Imagine Neal Caffrey proposing to you.

Neal had been distracted the entire evening. It was impossible not to notice it. He seemed focused on you but at the same time he wasn’t hearing a thing you said. For awhile, you put it out of your mind. He was a busy man and you could understand if he had a lot on his mind. His work with Peter was important and often helped many people. But as the evening wore on, your concern began to grow and you decided that you didn’t want to remain silent about it anymore.

“Neal, is everything alright?” you asked, leaning across the table and cover his hand with yours.

He blinked at you, coming out of his thoughts, “Yeah, yeah, everything’s fine.”

“You’ve been quiet all night,” you observed, brow creasing in a frown. “Are you sure nothing’s wrong?”

He shook his head, “No, no, everything’s fine, I promise,” he offered a gentle smile. “It’s just…”

“Just what, Neal?”

He drew a breath and you could see a flush spreading up his neck. It was strange to see him so flustered.


“Marry me.”

Gif Credit: Neal

Imagine your OTP

Person A: I’m getting married, and I want you to be in my wedding.
Person B: Oh, as a bridesmaid?
Person A: *gets on one knee* No, as my bride