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I was having kind of a crummy day until I opened my PO Box and found a curious package in it. I admit I didn’t realize who it was from at first so I opened it then and there and STUFF JUST KEPT SPILLING OUT OF IT like it was Christmas, and I almost cried in the middle of the post office.
@nesy-art I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful art. Holy shit! Those prints are definitely going on our wall! And Buttons and Meg!!!! ! ! ! You’re truly an inspiration, and one of my favorite artists.

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I need someone to love the whole package of my personality

-Fi: idealism and the need to live it, the highest priority and sacredness of personal morals and emotions, compassion, high sensitivity, struggling with opening up and talking about feelings, need for private space and independence, passion, devotion, and intensity of feeling, uncompromising, valuing individuality and equality, soft and gentle, strong likes and dislikes, extremely introverted, innocence and purity, authenticity, feeling isolated and different, all-or-nothing-attitude, protective, humanist and delighting in the broad palette of human emotion, poetic soul

-Ne: whimsical, extremely creative, absolutely no sense for time or space, highly imaginative, night- and daydreaming addict, sees the big picture, aware of implementations, always looking for connections, enjoying symbolism, eternal searcher and wanderer, observant, thinking in abstractions and meanings, scatter-brained, easily distracted, worries a lot, highly vulnerable to disturbing/pleasing ideas (words, images, sounds), lover of stories and fictional characters, aesthete, clumsy, struggles with reality, forever seeing possibilities and what-ifs, undecided, neurotic, PUNS, absurdism, nonsense, relativising

-Si: deep need for familiarity and physical comfort, valuing decency and manners, dislike of vulgarity, dirtiness, and noise, selective good memory, NOSTALGIC, strong perception of inner physical sensations, dislike of new things and spontaneity, lover of details, values practicalness but sucks at it, excellent sensory memory, loves to accumulate knowledge, fascinated by the past, collector, need for routine and stability, attached to possessions with personal meaning, inflexible, highly observant to physical stimuli

-Te: opposing for the sake of opposing, senseless stubbornness, incorrigible pride, your occasional absolutism and smugness, surprising flashes of steel, the need to destroy/throw away things as well as for substantial reality (physical work), bottom rock defiance, grim fatalism, apocalyptic sarcasm, merciless positivism/scientific world view, love for order and organisation of objects, LISTS, the burning need to understand EVERYTHING, tendency to over-exertion, random outbursts of violence as a sign of affection


My SoG ep03 Impressions TTuTT.

Meanwhile, Shura and Aioros:


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Is it me or does colin change his accent in almost every interview? Like sometimes he sounds very american but then other times he goes full out irish talking at the speed of light to the point I barely understand him because it sounds like gibberish

yeah i feel the same. sometimes i can perfectly understand him and sometimes my poor French soul ne comprend rien du tout 


Various images of my Shin Megami Tensei collection as it’s grown over the past 2 years up until today. I’ve spent over 1000 bucks on this what’s money idk. I just threw everything off my desk so i could have a nice place to take a decent pic for the top one. Only thing not actually pictured is my SMT IV poster (it’s holding down the SMT2 poster while rolled up in one pic). Still haven’t gotten frames and I probably won’t scan the SMT2 poster so y'all will have to deal with the messed up one hehhhhhh.