neal's face is so precious here. he was honestly surprised and thankful

Everything we need is right in front of us

Word count: 1646.
Rating: T (also FFF for “fluffly fluff feels”, O for “oh honey, mommy knows what’s going on..”)
Summary: Everything has been perfect since Emma and Killian came back from the past, a few weeks ago. However, she isn’t the kind of woman who likes to rush things up. Could a conversation with her mother make her see things from a new perspective?
Author’s note: It’s been a week and I still have too many feels after the finale. This is my first fic ever, so I’m really nervous right now, please be nice! I hope you like it! (Also in ffnet).

Dedicated to hookier, lostinprocrastination, and zengoalie for all their encouragament and patience with me. I couldn’t have done it without you!

She was still flushed and a little short of breath when she stepped outside her parent’s front door. The sweet tingling in her lips a vivid reminder of how he was kissing her before she forced him to pull away and, with a promise of meeting up later at Granny’s and a whining moan in response, she headed off to Mary Margaret and David’s place. She waited a moment before rummaging in her pocket for the key, allowing herself a few seconds to catch her breath and make her pulse return to normal.

It was everything so new, so intense, that she sometimes felt like living in a fairy tale – which actually was quite opportune given the situation. Since they were back from their time travel adventure, she had spent almost all her time with him, discovering and experiencing whatever their relationship had become now. She wasn’t good at defining things. The only thing she was certain of was that it felt good, and right, and that was everything she needed now. The way he made her feel so loved, and cherished, and home, was like a healing balm for her battered soul. How she had been able to restrain herself from touching him before was a mystery to her. But now that she had tasted him all she could think about was the feeling of his hand running across her body, the way he tangled his fingers in her hair, his warm breath provoking waves of pleasure over her skin, his skilful mouth doing things that could oh-so well drive her to insanity. She blushed again at the thought. Damn him, he was like a drug.

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