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Fate or Destiny or Whatever

I don’t know why I’m even bothering to post this this weekend, but it’s been sitting on my computer–finished, apparently–since last year so…it’s waited long enough. I started this back after 6x05–but ended up rewriting the whole thing once 6x06 aired (for the obvious reason that my original fic involved Killian & Henry deciding to hold onto the shears). Anyways, 6x05 raised the question–what could possibly make Emma change her mind about using the shears. And this happened. As always, this has been added to “The Lost Get Found” over on if that’s you preference. And also, as always, you know I love getting yelled at. (Though this maybe doesn’t qualify as angst???)

Word count: 3.3k

Normally, Emma loved that her kitchen could fit her whole family comfortably.

Tonight, though, all those people just made her head throb worse as they talked back and forth about the object she held in her hand. All of them so caught up in the excitement of finally having the shears back in their possession that none of them had noticed her silence.

“We could put them in the vault.” Regina paused her pacing. “No one can get in there unless I let them.”

“That spell has been broken too many times,” her dad shoots back. “We need something better. Somewhere no one will think to look.”

“Maybe it’s not a somewhere that we need,” her mom said, her finger tracing the rim of her mug. “Maybe it’s someone. Namely, all of us.”

“What are you getting at?”

“The Evil Queen didn’t make her move until the shears were no longer in anyone’s possession,” Snow said, sitting forward. “Maybe if someone’s holding onto them, no one can steal them.”

David nodded. “So we all share the burden of holding onto them and she has no way to know which of us has them.”

“Or she could just knock all of us out at once and search our bodies at her leisure.” Killian’s hand on Emma’s shoulder tightened a little, tension radiating down his arm even as his thumb rubbed circles on the back of neck.

“Do you have a better idea?” Regina snapped.

Emma closed her eyes, her grip around the shears tightening. Before anyone could say anything else, she stood, her chair screeching against the tile floor.

“Guys, that’s enough.”

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Intentions (2/2)

CS AU Week // Saturday July 16th // Canon Divergence // When “Henry” decides to spend the first night back from Neverland at Regina’s, Emma opts for the quiet of the Jolly Roger over her parents’ loft. 

[continuation of part 1


Emma pretended she hadn’t heard their conversation, but of all the things Hook had said, two sentences stood out – not for the words themselves, but for the instant reactions that had knifed through her.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to pursue the Lady Swan.

Disappointment surged through her as she struggled to keep her attention on Henry, his strange behavior nagging at her. Sure, the kid had been through a lot, but he loved the storybook. Yet when she’d placed it on the table, he’d barely blinked. That was what she needed to focus on – Henry, her son, and his recovery from his ordeal. Not her own misplaced, inappropriate reaction to Hook telling Neal he wasn’t going to purse her, even after the two kisses in Neverland.

Well, one in Neverland, and one on the deck of his ship sailing through the clouds. Not that she’d been thinking about those kisses.

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I’ve decided that the reason I’ll be pissed and angry and vocal about how sad I am that Neal is dead is because he, Neal Cassidy, wouldn’t be. So someone needs to be mad for him.

Neal spent his entire life being used, abandoned, lied to, and treated as worthless and expendable and not worthy enough to be fought for. He lost, and he lost, and he lost. And whenever he gained someone, they either sold him out or abandoned him (his mom, his dad, Hook, Tamara) or he had to leave them in order to save them or get them to where they needed to be (the Darlings, Emma and Henry repeatedly). Either other people put other things above him, or he put his love for others and their best interests above his own want to be with them. And in both types of situations he lost, he ended up alone.

All he suffered through - being abandoned, shuffling between unknown worlds, having a bag thrown over his head and being dragged away to be held captive, spending hundreds of years in a cave, growing up alone on the streets, having no one to talk to or help him - that could have broke him. Honestly, I’m amazed it didn’t. He could have given up. He could have focused on things like anger and revenge and violence to get his way, but he didn’t. In fact, even when he hit his lowest point, even when he stopped counting the days on the wall of that cave because he never thought he’d make it off that island - he still found a way. He still found the strength to fight and to come up with a plan to save himself and find his way to a better place. And he still believed in the good in people. He still went into situations believing the best in people instead of assuming the worst, he still believed in home and love and trust and happiness. For all his suffering, he kept his innocent and positive outlook on life. 

But as he grew up, he made me stakes. We all know he made mistakes. He’ll be the first to admit those mistakes and apologize for them. And even though he regrets his actions and apologizes over and over and even though he forgives others for what they have done to him - he still doesn’t expect to be forgiven himself. In fact, he never seems to expect much from others at all. He keeps giving, he keeps forgiving, he keeps literally risking his life to save people that he loves, people he is angry with, and people he doesn’t even know. And he never expects anything in return. In fact he assumes he will not be forgiven. He of all people knows what betrayal feels like and he assumes he is not worthy of that forgiveness. So he keeps on giving, he makes some efforts to go for what he wants but always leaves the choices up to others and makes sure they know he will not push. When it comes to the people he loves being in danger he’ll literally move heaven and earth to get to them and help them, but he doesn’t expect anything in return.

And then suddenly he has lost his father and he is as far away as he’s ever been from the other people he loves again and he does one selfish thing to get to them because maybe just this once he’s fed up with accepting the heartbreaking fate that’s always been handed to him- and it costs him. It literally costs him his life. And you know what he does? He doesn’t look for a way out, he doesn’t look for a loophole, he doesn’t make anymore selfish acts- he looks for ways to help the people he loves, even if they are still worlds away and even if he’ll never see them again. He literally rips his own clothes up while forcing his way out of his dad’s body or however the hell that worked to send a message to get to Emma so she would be able to help the town. Back in our world he tells Emma to separate himself from his father because his father is the only one who can tell her who the wicked witch is, even if it means he will die. And as he is dying he literally only asks for promises that the people he loves will be happy - he just wants his son to know that he was a good dad, and he just wants Emma and Henry to be happy. After all they’ve been through, he’s not mad at his father, he’s thanking his father. He gave up his life - his life that was only ever filled with abandonment and heartbreak and very, very few happy moments - so that everyone else could have a change at happiness and life.

When season 3 started Neal’s poster read “believe in second chances”. While Neal himself only ever touched the tip of his own second changes - getting a mere few moments with his son, only just starting to work through things with Emma, barely starting to repair his relationship with his father, having one little moment with Hook where he could see the man who once took him in - he actually managed to give everyone else their own second chance. Without his sacrifice, they might not even be alive. Every single character got to have a second chance at happiness, at love, at life, because of him. He didn’t get his own, but instead of his own he gave it to others. And in a sick, twisted way - that was enough for Neal. He so constantly put others ahead of himself that giving up his happy ending so that other people could have a chance of a happy ending is almost a happy ending for him. That almost counts as being all he needed to achieve in life because he always put that above himself anyway. And so you know what? Neal probably wouldn’t be upset that he died. In fact, we could see it on his face in his final moments that he was at peace with this happening. He was happy knowing everyone else could be happy and that he went out with the people he loves knowing he was a good man. He was okay with that. He was content to know he could at least do that much.

Neal probably wouldn’t be angry about the fact that he died too young, that he died before he could get what he wanted in life. Because he kinda did still get it, he got to know everyone else was going to be okay. And since he probably wouldn’t be angry about it himself, I’m going to be. Because I wanted better for him. Because I wanted the world for him. Because I wanted to see him get some happiness, to actually know what it feels like to love and be loved back and not have it taken away. I wanted to root for the guy who never had anything to finally get something and keep it. I wanted to see the kid who lost everything know what it was like to have a home again. I wanted to see someone who spent so many years alone be surrounded by people who would do for him what he was willing to do for them. I wanted to see someone struggle and fight their whole life and actually get that happy ending they worked so hard for without ever sinking to anger and violence and revenge and self pity. I wanted to know that having hope and love and fight in your heart would be enough to make it. I wanted to see a lost boy become a hero and stay a hero. 

can we talk about these two assholes for a second because i’m having massive feels

Look at the way Emma says it almost robotically. She’s not blinking and her voice wavers because she is fucking NERVOUS. Emma Swan, badass extraordinaire, is nervous asking Hook out on a date and if that isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what to tell you. I mean, how long do you think it’s been since Emma’s actually asked someone out on a date ? Walsh was the first one to ask, Graham she never got the chance, and Neal asked her out for a drink. And other than these three, Emma’s never dated or even considered it. Emma Swan has never asked a man whom she has feelings for out on a date and now she is and she's nervous

open book and all look at the way he looks at her with such adoration and love (which isn’t different from any other times he looks at her but STILL). He is shocked and ecstatic because Emma FINALLY made the first move and asked HIM out. His Swan is finally taking advantage of the quiet moments and it makes him so happy because she is putting him FIRST. She’s taking time out to spend it solely with him and that’s all he’s ever wanted. 

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David and snow naming Killian as Neal's Godfather. Its never happening on the show so you have to write it. Pleaseee.

Killian played with the salt and pepper shakers nervously as he waited for David to arrive for their meeting at Granny’s. Previously Killian wouldn’t have given much thought to the man’s request, but now that he and Emma were…together, any meeting with her father suddenly held a lot more weight.

He didn’t know what to expect. David could throw a painful punch, he knew from experience, but he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Nor did he expect to be welcomed into the family with open arms, though. That would be too much to wish for.

His heart stuttered as he heard the door open and he looked up to see David entering with a slightly apprehensive look on his face. Killian’s worry turned to confusion as Snow White followed close behind her husband, a baby carrier in her hand. Surely the man wouldn’t fight him with his wife and newborn son as witness? Though, the woman did have a rather ruthless streak in her, particularly when it came to her daughter. Killian decided not to rule anything out.

The two royals sat across from him and smiled. Killian smiled back but was unable to disguise his confusion.

After a few moments silence, where David was clearly trying to find something to say, Snow took charge. “Killian, we invited you here today because we wanted to ask you something. Something important,” she told him.

Killian nodded slowly, no closer to understanding.

“We want you to be Neal’s godfather,” David burst out. Snow glanced at him chidingly but then two sets of eyes turned to him expectantly.

Killian froze. “Ah, I am unfamiliar with that term,” he said as he heart began thundering in his chest. This moment felt terrifyingly momentous, but he felt like he had suddenly landed at the top of a precipice and was afraid to look down for fear of what he might see.

The two royals glanced at each other and some kind of silent communication passed between them. David was the one to lean forward. “A godfather is someone that is like an unofficial guardian to the child. You help them grow up, take an interest in their life, and are there for them if the parents can’t be.”

“This sounds like a great honour,” he began, almost sure he was going to refuse such a daunting gift.

“Killian, not only are you are a great friend to us, and to this town, but we trust you with this life that is infinitely precious to us. We couldn’t think of anyone else we would rather be Neal’s godfather.”

Killian gulped and felt tears threaten behind his eyes. “I almost had a chance to be that with Bae,” he murmured, feeling the weight of his failures pushing down in his chest. “But I failed him. I couldn’t bear it if…,” his voice cracked.

David reached over and gripped his arm. “Hey, we want you to do this. We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t. Maybe this can be the second chance you deserve to get it right.”

Killian took a deep breath and consciously tried to rebuild that broken section of his soul that was telling him he couldn’t and shouldn’t.

“Mate, I’ll do my utmost best to do this great honour justice,” he told David sincerely.

“I know you will,” David replied. “Which is why you are the best and only man for this role. Neal will be so lucky to have you. Thank you.” David clapped him on the shoulder and he and his wife left, leaving Killian feeling both warm and terrified.

It was only after a long moment that Killian realise that it seemed he had been welcomed into the family after all.

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Prompt: Emma and Regina have a movie night at Emma's house. Snow and charming walk in on them snuggling, asleep on the couch.

“I hope Neal wasn’t a problem for Emma and Regina tonight,” Mary Margaret wished as David turned his key, unlocking the door of their apartment.

“Emma’s great with him and you’re always reminding me how Regina is no stranger to crying babies and dirty diapers.  She did raise Henry.  She knows more than we do!”

“True…”  As the door opened, she slipped off her cream colored beret and heard the sound of the DVD player looping a film’s menu repeatedly.  A glance to the couch revealed the two women sleeping and snuggled close in each other’s arms.  She gasped in surprise.  "David!“  She whispered as loud as she could to alert her husband but quiet enough not to rouse either of the couch’s occupants.  "Look!”

David walked over and spied his daughter and their former nemesis wrapped in each other’s arms and the sight mystified him.  What exactly was going on?

This was Henry’s weekend with them and he had pleaded with his other mother to come over and partake in a Star Wars movie night.  At first Regina was hesitant but Henry wanted to spend his evening with both his mothers, and Mary Margaret suspected that it only made it easier to say yes, because she and David wouldn’t be home.  They were all on friendlier terms now and spent a lot more time together these days but she had a sneaky feeling that Regina was spending time with all of them more and more, not just for Henry’s sake, but to spend time with Emma.

At first this notion was unsettling to Mary Margaret, but with time, the thought had actually grown on her.  From the looks David was shooting at the couch, she might have to help her husband along a bit.

She walked over to the crib to fetch her sleeping son, whom she held close to her.  Standing next to her husband, on an exhale she asked, “Are we really so surprised?”

His head whipped to hers and he looked pensive for a moment and then resigned, “No.”  He even smiled then, but it faded a second later.  ”What about Hook?”

“Captain Dunderhead?  The sooner that’s over, the better.”  Snow rocked Neal gently to give herself something to do while she considered her thoughts.  "I mean if he was who she really wanted, then, I would continually try and be happy for her, even though I have never really completely trusted him.  I’ve just always wanted the best for Emma.“

"Do you think I might get a chance to hit him again?  I kind of like hitting him.”

Mary Margaret nudged him with her arm.  ”You are such a he-man.  Sheesh.”  The woman looked down on her son and said, “I hope you turn out to be a little more like me when you grow up, little one.”

“Yeah… great.  Singing with deer and talking to birds.”

“And that would be ENTIRELY ok!”  Mary Margaret retorted aghast.

At that moment, a mumble came from the couch and the two Charmings bumped into each other awkwardly and scattered trying to occupy themselves so that they wouldn’t be caught staring.

Regina stirred first, shifting her chin slightly and realizing that it was perched on a head of golden hair.  Emma Swan’s scent permeated the air all around her.  Her arms were circled around the woman, who seemed to fit in them perfectly.

Emma jerked awake then and turned her head up into Regina’s quizzical face.  They both seemed to notice that they were wrapped comfortably in each other’s arms.

They both opened their mouths to speak but their lips were so close that it seemed only natural to just move closer into a kiss, however Emma caught the movement by the crib first and straightened.  When Regina saw what caught the blonde’s attention, she sat up and scooted away, straightening her clothes.

“Mom!  How… uh… how long have you guys been home?”

“We just got home.”  Mary Margaret shook off the question with a simple answer and thought she deserved an Oscar for her acting performance.  "How was Neal tonight?“

"He was fine,” Regina gladly confirmed, and then she picked herself up quickly off the couch.  "I suppose Henry went to bed.“

"Uh… we just got home.”  Mary Margaret swore inwardly turning back to Neal.  Ok, maybe she didn’t deserve the Oscar after all.

Regina afforded Emma a glance and said quickly, “I’ll just check on him and be on my way then.”

Before the blonde could reply Regina headed for Emma’s bedroom where Henry had a cot set up.

Mary Margaret watched her daughter stare longingly after the older woman and she silently sighed.  Her daughter had all the feelings, showed all the signs, but yet had no conscious CLUE what was really happening.  Emma could say whatever she liked, but Mary Margaret knew she never looked at the pirate quite like that.

Oh, the road they had ahead of them.  The path to true love was always rough.  That she knew well.  Now it was Emma’s and Regina’s turn to find their way.

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do you really think they'll kill Neal? I'm freaking out, I won't even watch tonight's episode. I know enough from spoilers and just can't.

Okay, okay.

I’m glad you asked me this because… No. I honestly don’t think they will kill Neal.

And this is not wishful thinking, because I’m a logical person and I would be okay with Neal dying if the circumstances were different. And you’re hearing this from a hardcore SFer, and a hardcore MRJ/Neal fan. I myself wrote two Neal deaths in my fics. (SPOILER alert - none of them published yet! XD)

But… Here’s the thing. I can deal with anything as long as it is well written. And Neal dying at this point would make no sense whatsoever. Therefore, I just can’t imagine any way, time, or reason that would make his death acceptable in S3B.

For starters: in a show about fairytales, it’s a very odd message to send out. “Boy lives a crappy life after a series of selfless acts, then dies without getting a chance to get to know his son and without being forgiven by the only woman he has truly loved.”

If MRJ had indeed asked to leave the show, 1) I don’t think he would have snapped at the people spreading rumors that he was leaving the show. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have been that assertive - he sounded legitimately pissed at people passing those things as “facts”. 2) The writers don’t simply get a memo overnight. It’s not like a part-time job at the local cafeteria, you don’t just up and leave. They would have known from the end of Season 2 or at the very least the beginning of 3A.

The way they handled Neal’s arc, though, does not point to resolution of any kind. If a character is going to die, why give him so many unfinished businesses to deal with? Why talk about second chances? Why not just kill him when the opportunity presented itself?

Even so, when 3B began, I was alert. And then, they throw Neal into yet another mystery: “where is Neal?”, asks Emma. One episode later, “Where is Neal?” she asks again.

If he is just going to die sometime in the next 8 eps, why put him in the center of another storyline that has not even begun to be explained yet?

And finally… people who want Neal dead fail to realize what it means for the other characters, especially Rumple. I don’t see him bouncing back from losing Baelfire for good. Killing Neal, from my point of view, is taking away Rumple’s happy ending. What about Henry? To regain his memories just to find out his dad is gone? And that he didn’t even get to know the man?

Emma… wherever she is with her heart, it is obvious she still cares. But she is not the only reason why he should stay alive, you know? Because Neal has other reasons to live.

So… after all of this, I just don’t see HOW Neal will be the one to die.

Unless the writers want to take the surrealism road and

“Now you die, Neal!”

But can we all agree that such a thing would be utterly ridiculous?

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Do you not see Neal's attitude towards Emma in S2 as very degrading and condescending? I mean, he was basically putting her down for being so emotionally scarred by his betrayal. Also, I'm just curious if you ever thought they were endgame before S3, because 2x06 laid down a path for a different person in Emma's life (aka she remembered Neal bc Hook and left him before he could leave her like Neal did). Speaking of, IMO, the writers very deliberately parallel Hook/Neal , what do you think?

Thank you for approaching me with your opposing views in a polite manner. I appreciate it. I apologize for my late response; I am on a stringent study schedule. As such, I also had to omit quite a lot of other points that I wanted to make.

Do you not see Neal’s attitude towards Emma in S2 as very degrading and condescending? I mean, he was basically putting her down for being so emotionally scarred by his betrayal.

No, I don’t. It seemed like Neal was shrugging off Emma’s feelings in 2x14 when, in response to his comment that he wouldn’t do to Henry what Rum had done to him, Emma retorted, “Or what you did to me?!” since he smiled at her and said, “Alright, I get it; we’re all messed up.” It seemed mean, given what he put her through. But since that moment, Neal apologized sincerely on several occasions, like at the beach in 2x21. He knew what he had done was wrong (3x01- he told Mulan that his abandonment of Emma was the greatest regret of his life) and he did not expect Emma to forgive him (3x03- “I’m going to save my family, but getting back together…we’ll see” ; 3x06, after they come out of the cave – “That’s alright Emma. After what I put you through, you never have to apologize to me for anything.”) So no. He did not put Emma down for being so emotionally scarred by his betrayal. He put his hands up and took on the onus for his actions. He showed remorse and tried to atone for his actions. Those are the ingredients for redemption.

Now, a lot of people hate the way that Neal talked to Emma when she was trying to convince him of Tamara’s guilt. It’s important to recognize that although we knew Emma was right and were rooting for her to catch Tamara, Neal did not know, and Emma had no proof with her as she was volleying these accusations at Neal’s fiancee. Emma was actually wrong to bring Henry into this (well, he would’ve gotten involved anyway, so I don’t blame Emma), and she was absolutely wrong to break into and search Neal’s room without a search warrant. Like…she’s the sheriff. She can’t just go around breaking a law she’s supposed to uphold. Emma was operating solely off her conviction that Tamara was guilty. However, her lie-detector ability is fallible when she’s emotional. Even Snowing didn’t believe Emma. Even though I wanted to break through the TV and shake Neal, screaming, “YOUR FIANCEE’S EVIL; LISTEN TO EMMA GODDAMNIT”, I understood his perspective. Emma really was acting like a jealous ex.

Neal was very patient as he walked around with her trying to find evidence. And after putting Henry to sleep, he told Emma that if there was one thing he knew about her, it was that she always found what she was looking for. When they finally figured out Tamara and Greg’s secret location, Neal assured Emma he had her back.

 Also, I’m just curious if you ever thought they were endgame before S3

I’ve shipped Emma and Baelfire together since season 1, when Emma told Henry his father had been a firefighter who had died heroically. That was the instant that I knew Bae was Henry’s father. One thing that was striking to me was that Emma, Baelfire and Henry were all original characters with no fairy tale counterparts. They all spent most of or all of their lives here in the real world. They all experienced parental abandonment and hopelessness at some point in their lives. The story that I wanted to see was that of these three characters learning to love and forgive each other. The story that I wanted to see was that of the Lost Boy and the Lost Girl, who represented both the dark and the light and had conceived the Truest Believer. I wanted to watch these three find the idea of home in one another and get to Tallahassee as they would have, had it not been for August’s intervention. I thought it was alluded several times that the happy ending was Neal, Emma and Henry in a castle. As Henry said, “We could get a castle. You, me and Neal.”

2x06 laid down a path for a different person in Emma’s life (aka she remembered Neal bc Hook and left him before he could leave her like Neal did).

There were other reasons why Emma could not trust Hook. When she met him, he was lying beneath a pile of corpses, claiming to be a blacksmith who had survived a mass murder. The reality was that he had abetted and/or aided Cora in this mass murder. He either stood by to let Cora slaughter people who had accepted him and worked alongside him in their camp, or he, too, killed some of them. How could Emma possibly trust someone who had just been working for an evil sociopathic witch? How could she trust a man who turned on his friends and watched them get murdered?

Yes, she saw a bit of Neal in Hook, but she didn’t just leave him at the top of the beanstalk because she was remembering what Neal had done. Logically, no one in their right mind would trust Hook if the first words he uttered to them were lies from beneath a pile of corpses.

 Speaking of, IMO, the writers very deliberately parallel Hook/Neal, what do you think?

I do not think the writers deliberately parallel Hook and Neal; I think they deliberately juxtapose them. In 3x07, Neal was focused on getting Henry back; Hook instead decided to bring up a “one-time” kiss and turn it into a bigger deal than it was (a “dalliance”, which denotes a casual sexual relationship) to wind Neal up.

Neal and Hook both acted like immature idiots as they fought over the lighter, but when Emma berated them for their childishness and told them she chose Henry, Neal apologized and said she was right, while Hook smirked.

Neal told Emma in 3x06 that he would never stop fighting for her (meaning he’d always love her, support her and defend her), and in 3x10, he said that if she didn’t meet him at Granny’s, it was okay, he wouldn’t harass her with his feelings—it didn’t mean he would stop loving her; he was merely respecting her agency and giving her space to deal with her conflicting feelings for him. Meanwhile, in 3x05, Hook flirted with Emma moments after she’d had an emotional breakdown over Neal, and he went as far as asking for a sexual reward for having saved Charming. Even after Emma told him the kiss was a one-time thing, he told her in 3x07 that he would “win” her heart in a “contest” (thereby objectifying her.) He also gave her an ultimatum at the worst possible time of having to choose between him and Neal. He pressed her with his feelings. He pressed her with his feelings. In 3x10, he said he would back off and let Neal have a chance to talk to Emma, but seconds later, he was drunkenly hitting on Tink in an effort to forget about Emma (thereby attempting to use Tink as a mere comfort woman, which is very misogynistic) and then make Emma jealous. He didn’t back off at all. He didn’t respect Emma’s space.

In the lost year, Neal fought hard trying to find a way back to Emma and Henry. By contrast, Hook abandoned Emma’s family immediately and returned to drinking and piracy.

With regards to Emma’s failed relationship with Walsh, Neal told Emma he was sorry that it didn’t work out because he cared about her happiness, even if it wasn’t with him. Hook told Emma he was happy her heart was broken because it meant it worked. This line makes no sense because it was always obvious her heart worked when it wasn’t broken! She genuinely loved Walsh. She genuinely loved Henry. To me, it just seemed like Hook was happy that Emma was now “available”.


Whew! There’s more that I’d like to say. But for now, I’ll just leave you a link to one of my first Tumblr posts, which details the hypocrisy of Hook: 

(Warning: my tone is very unpleasant, especially for Hook fans, and I use vulgar language.)

If you have further questions, please feel free to send me another message. I will respond when I get the time. 


"Sometimes when I look at you all I see is a man. I forget then, beneath it all your still HER boy, the one I looked after all those years ago."

Every time I’ve see this it’s been mis-quoted, with Hook saying calling Neal “that boy”.

He actually says “HER boy”.

The difference is SO important. He’s talking about their shared connection through Milah. And how he considered Baelfire like a son.

“We got caught up in so much nonsense over a woman.” Killian and Baelfire met because of what happened with Milah - ultimately it drove them apart. Neal is a grown man now and he understands what happened between Hook, his mother, and Rumple. So looking back he recognizes what Hook tried to do for him back then and why. Not only has Neal not forgotten it, I believe he forgives Hook for it.

Hook and Neal met again 300+ years later, and instead of having the reunion they should have had, they again “got caught up in so much nonsense over a woman” -only this time it was Emma.

So when the conversation begins, and Hook says to Neal “I am in your way.” he means that he isn’t going to step aside when it comes to Emma. But Neal isn’t talking about Emma, he’s talking about finding his father, and eventually Henry. And this is when Hook realizes that what he’s lost sight of something very important - family. And he remembers that he once wanted to be just that, with Milah, and with Neal. It’s sad that it took him this long to reconnect with that emotion, that he let his jealously over a Emma get in the way, but once he does he puts the relationship drama aside and hugs Neal - something that was, as he said, LONG overdue.

Neal tells Hook “You know I need to do this ”Killian“ they are speaking as adults, but also as friends - like they were "all those years ago”. Because they’ve put their differences aside, both with regards to a Milah and with Emma -they’ve finally moved past the love triangle - both triangles. So when Neal asks Hook to let him leave, Hook does what a friend would do - he let’s him go.

It was an incredible moment for them, but why couldn’t this have happened sooner!?!?!
Maybe it couldn’t have happened until Neal moved on from the idea of rekindling a romantic relationship with a Emma, and when Hook no longer viewed Neal as a threat in that regard - he does believe he and Emma will be together and will have True Love. It’s simply tragic that they never had a second chance at friendship.


The notion of second chance is such  tricky thing, especially in the OUAT fandom.

STers seem to think that Neal deserves a second chance with Emma after what happened between them. The thing is, you cannot call it a second chance when Neal refused to use what could have been his second chance - when he got the signal that Emma had broken the curse, and even that isn’t the second chance, he had one before, when August offered him to come with him.

Neal could have taken those chances to make it better but he refused to; Because he didn’t want to get reunited with his dad.

You cannot ask for Emma to give him a second chance when he gives her pain and only pain; You cannot hate her for not wanting to give the man who destroyed her heart and her life a second chance, it’s done, over, he had it and he never took it.

She has every right not to give the man who hurt her a second chance, she has every right to push away from her life the man who never fought for her and woke up ten years and a fiance later.

Neal doesn’t deserve a second chance, not when he never took it and fought for it when it was the time.

Second chances aren’t owed, they aren’t something due, especially for people who did nothing for you but cause you pain.

Where the Heart Lives Part 2

Part 1.

Also at ao3.

This is a CS Neighbours AU.

The Swashbuckler was overflowing with people by the time Neal showed up late into the evening. Killian finished serving a pair of inexplicably giggly girls as his friend worked his way up to the bar.

“Hey, Neal. Your usual?” Killian asked, feeling pretty generous despite the busy shift. Meeting your dream girl will do that.

Neal nodded in reply. “Is that band still on tomorrow night? The one you like?”

“Yeah, they’ll be in the upstairs section, where the second bar is.”

“Cool, because I asked a date along,” Neal said, scanning the room.

“Oh, yeah?” asked Killian as he slid a drink to his friend, wondering how Neal had managed to find a date since he’d seen him just a few hours before. The man had a true gift for it.

“Yeah, there’s a cute blonde who just moved in across from us.”

Killian froze. The sounds of the lively bar were replaced by a ringing deep in his ears. Blackness crowded at the edge of his vision. For a long moment, he could think of nothing at all. After what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, Killian managed to wrench himself back to the present.

“Emma?” he asked, desperately hoping he was wrong.

“Yeah. You know her?” Neal was suddenly paying more attention to him.

“We met. I helped her move some boxes.”

Killian still didn’t feel quite present. He was going through the motions of serving people, but part of his mind was dwelling on his new neighbour. He should have just asked her out when he had the chance, but this development made Killian think she can’t have been interested anyway. He and Neal had very few similarities. Killian didn’t resent her for accepting his friend, as it was perfectly within her rights to date who she pleased. Still, he’d missed his only opportunity to find out, and that hurt.

Neal gave him a strange look, and Killian did his best to focus.

“I’m going to do the rounds,” his friend said, leaving him to his thoughts.

Killian wasn’t sure who he hated more in that moment: himself, for not taking the chance when he had it; or Neal, who had.

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