Ngl my interest in rome/china is a sort of History Meta™ ship because yes, distance. though the two empires interacted via trade along the silk road; roman glass in china, chinese silk in rome. naturally, the long distances meant it often passed through intermediaries (like parthian iran). 

  • both empires certainly were aware of the other’s existence even if of course lol, at the level of the average chinese or roman, it probably wasn’t a terribly accurate picture or even complete ignorance. there are both chinese and roman writers who mention the other empire, and records of attempts to send emissaries to the other. 
  • the Meta level i’m fascinated with is because on the level of comparative history…they’re fascinating mirrors of one another. two large, powerful empires existing at the same time, but on opposite ends of the (then-known) world. pax romana at the same time as qin & han dynasty china. both aggressive and expansionist empires, with a Civilised/Barbarian dichotomy about those they were conquering. the comparative element of considering how they enacted cultural domination; romanisation and sinicisation. roman citizenship versus becoming ‘han’ chinese culturally.
  • doesn’t help that the chinese name for rome was 大秦 (da qin) aka Great Qin.and the 秦 is the same ‘qin’ for the dynasty founded by our first emperor. it’s too tempting for me to pass up the opportunity of imagining yao going: ‘oh? he doesn’t sound like those Barbarians. guess i’ll have to call him Me-at-the-other-end-of-the-world.’ (that’s some high praise. japan got stuck with ‘Eastern Barbarian’ and ‘Dwarf’ until around the tang dynasty.) so, in my head, Qin and Da Qin get to have an epistolary romance with maybe a Few Meetups maybe somewhere in central asia. 
  • and of course…you can’t forget the comparative meta of how the (western) roman empire collapsed whereas china is often perceived to have endured. fragmented multiple times over, but…sort of reconstituted itself. that we today often see a more unbroken link between ourselves and the same qin/han empire contemporaneous with the romans. is it because there was a stronger element of cultural domination underlying sinicisation? the malleability of the concept of Han Chinese and China itself, whereas Roman citizenship was its own beast? how does the differing historiography of the western roman empire and china figure into our perception of cultural/political continuity? it goes on. 
  • and, even if in dirt children canon rome died, the fact that he, like china, left his mark on the world. not just the ruins, but the romance languages, the genetic fingerprint, even the spread of christianity—which yes, was a religion marginalised by the roman state at first but was spread via its trade routes and of course, made the state religion by emperor constantine. which is why i am fascinated by rome/china. even if practicalities mean it is a mostly epistolary romance (lol. i’m gonna shamelessly have china make metaphors about Passions of the Cut Sleeve). because it underscores how interconnected the world has always been, even 2000 years ago.
klashta-neali replied to your photoset “So, according to this, Jet is way taller than Zuko…WHAT!? ”

but what about according to when they actually stood side by side on the ferry to ba sing se? Zuko could be leaning down/forwards in the left pic.

My dumb ass forgot for a minute that we actually saw them stand next to each other. My mind just went straight to Ba Sing Se. 


This screenshot makes them look like they’re about equal in height. 

I can’t say what prompted this change though. Is ATLA just more inconsistent with some details than LOK is? Because I know for LOK they had an actual chart with everyone’s heights. 

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I don't know if you're still into servamp and the c3 ot3 (was that what you called them? lol). And I also don't know if you read fanfiction, but there is like one now on ao3. I just thought I'd let you know about that

Thank you!!!!! For letting me know!!!!!!!!!! Holy heck I’ll be sure to read it asap!!! *O*

Anon said: the other day I was listening to the weather forecast on the radio and they talked ab it very poetically, at some point they said “we might get the appearance of a shy lightning in the afternoon” and I just… Denki.

This is THE CUTEST THING I’ve read all week thank you oh my g o d …………. a shy lightning……………………… so cute…………………….h e c k I’m smiling so hard r i p

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In urban exploring circels this building is known as “Villa Klodderkes”, a name that doesn’t make any sense at all. First of all, it is not a villa; it is a town house and god only knows what ‘klodderkes’ stands for. The town house was built in the second half of the 19th century and had several purposes over the course of its history. For a long time it was used as office space for a nearby factory. Later it was used as a doctor’s practice, but its most recent use was that of police office. The building was featured in several films and television shows. In 2017 the building will be sold. We visited this town house during a group event for the facebook group Scenes of Decay. As is often the case in these situations, there was far too much talking and not nealy enough photographing. As a result, I have only a few images to show form y visit…

Serpent Princess

This is a preview for my upcoming short fic about Bughead. Leave a comment on what you think <3

The angelic blonde leaned against her rusty, old locker, sucking a strawberry flavoured lollipop. Her white high heel made a clicking sound as she tapped her left foot on the floor. She did not fit into this whole dangerous aeshetic with her sheer stockings, pastel sweaters, light skirts and golden blonde hair. 

Betty released the lollipop with a ‘pop’ and licked her strawberry stained lips as she watched the Serpent prince devour her replacement’s lips with his own. The blonde’s expression remained cold as she examined their passionate kiss. 

The way his hands, hold her neck. The way his hips roll into hers. The way her moans seem to turn him on. 

Her eyes lit up when the crown beanie wearing boy locked eyes with her as he kissed his girlfriends neck. It send a shiver down Betty’s spine and she hated herself for letting him have such an effect on her.

Just when she was about to suck on her lollipop again, a hot breath tickled her ear. 

“Jealousy does not suit you very well, baby girl” 

Betty licked her lips once again before she turned to face the tall Serpent whose voice chuckled so huskily in her ear. He smirked and she put her hand on his cheek, before her green eyes met his brown ones. Their noses graced, foreheads nealy touching.

Her thumb traced his cheek down to his lips. She returned the smirk, before she whispered to him and continued sucking her lollipop

“Oh Sweet Pea, you have no idea” 

I know it’s such a common thing in this fandom for RandL to be married in some of the fics/headcannons, but imagining their last names changing always gives me chills.

Like seriously imagine it -

Link McLaughlin (my personal favourite)

Rhett Neal

Link Neal-McLaughlin

or Rhett McLaughlin-Neal

I mean they’re all such wonderful variations, they make me so happy.

klashta-neali replied to your post “klashta-neali replied to your photoset “So, according to this, Jet…”

sammienotboo has a good point. that could be, though it can be proven/disproven by the scene where Zuko stands next to Katara at the end of the Southern Raiders (during some sunset?). Is he taller than in the Season 1 screencap?

Their heights appear to be unchanged to me, so I’m going to guess it’s a goof. Plus, everyone else’s heights are unchanged too. 


Wild Horses and Burros find homes at Cheyenne Frontier Days

By Emmet Pruss & Brad Purdy, Public Affairs Specialists

17 wild horses, two burros and one mule were successfully adopted during the 121st annual Cheyenne Frontier Days event on July 21st. The event was hosted by the BLM along with the Mantle Ranch Wild Horse Adoption and Training Facility.

This is the second year that BLM and the Mantles promoted BLM’s wild horse program at Cheyenne Frontier Days in their Western Experience area. Each day hundreds of people stopped by the pens to view the horses and watch training demonstrations.

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BokuAkaKuroTsuki Headcanons

I fell into bokuakakurotsuki hell; this is based on a dream I had

-their relationship slowly starts to grow and establish around the end of Akaashi’s third year

-of course it starts with purely platonic dates because they’re all friends and nothing more

-it’s several weeks before Kuroo first invites Tsukishima out (and of couse Tsukki only goes because of the pomise of strawberry shortcake)

-they keep dancing around each other and really, the hardest of all was to get Tsukki and Bokuto to go out once, but surpisingly they both quickly bonded over video games with dinosaurs in them and cappy chick-flicks

-it’s a while beore they first go out together them all, but once they do it clicks that hey, it feels so right to hang out all four of them they don’t question it

-they never really put a label to it but by the end of Tsukki’s third year they all just know that they’re all together

-eveyone just kinda accepts them as they are but when Noya once asks them when they actually started dating neither one could place a definite time

-when Tsukki states college it isn’t even a question that he would move in with the othe three in their flat from Tokyo
-and nobody mentions it but it’s a relief, because sometimes it was hard with Tsukki having to commute fom Miyagi and it had been the cause of much fustration

- Kuroo does the cooking. The other three are banned from the kitchen. Honestly he’s the only one who isn’t hopeless. Akaashi tries, he really does, but the poor baby just doesn’t manage to get the hang of it.

-on the other hand Akaashi is a mean baker. Tsukki refuses to spend one week without eating his strawberry shortcake at least once.

-they’ve been together for a while by the time they fist notice that they'e calling each other the same way they were in highschool

-Bokuto neve cared much, he just calls everyone by name- though Tsukishima would insist that his name isn’t Tsukki

-Kuroo transitions easily to informal speech

-the true problem is Akaashi. Custom respect was ingrained in him and he never really got over the fact that Bokuto and Kuroo were older than him
-it’s while they’re on a shopping spree once; Akaashi had barely gotten any sleep because he was trying to keep up with exams and volleyball, so he was exhausted
-Kuroo was the first one who noticed. Tsukishima had gone off to the toys section and Bokuto was trying to convince them to buy the biggest chocolate icecream cake there was with Akaashi trying to explain why it was a bad idea
-‘Bokuto-ku-san!’ He would say. Again and again he would slip up and nealy say 'Bokuto-kun’
-Kuroo was honestly a bit confused as to why he insisted on formal honorifics, so once Bokuto finally ran off with a smaller ice-cream pack, he cornered Akaashi, surprised by how bad the bags under his eyes were from up close
-'Why do you do that?’ He’d ask, trying to figure out why Akaashi was being so formal. Eventually he manages to convince the male to say Bokuto’s name without the damn 'san’. “Really, even Key got used to speaking normally between us. Just try it” he’d said
-akaashi finally gave in. He wouldn’t look kuroo in the eyes, his cheeks were red and his voice small and flustered. “B-bokuto-k-kun…” he’d stuttered
-and Kuroo could have sworn a little part of him had died at that momemt because this was Akaashi, cool composed Akaashi who always had a level head but this. This was the cutest thing he had ever seen. And he wasn’t sure if he would ever recover
-he had hugged Akaashi and demanded he get some sleep as soon as they got home
-once they finally met up with Bokuto and Tsukishima they took another look at everything they had gotten, avoiding to mention the dinosaur plushie that Tsukki was holding- it was normal by now
-“let’s go and pay for everything… Bokuto-kun”
-Akaashi rfeused to meet his eyes, looking of to the side at the ground, but Bokuto was absolutely beaming, his smile blinding as he picked up his boyfriend and proceeded to kiss him as loudly as possible
-Even Tsukishima had cracked a small smile because hey, transitioning to ’-kun’ wasn’t much, but it was more than they’d managed to get out of the setter for years

-true to Kuroo’s demand, Akaashi had fallen asleep on the couch as soon as they had gotten home
-Tsukki had sighed as if he were bothered, but he had also been the one to get the fluffyest blanket in the house and tuck the boy in
-“He’s the only one of you who would deserve this” he had scofed in response to the smirks he got

-of corse everyone had exams and were more or less busy, so Bokuto made it his personal mission to make sure that Akaashi would get enough sleep when the others couldn’t look out for him from that point on, and somehow the setter manged to survive that session


Still stucked on Thom Yorke’s face. What an amazing face and body gesture. How can anyone who can draw not be inspired to draw him ?

I was dreaming while listening to my favourite Radiohead songs, and naturally started to imagine the story. The person singing it, living and feeling the lyrics, in a story that would make sense.

The lyrics are quite obscure for me, and their music videos often don’t help to figure out what they really mean. So I created my own interpretation, certainly very far away from what Thom Yorke wanted to say when he write these lyrics, and even more far from who Thom Yorke is.

So I made a character from the real Thom Yorke, and completed with what I imagined him to be. Someone who would wite such melancolic songs, tourmented, insecure, depressed, and sometimes a bit revengeful.

I like how he looked like in the earliest music videos, with this weird yet fascinnating crazy way of dancing he had. He was in such transe when singing.

And the face, jeez. My favourite video is Just, in which he’s ginger. His skin looks even more white. And the look in his eyes. I really love how his paralysed eyelid makes him look like totally numb or nealy dead on one side. His whole being seems awkward and strange, even when completly static.

I really whished Radiohead would have make a music video as good as Just for Paranoid Android, which is my absolute favourite song from this group. There is definitely a story with different mood and phases going on, many emotions I would have loved to see a Thom Yorke - inspired character feel.

And that’s the kind of dreams that went on in my head when I drew these. In case anyone wondered.

I didn’t quite figured out what was going on in Paranoid Android, but I think it would be cool to draw a story with this character with subbtle and appropriate use of the lyrics, at one point or another. Er, maybe later.


Old tree lmao mood


“Welp shit” Okay but me-

(adm: same, to both of you lmao)


will you be able to publish this again without the censor bars after the game is released?

(adm: Well yes, I can, but the switches are just normal switch names XD I just couldn’t post them because of obvious spoilers, but they’re nothing special lmao I can post them later on if you want me to though, that’s totes fine XD)



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