Secrets of Storybrooke

Watched this for the first time over the weekend.

It focussed more on special effects than it did on the show’s plot or characters.

It had Adam and Eddy saying a great many things about their ‘master plans’ that I just, in all reality, don’t think are generally at all true. (They want to say that every person they got to play parts in the show had the parts written for them pretty much, except Lana)

But super-props to Jared Gilmore for putting Neal’s name into his 30 second interview about five times. (The only mention of Rumplestiltskin’s son).

Never stop mentioning Neal.

Wow my reaction to “Zelena baby” has over 100 notes!

I am not too surprised though, because Cruella being “so done” was the only appropriate reaction to that ridiculous reveal last night.

I mean I actually woke up this morning thinking did that actually happen? Is Zelena really having Robin’s baby? Am I watching an episode of Once Upon A Time or Days of Our Lives? I mean keep expecting Drake Ramoray to enter Neal’s apartment and reveal that Zelena is not Marian or even Zelena, but in fact Cora risen from the dead!