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Ne-Yo - So Sick


On this day in music history: July 3, 1983 - “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson is released. Written by Steve Porcaro and John Bettis, it is the fifth single released from Jackson’s landmark album “Thriller”. During the recording sessions for the album in the Fall of 1982, David Paich of the band Toto gives producer Quincy Jones a cassette with three song demos on it. Jones is unimpressed with the first two songs, but immediately takes notice of Porcaro’s skeletal demo of “Human Nature” tacked on the end of the tape. He asks the keyboardist if the lyrics can be completed and Porcaro asks his friend, fellow songwriter John Bettis (The Carpenters, The Pointer Sisters) to finish writing the lyrics. Bettis completes the lyrics within two days. With the song finished, Jones and Jackson quickly record it, making it the final song completed for “Thriller”. The track is recorded at Westlake Audio in Los Angeles in October of 1982, and features Toto members David Paich, Steve Porcaro (synthesizers, synthesizer programming), Steve Lukather (guitar) and Jeff Porcaro (drums), Michael Boddicker (E-mu Emulator) and Paulinho Da Costa (percussion). “Human Nature” ends up bumping the previously recorded “Carousel” written by Michael Sembello from the final running order of the album. The original single version of the song is edited down to 3:47 (though the 45 label erroneously lists the album version timing of 4:05) and is remixed, and includes a brief synthesizer solo during the instrumental break not included on the commonly heard album version. The single remix version to date has only resurfaced on a rare Japanese CD3 disc released in 1987. “Human Nature” peaks at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 17, 1983, #3 on the R&B singles chart and #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart. “Human Nature” is covered by Miles on his album “You’re Under Arrest” in 1985, with other versions by George Howard, David Benoit, Marcus Miller, and Boyz II Men. Michael Jackson’s original recording is also sampled by SWV for the remix version of the song “Right Here” (re-titled “Right Here/Human Nature”), by rapper Nas on “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”, Ne-Yo on the remix version of “So Sick”, and on “Journey To The Past” by Aaliyah.

Warm Me Up pt. 21

songs I listened to: Wasting all These Tears- Cassadee Pope, Echoes of Love (yes still), Here Without You- 3 Doors Down, Through Glass- Stone Sour, So Sick- Ne-Yo, Water Under the Bridge and Turning Tables- Adele

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click here for Ch. 20

Classes were relatively easier now. It wasn’t so hard to keep up. And now, with Spring break, Will finally had some breathing room. Sadly, breathing room also meant thinking time. And he didn’t want that.

Paolo, Alex, and Cecil were sitting in the café with him. Alex and Cecil were going back home. Paolo would be staying, because a trip back to Brazil was too expensive for just a week. While they chattered on mindlessly, Will’s eyes drifted to the door on the side of the café. Then to the pillar outside. To the smoke clouds from the people sitting outside, happily talking to their friends.

“Okay, my ride’s here, I have to get my things,” Cecil said as he stood. “I’ll see you all next week.”

They waved at him and Alex squirmed anxiously in his seat. “I guess I have to go back some time, right?”

“Remember, you have us here. We’ll welcome you with open arms the second you get back,” Will offered.

“And a lot of cookie dough and blankets,” Paolo added. “We’re here for you, Alex.”

“Thanks guys.” He took a breath and gave them a thumbs up. “Wish me luck.” He left the café and Will watched as he zipped through the crowd.

Suddenly, a hand was on his forearm. He looked over at Paolo who was looking at him curiously with black eyes. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing,” he muttered. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I know you. And I can read your expressions. So spill.” Will rolled his eyes and began folding a napkin mindlessly. “It’s him, right?”

“It’s stupid,” he muttered. He shook his head and tossed the napkin aside. “I thought that by giving him his stupid sweater back I would be able to let go of everything else. The last little bit of hope and, by default, whatever emotions I have left.” He felt a burn in the back of his eyes and sighed as he shut them, putting his forehead in his hand. “But then, I see those stupid marks on his neck and… it hurt. It still hurt. Now I have this image in my head of some random guy kissing him, and… him kissing that guy back. And it hurts.” His voice broke and he groaned in frustration.

After a second, Paolo nudged him and pulled him up from his seat. “Come on,” he said. Will frowned, but followed. “We’re going for a drive.” He hauled him to Will’s car and asked for the keys. Will gave him the keys uncertainly and got in.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, cutie! Can I request Jaehee helping MC dealling with a break up? It can be a little platonic at first, but this helps Jehee realizes she has feelings for MC? Ur blog is so perfect <3

Such a cute request, I’m so glad I did my first Baehee fic <3

It’s cliche as fuck, but I hope you still like this ^^


Jaehee x MC

It’s been four days now. Four days you’ve been coming to work at the café silently and leaving right after to go back home, cry in your room and listen to sad songs.

She understands, okay? A broken heart is tough, but… seeing your eyes puffy from so much crying is hurting her, your pain is sort of becoming her pain now. And she swears if she hears “So Sick” by Ne-Yo coming from your room one more time…

“MC! Dinner is ready!” she calls, though she knows you’re probably won’t come out. She can’t hold back a little gasp when she sees you standing by the balcony, your face is still a little wet due to the tears. “Are you okay?” Rhetorical question…

“I’ll survive… because you know… at first I was afraid, I was petrified…” and you keep reciting I Will Survive’s lyrics as you invented those words. She knows you fairly well by now and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out what’s going on: you’re drunk.

She berates herself for not hiding the liquor, she should know you would sneak out to the kitchen and take the bottle to your room when she wasn’t looking. Lord help her on this journey that is handling drunken you.

Not that you’re handful, you’re usually a very fun drunken type, she remembers as you would come home wasted, leaning on your (now ex) boyfriend, telling random facts about turtle’s longevity and the underestimated science behind astrology.

But now it’s different, your boyfriend isn’t here to laugh and say “that’s really interesting, honey. Now let’s take a shower.” No… he hurt you, he dumped you through texts. Jaehee didn’t read the content of the messages, but from the little she had known about him, it was probably “seeing other people. We r done! </3”

“Jaehee, I’m hungry!” you state when you finish reciting the song and looks straight at her, but you’re obviously not being able to focus your sight.

“I made some dinner, MC. Why don’t you sit here and eat?” is it really a good idea? Won’t you throw up the minute the food hit your stomach?

“Nah, I’m hungry for something else…” then you look away, to the… horizon? “REVENGE!”

“O-Okay… MC. Sit here and eat now, okay?” she has no idea what you’re talking about, but you have to eat, for Christ’s sake!

“I’m seeing it very clear now, Jaehee! Aren’t you?”

“The only thing I’m seeing is that you lost some weight. Please, MC, sit down and eat, okay? If you’re not doing this for yourself, do it for me?” Ugh… how cheesy, you ‘’won’t really fall for that, will you?

“Oh my God, Jaehee, you’re such an angeeeellll, how can I say no to an angel? I’m going straight to hell if I do, right?” you do this whiny face, and she wants to laugh so bad, but… one wrong move and you will burst into tears and run to your room again. So… she keeps it as serious as she can.

It’s more than relief, she’ legitimately happy you’re eating with so much hungry. She catches herself smiling as she observes you. How could that guy dump somebody so funny and sweet? So emotional and passionate about everything? And through texts?

“This is really good, Jaehee! Remind me of signing you to Masterchef Korea tomorrow morning, okay?” she won’t.

“Okay,MC. Now why don’t you take a shower and go to bed?”

“Wut? Noooooo. I just ate because you can’t… you can’t plot a revenge’s plan with an empty stomach! Now let’s get to work!” you jump out of your seat and stomp to your bedroom. Oh my God… this is bad news, isn’t it?

“MC? What are you… oh my God,MC! What are you doing?” she feels her face going on fire as she walks to find you taking your top off… no bra.

“I’m changing! I can’t go to that fucker’s house on my pajamas.” What fucker? Oh… your ex… for a second she was wondering why would you want to go to Jumin’s house,but that’s just her and… wait! You want to go to your ex’s house?

“MC, why do you want to go to his house?”

“To key his car, obviously.” You say matter of factly, she finally looks at you now that you’re dressed again. Oh, but now you’re taking your shorts off and… no underwear either, of course! “Jaehee?” oh yeah… your eyes are a little up, yeah…

“MC, just go to bed, please… I…”

“No, Jaehee! I’ve grieved for too long now! I need an answer!”

“But keying his car won’t give you an answer, MC.”

“He’ll have to pay attention to me a little, at least. I… I’m tired of being ignored…” with that she could relate a little, but still… this was a terrible idea, no matter how you look at it.

However, seeing you so determined and knowing you’re so hurt for being dumped like that… what if was her? Wouldn’t she want an answer too? Yeah, but she would probably be sober for this and… hum, too slow, you’re already reaching the hallway while she kept contemplating you and your struggling.

“MC? MC, come back here, please!” she runs after you in the elevator.

“Why, Jaehee? Why should I just stay here suffering while he gets all the joy? Don’t you think I’m being disrespected? Don’t you care about how hurt I am?”

“Of course I am, MC. I just think…”

“Then let me go! This is none of your business after all, is it?” she tells herself to not take it personal, you’re angry, hurt and drunk… oh, but don’t people get more honest when they’re drunk? So yeah… maybe she shouldn’t interfere, since you don’t want her to, since you don’t really rely on her, since you don’t… trust her to help you? No… she can’t think like this, this is not about her, this is about you about to do something really stupid you’ll probably regret. That’s what you would do for her if she needed, because that’s what you do, always.

“Fine. Do what you want, but don’t do it alone.” She sighs as she presses this elevator button and makes a gesture for you to come in, which you angrily do.

And as the elevator moves a little, you two feel a little trembling and then… it stops and the light goes red. Oh shit…

“Jae-Jaehee? Are you okay?” Rhetorical question, you’re not too drunk to remember she has some claustrophobic tendencies. Yeah… she always told you the stories of how she would use the stairs at C & R when you always complimented her stamina after a long day of work at the café… “Jaehee… don’t panic…”

“P-panic? Who’s panicking? I’m not…” she chuckles nervously. “Why would I panick, I mean… it’s just a small place with a red light… no ventilation… four walls, which are getting closer, aren’t you feeling? They’re getting closer, MC? I’m… I’m…” you run to her and hug her, since your depth notion is a little off, you end up pushing her and you two fall on the floor, but she doesn’t seem to care, she just grabs fists of the back of your shirt, holding to you as her life depends on it.

“Shhh, it’s okay… it’s fine, you’ll be fine… I… hope you will be fine… I… don’t want to see you like this, and it’s my fault, isn’t it? So I’ll fix this…”

“Because that’s what you do, MC. You… fix me.”

“No, there’s nothing for me to fix in you, you’re… so… perfect to my eyes, Jaehee. You… I wish I was more like you, y’ know? You… wouldn’t get drunk and want to go to your ex’s place to key his car just like Carrie Underwood did.” She chuckles, then she realizes she’s basically nuzzling in your chest, and… she doesn’t feel like pulling away…

Now you two are laughing, sitting on across corners of the elevator, after you started telling embarrassing stories about your ex to keep her distracted.

“Hum, and listen to this… he… called his penis ‘the predator’. Ugh…did he really need to take a reference from such an old bad movie?”

“Well, you two share this taste for old things, how come your break up playlist doesn’t have anything after 2010?”

“Fuuuck you!” you two laugh “You didn’t hear my moving on playlist yet, did you? It’s basically Kelly Clarkson and Pink…I can’t wait to play it.”

“I can’t wait for you to move on, MC. I’m… hurt seeing you so hurt…”

“Yeah… it sucks. I just… I’m so afraid, you know?”

“What are you afraid of?”

“Of… ending up alone, you know? What if I’m the one who needs to be fixed? But I… what if there’s not a fix for me? What if… I’m broken?”

“MC, are you serious? You’re really thinking the problem here is you after you got dumped through texts? MC, you’re the most amazing, smartest, sweetest girl I’ve ever met, and if he can’t see this… then he’s the one who needs to be fixed, but… this isn’t for you to fix, don’t waste your time trying to fix who doesn’t deserve to be fixed.”

“You know you basically described yourself, right?” you chuckle lazily, she does the same.

“It takes one to know one, right?” you look down a little, maybe it’s the red light, but… are you blushing? And as you raise your eyes and look straight at her, she’s pretty sure she’s blushing… what is happening?

The light is back on and she quickly looks away for you not to notice her flushed face. Then you get up and offer your hand to help her. You’re sober and apparently fixing yourself.

She thought she would crash to bed and sleep like a baby after everything that happened, but… neither of you are feeling sleepy. Instead, you kept listening to your moving on playlist, and you couldn’t fell more surprised as she pulled you for a lip synch of So What by Pink, which you obviously didn’t decline.

“Thank you, Jaehee. I’m so lucky to have you as my friend…” you say before hugging her and waving a good night to her.

“Yeah… I’m lucky to be your friend too, MC…”

What is this feeling growing inside her? It’s painful, but so glowing and… warm. She rolls in her bed, thinking of your smile and wondering what you’re dreaming about right now… the warmth grow as she wishes you’re dreaming about her.

Because she’ll definitely dream about you. At least in her dreams, you don’t have to worry about fixing, you can be happy, and so can she.

Smrookies/SR15B - Pre Sm Trainee Singing Videos

Vocals Only 





english covers by kpop artists,,

created: 08/17/2015
edited: 08/19/2015; splitting the update bc there are so many songs i missed lol, might have another update in a few days to get the rest!! i put more songs in every section :) also more groups :)) (used this playlist as a guide for some songs)
edited: 08/22/2015; this is actually really fun to do lmao

// i literally decided to do this on a whim.. lmao what is schoolwork

songs are mostly sorted by groups/alphabetical order and/or oldest-to-newest, plus three extra categories(??) at the end. if theres a name in front of a song, then only that/those member(s) sang it. members who aren’t apart of groups OR groups that have disbanded will still be a part of this list, since the cover was during their time as an artist. if you have more to add, or see a mistake anywhere, feel free to message me!! i’m sure i messed up & left out a lot!!

this is under a [[read more]] bc its suPER LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG – i apologize for decades if ur on mobile – BUT ANYWAY OKAY HAVE FUN LISTENING

(also my personal favs will be ☆ so make sure to give those a listen)




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Sunggyu English Compilation
Sunggyu English Compilation

Sunggyu speaks/sings in English compilation 

1. Hello, I’m Sunggyu

2. Are you ready? I’m ready

3. Where are you from?

4. Nice to meet you

5. Hey hey guys

6. I’m not a monkey but I love banana

7. Do you like coffee? I like it~


9. Be careful~

10. You and me, everybody 

11. Lunch, do you like brunch?

12. Sausage, egg, please…WHAT?!

13. Justin Bieber- Beauty and a beat cover 


15. You know you know

16. Destiny is a very nice song

17. Jason Mraz- Lucky cover 

18. Justin Bieber- As long as you love me cover 

19. The Calling- Wherever you will go cover

20. Chris Brown- With you cover

21. Ne-Yo- So sick cover

22. Thank you very much~ thank you!! I love you!

[Please do not re-upload]

Playlist de Camila

As músicas nas playlists de Camila sempre falam sobre a mesma coisa: Traição, note que há vários tipos de traição e a playlist dela fala sobre não estar junto.

No meio de Maio, os posts delas eram principalmente sobre relacionamentos tristes e partidos. Os reblogs depois disso são baseados no mesmo tópico: Coração partido. Os reblogs de Lauren são baseados e postados mais ou menos no mesmo tempo que Camila. Essas “próximas semanas” vão ser só de entrevistas, promover álbum, lançamento etc.

“Eu desejo, eu desejo do fundo do meu coração, que eu consiga sobreviver as próximas semanas sem cair as pedaços”

“Como você acha que isso iria me fazer sentir?”

“Como humanos, nós arruinamos tudo que tocamos inclusive um ao outro”

Nessa entrevista, Lauren fala algo sobre “não minta para mim, eu sempre vou descobrir”, veja o rosto de Camila. Minuto 1:50.

E Lauren fala sobre honestidade: “Eu sou uma pessoa compreensiva, eu gosto de falar sobre a vida e essas coisas então, me diga… Eu vou descobrir de qualquer maneira”

E no mesmo dia:
“Tenha orgulho de estar com a sua mulher. Não reclame, me ame.”

A reação de Camila:

Agora vamos olhar a playlist de Camila.

I Try - Macy Gray

Jogos, mudanças e medos
Para onde eles irão a partir daqui?
Quando eles irão parar?
Eu acredito que o destino nos trouxe aqui
E nós deveriamos estar juntos, querido
Mas nós não estamos

Eu ignoro, mas estou sonhando com você
Eu vou manter minha calma, mas estou sentindo
Eu tento dizer adeus e engasgo
Eu tento me afastar e tropeço
Embora eu tente esconder, está claro
Meu mundo desmorona quando você não está aqui

Unfaithful - Rihanna

História da minha vida
procurando pelo certo
Mas continua me evitando
Tristeza na minha alma
Porque parece o errado
Realmente adora a minha companhia

Ele é mais do que um homem
E isto é mais do que amor
A razão pelo qual o céu é azul
Mas as nuvens estão rolando
Porque vou embora outra vez
E para ele eu apenas não posso ser verdade

E eu sei que ele sabe que eu sou infiel
E mata-o por dentro
Saber que estou feliz com algum outro homem
Consigo ver ele morrendo

Não quero fazer isto mais nenhuma vez
Não quero ser a razão por que
Cada vez que saio pela porta
Vejo ele a morrer um pouco mais por dentro
Não quero magoá-lo mais nenhuma vez
Não quero levar a sua vida
Eu não quero ser
Uma assassina

Too Little, Too Late - JoJo

Eu era jovem e no amor
Eu te dei tudo mas isso não foi suficiente

E agora você quer se comunicar
Você sabe que é um pouco tarde demais

Vá encontrar alguém
Em deixá-lo ir Eu estou me amando
Você tem um problema
Mas não venha me pedir ajuda
Porque você sabe

Eu posso amar com todo meu coração
Eu sei que tenho muito para dar (Eu tenho muito para dar)

Com um jogador como você, eu não tenho uma oração
Essa é a maneira de viver

“Eu espero que você encontre alguém que combine com a sua capacidade de amar”

Be Without You - Mary J. Blige

A química foi louca desde o início
Nenhum de nós sabia por que
Não construímos nada da noite para o dia
Porque um amor assim precisa de tempo
As pessoas diziam que era uma fase

Diziam “Não conseguimos ver nada”
Agora de cima para baixo
Eles vêem que conseguimos (sim)
É tão verdadeiro que (sim)
Nós passamos por isso (sim)
Foi fod… (sim)
Querido, nós fomos

Fortes demais por tempo demais
E eu não consigo ficar sem você, querido
E eu vou ficar esperando acordada até você chegar em casa
Porque eu não consigo dormir sem você, querido
Qualquer um que já te amou sabe exatamente como eu me sinto
Difícil demais pra fingir, nada pode substituir
Ligue para a rádio se você não consegue ficar sem seu amor

Isso é que é conversa de verdade
Eu vou ficar pra sempre (haja o que houver)
Bom ou ruim (na tristeza ou na alegria)
Certo ou errado (todos os dias)

Agora, se você estiver mal no amor ou não acredita nele
Isso não é pra você (não, não é pra você)
E se no fundo do seu coração
Você sabe que é verdade (vamos, vamos, vamos)
Quero ver vocês pondo suas mãos para o alto (mãos para o alto)
Rapazes, digam o que vocês sentem para suas mulheres (rapazes, digam o que vocês sentem para suas mulheres)
Oh ponham suas mãos para o alto (mãos para o alto)
Mulheres, digam que ele tem seu amor
Olhe bem nos olhos dele e digam
Nós fomos

So Sick - Ne-Yo

E eu sei que isso não faz sentido
Porque você saiu pela minha porta
Mas é a única maneira de eu ouvir a sua voz agora
(Isso é rídiculo)
Fazem meses
E por algum motivo eu apenas
(Não consigo desistir de nós)
E eu sou mais forte que isso
(Suficiente, é suficiente)
Sem mais voltas por ai
Com a cabeça baixa
Eu estou cansado de ficar triste
Chorar por você

E eu estou tão cheio de músicas de amor
Tão cansado de lágrimas
Tão acabado, com o desejo de que você estivesse aqui
Disse que estou cheio de músicas de amor, triste e lentas
Então por que eu não consigo desligar o rádio?

That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber

Estão todos rindo na minha mente
Há rumores sobre esse outro cara
Você faz o que fazia quando estava comigo?
Ele a ama como eu amava?
Você se esqueceu de todos os planos que fez comigo?
Porque, amor, eu não esqueci

Deveria ser eu segurando a sua mão
Deveria ser eu fazendo você rir
Deveria ser eu, isso é tão ruim
Deveria ser eu, deveria ser eu
Deveria ser eu sentindo o seu beijo
Deveria ser eu comprando presentes
É tão errado, não posso seguir sem você crer

Você disse que precisava dar um tempo dos meus erros
Engraçado como você usou esse tempo para me substituir
Você achou que eu não ia te ver saindo, indo para o cinema?
O que você está fazendo comigo
Você está o levando para onde a gente ia
Agora, se você estiver tentando me magoar
Está funcionando, porque você sabe

Mad - Ne-yo

Eu sei que às vezes
Vai chover
Mas, querida, nós podemos fazer as pazes agora
Porque eu não posso dormir
com essa dor

E isso me deixa chateado, menina
Quando você está constantemente acusando

(Fazendo perguntas
como se já soubesse a resposta)
Nós estamos lutando esta guerra, baby
Quando nós dois estamos perdendo
(Esta não é a forma que o amor devia ser
devia ser)

Because Of You - Kelly Clarkson

Eu não cometerei
Os mesmos erros que você
Eu mesma não me deixarei
Causar tanto sofrimento ao meu coração

Eu não vou me permitir
O jeito que você fez, você se machucou profundamente
Eu aprendi da maneira difícil
a nunca me deixar chegar até esse ponto

Eu sou forçada a fingir
um sorriso, uma risada todos os dias da minha vida
Meu coração não pode quebrar
Quando não estava inteiro para começar

Fix You - Coldplay

Quando você faz o seu melhor, mas não tem sucesso
Quando você recebe o que quer, mas não o que precisa
Quando você se sente tão cansado, mas não consegue dormir
Preso em marcha -ré

E as lágrimas escorrem pelo seu rosto
Quando você perde algo que não pode substituir
Quando você ama alguém, mas isso se desperdiça
Poderia ser pior?

Bem lá em cima ou lá embaixo
Quando você está apaixonado demais para desistir
Mas, se você nunca tentar, nunca saberá
Exatamente qual é o seu valor

The Only Exception - Paramore

Talvez eu saiba, em algum lugar
No fundo da minha alma
Que o amor nunca dura
E temos que arranjar outros meios
De seguir em frente sozinhos
Ou ficar com uma cara boa

Elas continuam reblogando coisas sobre querer estar com alguém, principalmente Camila:

“Eu me pergunto como a biologia consegue explicar a dor física que você sente no seu peito quando tudo o que você quer fazer é estar com alguém”

Então Lauren reblogou uma foto que dizia: “Eu quero tudo de você, seu corpo, seu coração, sua alma”. Camila não deu tudo dela para Lauren? É por isso que ela se sentiu daquela maneira?


Seokmin vocal appreciation

For my own reference, because Lee Seokmin sings too much (so I can’t keep track of it) and too well (so I want to keep track of it).

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song x

Ra.D - I’m In Love x x x

Original 17tv song x

Ne-Yo - So Sick x

Bumkey - Bad Girl x x x x

Taeyang - Wedding Dress x

Troublemaker - Troublemaker x

Brown Eyed Soul - Nothing Better x

Dynamic Duo - Guilty x x 

Noblesse - 사람을 찾습니다 x

Insooni - A Goose’s dream x

Tei - Same Pillow x

Seo In Guk - Shake It Up x

IU - Someday x 

Geeks - Officially Missing You x x

Younha - Maldoandwae x

Daesung - Daebak-iya x

? 130420 purple team sings for Jisoo x

? With Jisoo x

? With Jisoo on guitar x x  

? Seokmin on guitar  x x

? With Jihoon on piano x

? With Soonyoung x x

? With Rapping Mingyu x

? With Seungkwan x

? With Jisoo on guitar and Soonyoung singing x

? x x x x

Lee Juck & Yoo Jae Suk - As One Says x x x

B2ST - Beautiful x x x 

Park Sungchul - 모주건 (130704 Heart Team) x

PSY - Talent x

Like Seventeen 2 x

Acoustic Collabo - You and I, Amused x x

Huh Gak - That You’re Mine x x

Take - Butterfly Grave x x x x x

Seventeen Vocal Practice 1 - We Gonna Make it Shine x

One Direction - One Thing x x x

Sandeul (B1A4) - Crush x x x

Big Bang - Stupid Liar x x x

Shinhwa - Wild Eyes x

Geeks - Fly x

VOS - Beautiful Life x

Boys over Flowers - Almost Paradise x x x

Nu’est - Action x x

Nu’est - Love You More x x

Team C - Hello (with Mingyu and Junhui) x

After School - Because of You x x x x x x x x

40 - 말없이 바라만봐 (with Soonyoung)  x

20 x x 

Huh Gak - Happy Me (with Seungkwan) x

Huh Gak - Monodrama 2013 || 2015 x x

When I Grow Up x x || (acapella)

Super Junior - Devil x

2PM - Hands Up x 

IU & Sung Si Kyung - It’s You x x x x x x x x

Jekyll and Hyde OST ‘This is the Moment’ x

Soulman - Only Yours 151025 Boys Day x x x x x  || 151108 fanmeeting Boys Day x x x x x x x 

Eddy Kim - Push and Pull Sukira x x x  || 151108 Mini Fanmeeting (Acapella) x x x x

Seokmin singing every chance he gets! Like seriously

And now for a cheeky bonus, featuring Rapper!Seokmin

150613 Show Champion x

151025 Boys Day x x

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby x x 

… I really love his singing.

/edit: this is currently more than one year outdated so kindly do not use this to judge Seokmin’s singing currently

anonymous asked:

can you make a list of songs that jonghyun has covered?

yes, of course! i’ll be honest: i may end up missing a few because he did a lot of covers during shinee’s earlier years (especially between 2008 - 2010), but! hopefully i get most of them!

× 080605: because of you - with onew (ne-yo cover)
× 080609: incomplete (sisqo cover)
× 080625: so sick - with onew (ne-yo cover)
× 080717: clean up (chungso cover)
× 080729: did we really love? - with onew (brown eyed soul cover)
× 081005: 나비야 (butterfly) (ha dong kyun cover)
× 080926: 잊을래 (i’ll forget) - with onew (soulstar cover)
× 081015: a year gone by (wheesung cover)
× 081030: like a man - with onew (fly to the sky cover)
× 081109: holding onto the end of the night (solid cover)
× 081109: one more time even if you hate me (vibe cover)
× 081211: hug (tvxq cover)
× 090605: tragedy - with onew (soulstar cover)
× 090609: you’re my lady (jungyeop cover) [note: he covered this again in july of 2009.]
× 090610: baby baby (4men cover)
× 090611: first time (jungyeop cover)
× 090611: baby baby (4men cover) [note: he also covered this briefly in november of the same year, and again in november of 2011.]
× 090629: sexy love - with jessica jung (ne-yo cover)
× 090719: honey (jyp cover)
× 091026: seven years of love (yoo yong suk cover)
× 091110: come back to me (se7en cover)
× 091122: 귀로 (one’s way back) (naul cover)
× 091230: beat it - with kim tae woo (michael jackson cover)
× 091231: gone (*nsync cover) + 거짓말 (g.o.d. cover) [note: the first is solo. the second is with 2pm’s minjun, k.will and kim tae woo.]
× 100126: tears
× 100227: snow flower (park hyo shin cover)
× 100708: you’re cool (kim mi hee cover)
× 100728: 왜 벌써가 (be my brownie) (dynamic duo cover)
× 100818: 잊지말기로 해 (let’s not forget) (kim hyun chil / jang pil soon cover)
× 100821: sea of love (fly to the sky cover)
× 100826: i’m in love ( cover)
× 100826: stand by (boa cover)
× 100826: pabo (brown eyed soul cover)
× 100826: it’s over (jungyeop cover)
× 101005: with me - with wheesung (wheesung cover lol)
× 101020: i am waiting (brown eyed soul cover) [note: he also covered this two months earlier in august.]
× 101020: 죽일놈 (guilty) - with minho and taemin (dynamic duo cover)
× 101226: girls (wheesung cover)
× 110827: 첫인상 (first impression) (lee ki chan cover)
× 111124: 僕は君に戀をする (boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru) (ken hirai cover)
× 120509: driver’s high (l'arc~en~ceil cover)
× 120818: internet war - with taemin (seo taiji cover)
× 130313: 씨스루 (see through) (primary / zion.t cover)
× 130313: 오늘은 가지마 (don’t go today) (im se jun cover)
× 130328: as long as you love me (justin bieber cover)
130328: fine thank you and you? (10cm cover)
× 140405: gloomy letter (verbal jint cover) [note: he also covered this back in december of 2010.]
× 150127: black or white (michael jackson cover)
× 150127: 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) (iu cover)
× 150305: this woman’s work (maxwell cover) [note: this was actually the second time that he covered this. the first time was in september of 2011.]
× 150906: sugar (maroon 5 cover)
× 151117: 사랑해, 이 말 밖엔… (rich cover)

× he’s covered brown eyed souls’ jungyeop’s “nothing better” many, many, many times. his first performance of it was here. after this, he performed it on: 091111, 091212, 100818, 101005 (with the original singer, wheesung and taemin), 101020, and during shinee’s london showcase in november of 2011.
× he’s also covered wheesung’s “insomnia” a few times. the first time he performed it on 1000 song challenge in july of 2009. he then performed it on: 090716, 100826 and with wheesung on 101005.

along with all of these, there’s also the songs that he covered on immortal song 2! lonely night (boohwal cover). 백만송이 장미 (a million roses) (shim soo bong cover), 귀로 (one’s way back) (naul cover), and 왼손잡이 (left-handed) (panic cover).

annnnnnd, lastly: as a lot of us are aware already, he covered all of the songs that he composed / wrote and gave to other artists last year both for his solo concerts and the busking concerts just before those. these included: red candle (son dam bi cover), playboy (exo cover), no more (lim kim cover) and 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) (iu cover). he also allowed his guests during the first run of his concerts to request songs for him to sing which ended up including (and we didn’t get all of the audio uploadings for each, this is just a few that we were lucky enough to): the tadpole song, the three little bears song (lol), the sailor moon theme, a new cover of incomplete (sisqo), just (crush / zion.t cover), 바람이분다 (the wind blows) (lee so ra cover), 괴도 (danger) (taemin cover), 도도해 (dodo) (zion.t cover), nothing better (jungyeop cover), 넌 감동이었어 (you touched my heart) (sung si kyung cover) and heart attack (aoa cover). i’d also suggest that you check out any episode of 1000 song challenge that jonghyun participated because i probably missed a few covers from those!

anonymous asked:

will you do a list of duets shinee have done together?

like with this list, i’m sticking with the definition of “duet”: one of the members singing with another one of the members. this is why certain performances are being left out, ie: onew, jonghyun and key’s older performances of “in my room”, etc.

onew / jonghyun
like a man (fly to the sky cover)
i will forget (soulstar cover)
because of you (ne-yo cover)
so sick (ne-yo cover)
비극 (tragedy) (soulstar cover)
잠꼬대 (please don’t go) (*)
gone (n*sync cover)
amazing grace
monkey magic theme
잠꼬대 (please don’t go) (*)
* this is the live version from jonghyun’s agit concert last october!

onew / key: mona lisa (cho yong pil cover)
jonghyun / key: dang dang dang (supreme team cover)
jonghyun / minho: magic girl (orange caramel cover)
jonghyun / taemin: internet war (seo taiji cover) 
key / minho: get down (*)
* i’m including this because luna is mainly backing vocals.

there’s for sure a few missing here, but these are the easiest found. there’s some duets that happened that we’ve never been given either audio or video for, such as: minho and onew’s “in your eyes” duet, and when taemin did zion.t’s part during jonghyun’s performance of “déjà-boo” at shinee’s seventh anniversary party. if you want to seek out some more possible duets you can search through these videos. it’s shinee’s older appearances on 1000 song challenge, mainly from late 2008 to mid-2009. only onew, jonghyun and key participated in the older guest spots, but!

Patrick Stump/Fall Out Boy Covering Songs Masterpost

So I have attempted to gather as many instances of Patrick Stump/Fall Out Boy covering other people’s songs.

Some of the live ones are a little dodgy, but I didn’t include anything that had unbearable audio quality.

If you plan on using this for something - PLEASE credit me. This took me a long time to do, please don’t discount the effort that I made.

If you guys have found anything to add to this, please let me know!


Patrick Stump Covers:

Let’s Get It On“ (Marvin Gaye)

Life On Mars” (David Bowie)

Kanye West Medley

A Cappella Grammy Medley

My Favourite Dress“ (The Wedding Present)

A Cappella “Green Light

Michael Jackson Tribute Medley

Love Lockdown” (Kanye West)

Don’t Matter/Ignition“ (Akon/R. Kelly)

So Sick” (Ne-yo)

Everybody Here Wants You“ (Jeff Buckley)

Shutterbugg” (Big Boi)

Everyday“ (Buddy Holly)

New Jack Swing A Cappella Medley

Tom Traubert’s Blues” (Tom Waits)

Live Patrick Covers (There are a shitload of the same song so I just posted one of each that I could find):

Me and Mrs. Jones” (Billy Paul)

Billie Jean“ (Michael Jackson)

In The Air Tonight” (Phil Collins)

Nothing Compares To You“ (Prince)

If You Think You’re Lonely Now” (Bobby Womack)

Love Will Tear Us Apart“ (Joy Division)

This Christmas” (Don Hathaway)

“If You Think You’re Lonely Now” & “Me and Mrs Jones

City of New Orleans” (Steve Goodman)

Beat It“ (Michael Jackson)

Let’s Get It On” (Marvin Gaye)

Kiss My Sass“ (Cobra Starship)

Random Medley (Swing, Every Little Step I Take, That Girl Is Poison etc)

"Let’s Dance” (David Bowie)

Move On Up“ (Curtis Mayfield)


What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” (With Daryl Hall)

Billionaire“ (With Gym Class Heroes)

"Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden Cover With Robert Glasper Experiment)

Karaoke Covers:

This is How We Do It“ (Montell Jordan)

I Believe I Can Fly” (R. Kelly)

Trouble“ (Taylor Swift)

Fall Out Boy Cover Songs:

What’s This?

Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Joy Division)

Roxanne“ (The Police)

Live Covers:

Mr Brightside” (The Killers)

American Boy“ 

I Write Sins Not Tragedies” (Panic! At the Disco)

Basketcase“ (Green Day)


Don’t Stop Believing” (Journey) feat. Brendon Urie