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$5 and under stim toys

hey! if ur a super super poor person like me, sometimes u cant even afford $10 for a stim toy.

not to worry ! here are some stim toys that are $5 and under, INCLUDING SHIPPING !


style 1 ($0.72) | style 2 ($1.59)

style 3 (3.99 + 0.99) | style 3 ($1.69)

Fidget cubes:

style 1 ($0.99 + $0.80 shipping) | style 2 ($3.98)

style 3 ($3.68) | style 4 (2.61)


style 1 ($1.45 | style 2 ($0.99 + $0.69 shipping) | style 3 ($4.20)

style 4 ($2.43) | style 5 (1.99) | style 6 (1.99)


bunnies ($3.61) | cup kitty ($3.78) | narwhal ($1.90)

pandas ($0.72) | cat bread ($1.99) | whale ($1.89)

strawberries ($1.32) | peach ($2.70) | carrot ($1.47)

Misc. hand-busying fidgets:

magnetic beads ($4.38) | chain fidgets ($1.28)

6 stretchy strings ($4.98) | boinks ($0.99)

Gel/water-based toys:

grape ball ($1.79) | spitting gudetama ($0.99) | fruit squisher ($1.96)

gudetama egg ($1.78 + $0.73 ship.) | gel eggs ($2.52) | watermelon ($3.29)

edamame squish ($1.09) | 1,000 orbeez ($0.99) |  giant orbeez ($0.72)


barrel o slime ($1.22) | color changing putty ($3.99)

magnet putty ($0.99) | glass putty ($2.91)

Puzzle toys:

puzzle ball ($2.95) | puzzle pyramid ($3.99)

twisty ($1.99) | puzzle cube ($3.11)


I hope this helps!

if you can, please do support ND stim toy creators. this post is specifically so ND people without much money can afford the things they need to function!


Secret Santa - Luke Hemmings [FLUFF]

12 Days of 5SOS ~ Day nine

Summary~ Getting your crush’s name in the office secret santa has you worrying over what to get him for weeks on end.

Word Count - 890

For the past week you’ve been ill, which has meant a lot of missed work time, but that’s not what bothers you, while you’ve been away you missed drawing names for Secret Santa. You always loved your floor’s office secret santa, it’s your favourite tradition, seeing the look on someone’s face when they open your present, knowing that if they tink it’s terrible they’ll probably never discover who got it, not to mention the obvious, getting a present yourself. Walking into the office you get the usual “hi”s and “glad to see you”s until you get into the elevator alone. Watching the doors shut you sigh at a moment of peace before a hectic day back. That’s when a hand grabs the elevator door and you jump as it pulls back and in walks Luke, the boy you’ve had your heart set on since you arrived at this office.

“Hey, [Y/N] good to see you back, how you feeling?” he maintains eye contact through the reflective metal elevator doors.

“Better than I did,” you manage a response.

“Well we really missed you on our floor,” he laughs. “Secret Santa is in full flow though”

“Ooh, I forgot about that,” you completely lie keeping your eyes glued to the slow changing numbers on the elevator wall.

“I suggest you go take the last name as soon as you get,” he suggests and you smile.

Just then the door opens and he practically jogs out leaving you to wander into the office. Your friend, Dani, meets you by your office space and walks you to the kitchen where she shows you a now practically empty jar sitting with ‘Secret Santa’ written in glitter glue, and in the bottom is one piece of paper folder up.

You hold your breath

Reach in.

And draw.

“Who’d you get, who’d you get?” your friend excitedly jumps like a child.

You sigh and gulp, “Luke”

You watch Dani’s face contort into joy and amusement, “You’re kidding”

“Shut up,” you whine pushing past her, “Just, don’t”

You’re unable to give your work your full attention for the duration of the day as you’re too distracted by the thought of finding something to give Luke. It has to be around $20, it has to be somewhat nice, but it can’t be obvious from you.

That day, as soon as the clock hit 5 you head out nd straight to the shops where you plan on getting something. You spend until closing time looking, that’s too personal, that’s not personal enough, this is just dumb. It’s hell, eventually, when you’ve given up on looking, you buy them all, intending on making the decision later and sending backk the rest.

“What did you need me for?” Dani sighs walking into your office.

You sigh and open your desk drawer to show all of the presents.

“What did you do?”

“I don’t know,” you reply. “I just, didn’t know what to get him!”

“Fine,” she sighs again. “I’ll help you”

She begins looking through the drawer and picks out some stuff.

“This is cute,” she picks out a tacky leather bound notebook pre-printed with Luke’s name.

“Really, I thought it was tacky,” you whine.

“Well fine… what about this,” she pulls out a simple starbucks holiday gify card.

“Too impersonal,” you sigh.

“Why’d you get this?” she pulls out a vinyl copy of ‘Take off your pants and jacket’ by Blink 182.

“No reason,” you decide to avoid the question.

“Come on this could be the one,” she fidgets.

You exhale, “Well the first time we spoke he told me it was his favourite album, we were talking about our favourite music, I told him I used to have a cassette of Fleetwood Mac which a played to it’s death”

“You’re giving him this!” she states.

“It’ll be too obvious Dani,” you sigh.

“No it won’t be, could be one of the guys at his lunch table, he’s probably had a similar conversation with them,” she retaliates.

“I don’t know,” you’re still unsure.

“Well I’ll tell you what,” she places the vinyl back down, “If you don’t give it to him then I will!”

The day of exchanging gifts arrived and you made the decision, you’d give it to him, so once you saw him leave his desk you moved in for the kill and place it on his desk along side a card. Then you escape.

“Hey, [Y/N],” you hear his voice following you as you turn back and head to your office

He’s holding the vinyl.

“Thanks for the gift!” he smiles.

“Oh, I didn’t..”

“Come on, I know it was you,” he tilts his head

You blush and shrug.

“I hope Santa brings you what you want”

Embarrassed you return to your office and there on your desk is a little box wrapped up, addressed to you from ‘Secret Santa’. And inside you find the Fleetwood Mac album Rumour, on cassette. On the back is a little note with a number and the words ‘Call me’


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hi hi i'm a 16 yr old girl with short blue hair nd a full fringe, i have blue eyes too but sometimes wear circle lenses, oh i'm like 5''4 ish ? i rly love english lit nd films & i lov lots of different bands,,, if we went on a date i'd probs take us to a lil ice cream place then we could go look in the pet shop nd just walk around nd talk abt anything

A AA u sound so cute im !! !! !! yes id date you <3 blue hair… thats So Cool ✨💙 you honestly sound like such a lovely person :’) + now i want ice cream 🍦🍧 </p>