Someone stop me

Cane (ライデン) 10 y/o
Son of Ash and Misty. Cane doesn’t like Pokémon all that much and isn’t nearly as driven as his parents. He actually went on a journey just because it was something to do. He wasn’t doing too hot at the beginning. The Pokémon he managed to get never listened to him and he never really bothered to bond with them. Other trainers were are very underwhelmed when battling him considering his parentage. He didn’t really start getting good until he met Julie a couple towns over. Cane’s team consists of his Pichu and pretty much whatever Pokémon he’s able to catch.

Julie (トモエ) 15 y/o
Daughter of Jessie and James. Julie, who prefers to be called Jules, is quite talented and a very well rounded trainer. She likes trying new things and is still deciding on what kind of trainer she’d like to be. She is a bit of a tomboy but is also a total romantic. She cares deeply for her Pokémon and puts them first no matter what the circumstances (much like her father). After meeting Cane, she couldn’t bare to let him travel alone since he was doing pretty bad. She tends to drag him everywhere and makes him try new things with her. Jule’s team consists of her Trubbish and Pokémon that are conventionally “ugly”.