I just want to play real human beings. You know, I don’t care if they’re male or female. A character on a page has to feel real, and for me the greatest fun is if you could gender-swap the role. Could John be Jane, Jane be John? You don’t want the men to be written in a three-dimensional way and the women, not. So, or you know, you don’t want the white men to be written in a three-dimensional way but the black men, not. I mean, it’s just about [how] scripts should always reflect real human beings. So that’s what I look for.


I would advise young women to be true to their hearts and chase their dreams. Be bold. Be daring. Sometimes women have a tendency to be apologetic or overly modest when they’re good at something, and I’m not just talking about in the entertainment industry. I’m talking about in all industries. I genuinely believe you have to scare yourself a little bit and take yourself out of your comfort zone to grow.


I’ve been a member of some good gyms in the past. I love a good spinning class; I love a good aerobics class. I go to yoga classes as well as practicing myself. I’m always open to new experiences and when I’m in different cities shooting, I try some local classes sometimes. So, whatever’s around, really. I think classes can be the most fun. And if you want to make it a social thing and you want to go with friends, then that’s the way to do it. Or if you’re a loner and you like to go off and run on your own, do that. There’s no right or wrong, exercise is exercise and it’s incredibly healthy for you and, you know, society. And it’s a positive thing, so however you want to do it, each individual to themselves.