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I’m not done yet but this is a start. I’ve had this idea and I had since September for trolls week, as well as many other song for someone ideas that I’ve been hoarding to myself 😈 so here you go here’s “ I’m still here” by the Goo Goo Dolls, my favorite song from Treasure Planet.

Sorry most of these are depressing but for those who know the song you know that there’s that happy verse coming up 😉 so just wait😁

Hello everyone!  I just finished this new piece to be sold as a future print in September and I had SO much fun working on it.  I wanted to draw something Naruto Shippuden inspired and I really wanted to see the original Team 7 back together for a picture just like old times.  I really hope you enjoy this drawing and if you would like a print for yourself this piece will be available for print at Nan Desu Kan in Denver, CO (September 4th-6th) and also on my online store.

Coloring process on Poppulaura

I managed to take pics of a coloring process this time if anyone is interested.

1. Outlines( I would have took pics of the sketch but I forgot)

2. Poppy’s skin, specifically the shadows. I don’t have the greatest variety of marker colors so I usually have to blend the colors I want with a light and a dark color, in this case a magenta color and a hot pink color. Here I’m using the darker magenta color first.

3. Now I’m going back over her skin with the hot pink color and blending in the areas I want to be Blended more such as cheeks and the tips of the ears. I’m also coloring any light pink parts in the picture, except for I forgot Poppy’s arms but I did it later.

4. Coloring all the pink hair shadows and any other magenta parts.

5. Next I use light and medium gray markers for shadows on eyes, teeth/fangs and skirt and white parts.

6. I like to add a bit of light blue when I color white clothing or fur, so I added it here on her clothing just a smidge 😝.

7. Then I blend it together with the light gray(biege really) marker. Also added some medium gry over top of Poppy’s arms and legs to make it look like nylon or netting.

8. Black marker next, add all the black shading. Now I probably could’ve stopped around this step for her hair, but it was a bit too shiny for my style.

9. Blending, now I normally use light blue marker to go back over the highlights and my black shading but Draculaura’s has slight pink highlights in hair black hair so I used a light pink marker instead of light blue but I still use light blue for the highlights on the shoes.

10. Final step. Highlights and details(or touch ups if needed) I use a white prismacolor pencil for doing highlights and aiding in blending. I also use a white gel pen for things I want to extra pop like eyes or metallic things or Poppy’s glitter freckles.

Done! If anyone is wondering the markers I’m using here are Zig clean color real brush.

This was inspired by what my husband and I always pictured if Branch ended up helping out with the rainbow hair. Poppy looks like the cutest little Alfred E Neuman and Branch kinda looks like a disgruntled fennec fox but I hope you enjoy… Ahhh that rainbow hair was nearly the death of me but I felt this needed full color. Oh my gah… The sticks in Branch’s hair lol.

Trolls Week 2017 Day 4: Alternate Universe. Inuyasha

I finally colored this old sketch https://nickki-d-k.tumblr.com/post/160198964055/omg-omg-omg-inubranch-i-think-im-in-love-i I love Inuyasha so much and thought Branch was kinda like him so InuBranch happened, or Branuyasha as I refer to him now and Kapoppy.

I have another page of sketches here too