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I seriously don’t understand how someone can actually defend what the writers and makers of Adam Sandler’s new film are doing. I mean seriously, you can’t LITERALLY reduce an ethnicity to it’s most offensive stereotypes, slap the name satire on it and be like ‘You just don’t get it’. Like fuck you. Nobody has the right to humor at the expense of someone else’s humanity.

Alright, so since 2012, the Attorney General of Maine has been trying to take away the Penobscot Nation’s tribal fishing and river rights., saying that the water around the reservation, which is made up of over 200 islands, does not include the river from which my ancestors fished from in order to survive. So we had a protest because Janet Mills, the Attorney General, was being awarded something or other on my university campus today. Well, the protest came and went, and we decided to go eat at a local restaurant. So all 20-something of us go to this restaurant and we’re all eating, and not 20 minutes later..

..Janet Mills shows up. And she’s seated right next to our table. I was the first one to notice, so I notify the rest of my table, and we’re all laughing so fucking hard. She ended up moving to another able a little farther away!

The protest was a success, LOL.

Oklahoma State Government: Save Longhorn Mountain

This is a sacred mountain to the Kiowa Indians. They harvest the cedar from this mountain for sacred ceremonies.  For more details on the company that…

This is nothing more than psychological and spiritual warfare against Native America in Oklahoma! pls sign. This one’s PERSONAL! It hurts my Kiowa folks in ways you just can’t imagine.  My four years in this area is a story too painful to tell…..yet.  Monsanto and Halliburton trucks roll through these impoverished areas for lunch without a second thought…priding themselves on stimulating the economy by buying lunch in a town they’ve knocked on it’s ass.  Yeah…this one hits a nerve and it’s the kind of EVIL they do in the name of Jesus!  Please,,,,,POUND IT!