The most spontaneous legendary I have ever made, many thanks to [ARES], [FLUX], vigilbutts, grumpy-salad, tumblrless friend Cakes, husband and anyone who commissioned me and helped along the way in general be with words of encouragement or throwing mats my way, you are all rad <3

Neala’s slowly becoming my 2nd most spoiled and I am very proud, you go bby, have all the shinies! \o/ Get her Frostfang when HoT hits to match the Howler


MANY THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME, husband, [FLUX], vigilbutts, grumpy-salad, tater-spudbringer, everyone who commissioned me and many other who I can’t remember of top of my head! You guys are all amazing, thank you for support in all shapes and forms <3 As silly as it may sound this means a lot to me to finally accomplish this for my warrior, because she went through so much development and I am really happy that she has a shiny of her own now <3


“Aye, I saw them. She carried herself with a stance our people envy, alright. Heard she slayed a marauder with that sword of her. 

He followed her loyally, preying at every man, woman and child who looked in their direction. Hadn’t heard anything of him, but something tells me I don’t want to. 

 We crossed paths before. Odd couple, but I advise you stay alert, as demons live in the quietest lake.


So finally have this commission done! Was a character sheet done for neala-ernswa of a professional ballerina thrown into a suddenly zombie-filled filled world. This is for a novel she plans to write I believe.

The detailing took a long time. :B haha 

Anyway, hope you like!