Supernatural:                             10x01 - Black

Director: Robert Singer

Writer: Jeremy Carver

State: Kansas, Wisconsin (4), Ohio (3), North Dakota

Total Deaths: 11

Female Deaths: 1
Male Deaths: 2
Unspecified Gender Deaths: 8
Human Deaths: 6
Non-Human Deaths: 5
During Present: 2 (0 female, 1 male, 1 unspecified)
In the Past: 9 (1 female, 1 male, 7 unspecified)

Complete List of the Deceased:

  • Drew Nealy and demon (1 male and 1 unspecified, 2 past) - went missing from a northern Ohio religious group, killed by Dean Winchester with the first blade in a gas station.
  • Drew Nealy’s wife and at least two kids (1 female and 2 unspecified, 3 past) - murdered by Drew Nealy, possibly possessed.
  • 2 angels and their vessels (4 unspecified, 4 past) - murdered by rogue angels. (Location unknown.)
  • Demon and vessel (1 male and 1 unspecified, 2 present) - killed by Dean Winchester with the First Blade.
  • Daniel and vessel (2 unspecified, 2 past) - stabbed by Castiel with and angel blade in the back.

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