ndn time

I try really hard to just sort through the submissions and keep my mouth shut so that this blog will be about tattoo imagery and only tattoo imagery because I know that’s why you’re all following it. And I’d rather just be that silent entity working behind the scenes; it’s less work for me. But, y’all, there is a limit to the amount of poorly-drawn, hypersexualized, racist nonsense I can put up with in one submission without my head exploding, and some of y’all are pushing it today. Please stop this.

Ok, I’m going to back to what I was doing.. Thanks for your time.

Gentle reminder: To identify as Two-Spirited is to identify as Native American and outside the gender binary. Please do not disrespect that it is a part of being First Nations and queer and that identity is important to us.

A less gentle reminder: Spirit Animals are fucking sacred, don’t use them for just anything. I don’t care how much you identify with the thing, unless you are using the term properly you are being disrespectful.

PSA by a First Nations person, thank you for your time.

are you feeling hypersexualized today?

wish there was some way to tell that white guy having a powwow isn’t code for coitus?

how about that girl who’s jealous bc you “look like pocahontas”?

is someone’s best attempt at “honouring you” to immediately jump to wearing a tan suede bikini w/ fringe?

or, a personal favourite, do people like pharrell, lana del rey and gwen stefani and other non native offenders still feel the need to emulate your  identity?

if you’ve been called terms such as (but not limited to): exotic, pocahontas, tribal, or squaw,

try Settler Be Gone Spray™. this traditional herbal blend of sage, sweetgrass and mace is sure to deter even the most persistent of pests.

SBG Spray was designed with your spiritual interests in mind. If you’ve ever been in doubt about the abrasiveness of mainstream mace, this product will leave you feeling confident in your continuation of the usage of your medicinal knowledge.

The medzins used will leave you and your harrasser with an “I just smudged” light fragrance, and promises to help you on your way to a holistic sense of self and security.

order within the next full moon and we’ll send you not just the bottle, but a pocket sized spritzer. on top of that, we’ll also throw in my cousin’s new roundie mixtape. This offer can’t be ignored.


I think Stephen Hawking just defined NDN time, aye!