Colorful sky in Tampere by Olli Tasso
Via Flickr:
Colorful sky after sunset. Photographed in Lentävänniemi (Tampere, Finland). ——————————- Värikäs taivas auringonlaskun jälkeen Tampereella.

Edge of the Ledge, by stiann

Peak autumn colors in this damp and dramatic waterfall environment in western Norway. The autumn air was cool and the waterfalls kept roaring at full power. Here the Hardangervidda high mountain plateau steeply drops off into the fjord regions of western Norway. For scale, the waterfall to the left is some 535 feet tall. I’m guessing it’s a ~700 feet drop from the ledge I’m standing on. Didn’t fall in though, just barely. :-) Thanks for stopping by, any feedback appreciated.