Bad Cop Dad

  • -Neal Moretti 
  • -5′6-52
  • -lives alone with 6 small birds
  • -head of police in maple bay
  • -dont ask


  • black coffee
  • romantic comedies 
  • button up shirts and khakis
  • calling anyone younger than him kid
  • being outdoors on a nice day


  • loud music
  • too many questions
  • talking about work
  • large dogs

anonymous asked:

Being Neal caffreys shy and insecure girlfriend would include

Originally posted by cheesebunsthough

Being Neal Caffrey’s shy and insecure S/O would involve…

-Neal was mostly drawn to you at first because you were so quiet

-He wanted to know what was going on inside of your head

-You had an air of mystery to you like a puzzle he wanted to figure out

-He took it upon himself to bring you out of your shell

-And it was one of the best decisions he ever made

-You worked with Peter sometimes as a consultant on forensic matters

-So Neal started going out of his way to visit you

-He’d make excuses to come down to the lab so he could talk to you

-He’d bring you coffee or tea or pastries

-Sometimes he’d bring you books he thought you’d enjoy or recommend songs he thought you’d like

-You would always blush and duck your head and tell him that you’d pay him back

-He’d always assure you that it was his treat and flash a charming grin

-You developed a crush on him pretty quickly but never dreamed of ever acting on it

-In an effort to make his gifts less one-sided, you’d offer to lend him books of yours that you loved

-And of course he’d read them because, if you like them, they have to be worth the time

-Him asking if you want to talk about one of your books over coffee

-You agonizing over whether or not it would count as a date and being lost as to how to react because you’ve never really dated much before

-Agreeing to go because, even if it’s not a date, you like spending time with him

-It’s a date

-Neal taking you to a fancy cafe and being a perfect gentleman

-He pulls out your chair and opens doors for you and everything

-Him knowing exactly what to say to make you laugh

-You do talk about the book and you’re amazed by how much he seemed to actually enjoy it

-Before you know it, you’ve been there for almost two hours

-Him walking you back to the lab with your arm in his

-He kisses your cheek and leaves with a spring in his step while you’re a blushing mess

-You freaking out because you realize it really was a date

-Coffee dates to talk about books or music or whatever else is going on becoming a regular thing for the two of you

-You gradually becoming more comfortable around Neal

-Neal being really happy that you’re more comfortable around him

-Not being too big on PDA but Neal will generally hold your hand if he sees that you’re getting anxious or uncomfortable

-Hand holding being really common in general

-It’s a way for Neal to remind you that he’s there for you

-And it’s good for him too because it helps to ground him sometimes

-Neal helps you to become more confident

-He’s really good at soothing your insecurities

-Neal always tries to pamper you and remind you how much he cares about you

-He’s always complimenting you and telling you how amazing you look

-He generally just wants you to be happy because you make him happy