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Diabetes Challenge 2K17 Day 2

Well hello again! Today’s prompt for the challenge is “Diagnosis Story/First symptoms” 

Well the story of my diagnosis is quite the ride! It all happened when I was 15. It was February of 2011. Well in reality is was much earlier than that. I had they classic symptoms of a high blood sugar for probably 5 or 6 months prior to my diagnosis. I had been drinking a TON of water and peeing a-TON! I had lost an incredible amount of weight! as a once healthy teenager I had dropped to a petite 110 pounds at 5′7′’. It seems that none of use really knew what was going on and didn’t think anything of it. until I went to spend the weekend at my grandparents (who are both Type 2 Diabetics). Well upon returning home I had started to feel like I had the flu. this was around 3 or 4 o'clock. (I only remember this because It was the night the Oscars were on and I had been looking forward to watching them. Well I went to bed hoping to sleep whatever I thought ailed me. Well I awoke a few hours breathing like one of those zombie-like creatures from the movie “I am Legend”. My dad chalked it up to the flu and told me I should be able to sleep it off. Well after drinking literally gallons of water I made it through the night. When my 5 year old sister came into my room to wake me up she look terrified. She went to my mom and said, “mama, Caleb look’s like he is dying” That is when my already worried and scared mother called the doctor (with whom she had already scheduled an appointment with for later that afternoon) and told them she was bringing me in right now because she was worried. 

Well we walked into the pediatrician’s office and I lay down on the couch because I couldn’t even sit up or walk without help. the receptionist took one look at me and said, “Don’t wait he looks really sick” and they helped me to a room. well the doctor came in shortly and said he wasn’t sure what is wrong. so he tested my blood sugar. the moment he got the result, without speaking a work to either me or my mother he leaves the room. When he come back in he said, “I apologize for that but I called an ambulance. Your son is going into ‘Diabetic Keto-Acidosis’. His BGL was in the High 600′s” (this was after not eating any food for about 24-32 hours and only drinking water). Well the ambulance got there and I got  a not so fun ride to Primary Children’s Medical Center. from my pediatrician’s office this should have been a 45-1 hour drive. well with the wonderful help of lights and sirens we made a good time of 15-20ish minutes. The hospital had a large team of nurses and doctors waiting for me at the door when the ambulance arrived. I was in and out of consciousness and very near slipping into a Diabetic Coma. 

Those Doctors and Nurses saved my life that day. and over the following week in the hospital I was taught all about this crazy disease I would live with for the rest of my life. Accepting all the plans, and dreams I had in my life that were now shattered was something I am still dealing with 6, almost 7 years later. T1D has taken a lot from me but it has also helped me to learn more about who I am and how to live my life to the fullest. I hope my story can help you or a loved one see the symptoms. 
- Weight Loss
- Dehydration
- Frequent Urination

and many more. Diabetes is a challenge but you can live with it. I hope one day to be able to say “I survived T1D” but for now I will have to stick to saying “Today I can kick this disease in the ass and live”. Even when it ends up kicking my ass (which has been a lot this last week or so) I try to stay positive. even though that sometimes seems impossible. We all break down and need help. if you ever need somebody to talk to or vent about your diabetes to somebody who understands, I am here! send me a message! Thanks for reading everybody! Stay strong and spread the word!