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Mario // Black Mage

Megaman // Samus Aran

Vivian // Rocket Knight Sparkster

So, this is something I’ve been doing for a while. The original project was to draw 128 video game characters with a limited palette, with a focus on variety of games represented and variety of characters. Not only was this way too ambitious for my own good, but also enthusiasm for the project had died down for me as I realized that the task would require me to pick and draw characters that I have no investment on, from games I also don’t really know or care much about, so instead, once per week, I’ll dump five or six characters I drew for this personal project. I’ll be posting them mostly on chronological order of when I drew them, so even though I revised most of them to look much better, please excuse the dirtiness of some of these!

Not much to say here about this first part. Megaman is based mainly on his original NES/Famicom appearences, but it has hints of other incarnations’ designs if you take a close look.

The Legend of Zelda:

Overworld Enemy #4: Zola

“Half-fish, half-woman who lives in the water. When she sticks her head out of the water, she lets out a ball that Link’s little shield can’t hold back.”

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

The Zola were once aquatic-dwelling women that, due to their lust for material wealth and power, were transformed into monsters by the use of dark magic. They inhabit Hyrule’s many lakes, ponds and waterways, surfacing and consequently ambushing those that dare to come near. Mainly attacking with poisonous and acidic spit that can blind its adversaries, Zola are very territorial, hostile and nimble. As they are unable to venture onto land, one must kill a Zola by use of projectile weapons or in close combat if one is brave enough to traverse into the amphibious demonesses watery abode.

Note: Like the Molblin/Moblin, I opted to use the name ‘Zola’ from the game’s original manual. I’m sure it is a localization/translation error, as the 'Zora’ became a series regular. 

-sobs because i love this boy even though I’ve never played Final Fantasy and only know him cause my friend told me about him-

Sweet baby hes too pure for this world and i love him forever

Ps: i know this isn’t his get up but i had to draw him in a skater boy outfit cause its fitting

The Legend of Zelda:

NPCs: Shopkeeper

Due to Hyrule’s downfall, many of its inhabitants have gone into hiding, but others have taken advantage of the dire situation. In the Overworld’s many caverns, a multitude of merchants have set up shop, away from the eyes of Ganon’s forces, establishing a quite fertile and burgeoning market despite the chaos. With inventories consisting of food, and supplies the merchants are known to sell their goods at discount prices to account for the citizens lack of steady income. For the traveling adventurer, they also sell weapons and even the occasional rare treasure. Though they will buy and trade goods in addition, they also tend to drive a hard bargain and can be quite impatient. 


“Aria, Maiden of Water” from Final Fantasy III, Famicom.

The Legend of Zelda:

Underworld Enemy #2 & #3: Vire and Keese

“Vire is a devil that controls the Keeses. When Link cuts it with his sword, it turns into two Keeses. Keeses have little attacking power, but Vire is a little stronger.”

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

As natural light almost never finds Hyrule’s catacombs and crypts, they have become the dwelling place for many subterranean creatures. One such creature is the Keese. There isn’t much of a distinction between an ordinary bat and that of a Keese, other than that the evil air found in the underworld has made them unusually aggressive. The Keese don’t pose much of a threat unless they get close enough to bite. However, they are known to flock in groups and are much more hostile and persistent when their masters are in close proximity…

The Keese are controlled by shapeshifting, mischievous and voracious demons called Vires, which are rather strong and hefty, despite their child-like size. Using their knowledge and prowess in the dark sorcery and magic, Ganon’s own dark sect of skilled warlocks were able to create the Vires by combining several Keese together to form unnatural winged beasts, as yet another security measure against any warriors that may pass through the underworld. The Vires’ large wingspans make traversing cramped dungeons difficult and awkward, so they tend to crawl about walls and ledges using their clawed wings and feet and make use of the crypts’ many secret passages and crawlspaces. When in an open space like an atrium or great hall however, their wings allow for extraordinarily fast and graceful travel. Lastly, their ferocity is only matched by their coy intellect, able to toy and tease their way into winning the upper hand in an attack. 


Fantasy Zone II com risos e caretas.