To this day I am still a bit scared of this scene. This game was the BEST done of Herinteractive on the scare factor. Man, I get chills from the atmosphere of the ryokan.

My Thoughts

I’m disappointed cause I loved Lani, and I’m used to her…but I’m not mad. Like I’m not going to stop buying or hate the new actress. I’ll give her a chance. After all I’ve heard many different voices of Nancy. Pamela Sue Martin in the tv show from the 80s, the other actress for Nancy later in the show, her own voice in my mind when I read ND books, etc. So I’ve always grown used to those just fine. Just give it time, and you’ll grow accustomed to anything.

Honestly don’t mean to brag but.. today was the best Christmas (nancy drew wise) ever. Hands down. Look at this stuff ✋👌😍 I got two of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys DVDS. Two games, DED AND MED. A ND Cookbook! An authentic eighties ad from a newspaper for the tv show!! And about 25 of the Nancy Drew Files Books. I’m in clue crew heaven. Merry Christmas! I hope someone gave the gift of Nancy Drew this Christmas ❤️