Hey MN, ND trans peeps: I’m looking for a hormone provider who takes Blue Cross insurance and isn’t going to make me get a therapist letter AGAIN - my letters are from out of state and I’ve been on hormones for over two years and had top surgery with Dr Buckley. FFS I’m definitely trans. Fargo and TC both easy enough to get to.

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my friend//i made a group kik chat for mentally ill trans/queer kids. the # is ndtrans idk if any of u would want to join /// maybe some of ur followers would like to join?? :) anyways thank u

Hey, that’s awesome! I’ll check it out!

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we made a group kik chat for mentally ill trans kids idk if any alters fit that but if they do the can join the hashtag is ndtrans

I’m pretty sure Meg is trans, I would have to ask though, he doesn’t really talk about it. Same for Jamie, but I will keep it in mind!