peanut allergy says it’s unusual, and then tells the wole class about Sam and Neal’s ailments, while the class laughs, which they obviously hate,so they kind of drift apart from Bill in this episode, and the cheerleaders start liking them and ask them out to a cheer banquet offscreen. That is still the inevitable happens after Alan puts peanuts in Bill’s sandwich cause he thinks he’s lying ( Bill ends up in the hospital, but spoiler alert he lives!)

Anyways,now that you know that here’s the scene

Of course I’ve seen this episode a lot of times, but I noticed, they show every time Sam laughs in the show EVERY TIME except this one. (well really John Francis Daley laughing but still),except this one.  There’s even a few not in that video above. 

I thought it was cause, right before Neal says the line he laughs at, he takes a bite of something 

You can almost tell Neal knows this after he says the line LOL

I thought maybe cause of that they chose not to show the laugh, they didn’t want to show his mouth full, which makes sense, also later in that same scene they cut to him gain,and his mouth is empty so either he swallowed it fast or spat it out I don’t know, probably the latter. 

But then I remembered, there’s a scene in a later episode, whee they do show him laughing after he’s taken a bite of food, he just has it between his teeth, which he probably did here too.

But then again that episode had a different director, so did the one this is from (Noshing and Moshing):

Also these have different directors for the episodes too

Also these aren’t in that laugh compilation video either for some reason.

(Last 5 photos and gifs not mine)