ndp leadership race

anonymous asked:

How likely is it for a poc to become prime minister of Canada in the next election? I want that to happen. Across the world Canada is seen as tolerant & inclusive, & whilst it's true compared to America, compared to other countries it's not. In recent years it has dipped down, Harper probably had a play in this. I would like Canada to restore their proud multicultural accepting inclusive traditions/views! The greens, NDP, & Liberals should seek more poc as MPs & hopefully leader of each party.

Not likely, as there are zero party leaders that are people of colour. 

The Conservatives are having a leadership convention but almost all of their candidates are white. The NDP could have a leadership race, but I think Mulcair will likely remain. Though its a possibility that a PoC could lead that party (there are some indigenous/asian canadians elected). Not likely to happen with the Liberals unless something drastic happens to Trudeau. The Liberals have a fair variety of diversity in their party though.

I don’t know of any prominent PoC in the Green Party, but there is rumours of a leadership race for them.

I would say its unlikely to happen at this point.