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anonymous asked:

lately I've been living off microwaveable mac and cheeses, i buy a diff brand each shopping trip Nd save one of each brand and eventually ill do a taste test of all to determine the winner? so far kraft.....tbhh - adhd-pitbully

I was living off microwave mac and cheese too when I was in college, but I didn’t have the Courage to branch out and try other brands lol ^^;

I can’t wait to hear which brand wins, I’m rooting for team Kraft myself >:3 (I won’t be disappointed if another brand wins though, good mac & cheese is good mac & cheese lmao)

NDS Shop Soundtrack: Tropi - Chop Part 3

Check out this weeks tunes from Art of Noise (classic from the 80s), Zinja Hlungwani and Dre Skull!

NDS Shop SDTK, is a video compilation of songs in rotation in our Design District showroom. Each week we will bring 3 songs, that have been playing live in our shop, for you to enjoy on a continuous YouTube playlist.

x, Nektar