Vava-voom, you look so cute
alluring, mesmerizing, spectacular
look at you, oh my, whoa, wowie-woo
everything is just perfect about you
normally I wouldn’t swoon like this
to me, this is unknown territory
indeed, a very peculiar feeling
never have I fallen so quickly
even now I am so lovesick

But I love it, I love feeling like this
even if I can’t eat, sleep, or think

My heart yearns for your sweet kiss
impatiently it thumps in my chest
needing you so much already
end my torture, please?

Swoon - M.A. Tempels © 2016

anonymous asked:

God imagine Frollo as a teacher he would be the teacher that every student dreads to be in the class of.


Indeed. A stiff man in stiffer suits pitted against the wiles of youth: a teenage student’s worst nightmare.Hobbies include policing the hallways: no running, no perversions of lust, no gossiping. Few students would actually like him; most would detest him & his old ways. Fear the antagonism of this old, scholarly dinosaur.

Though I mean no harm, indeed, blessed though be good intentions – when I am 99 years old and beg for cents on my knees, I’ll go and only grieve what I haven’t done. Left to my own plans, I will lay me down on the streets.

grayfxce asked:

The anon sat on one of the Bar stools. "So...I heard you were in the war..." The anon said.

   It’s not a topic anyone likes to talk about, especially not those who lost loved ones in the long war between humans and monsters. They’ve all been haunted by the memories and while some of them still are, most of the monsters down here tend to ignore that it ever happened, only clinging to the hope that they’ll get out of the Underground somehow, sometimes. He, however … can’t avoid answering questions like that from time to time. He can’t forget. ( Not with the nightmares still following him to this day. )

   ❝… Indeed.❞ He was. He still is, in a certain way. No one leaves the battlefield whole. 

anonymous asked:

{ more distractions : } each well-constructed villain bears either a physical characteristic, mannerism, or personality trait which, despite the repugnant natures of the characters, 'charms' the audience in some way. outside of the fabulous voice-acting given by tony jay, what do you feel this aspect to be in claude?


Indeed, a well-rounded antagonist { & character, in general } possesses a defining trait that is strictly unique to them. Charms is a good way to put it. The audience finds allure in the villain for one reason or another. Not necessarily is it a physical attraction, but a mental or emotional pull that occurs. The audience gets a ’ rise ’ out of the villain which makes them gravitate towards this type of character. We like to be scared; it’s human nature.

Yes, one could infer that a voice makes a villain. & sometimes, it does. Tony Jay has a sinister voice: a deep baritone that enchants & unnerves the audience. As you said, this is a part of the character, but not the defining trait. You could inspect the physicalities & make note of his attire: black & purple although this tends to be a defining trait for Disney villains. It is not unique to Judge Frollo, but certainly, it is a calling card.

The gritty realism in which he represents would be Claude Frollo’s defining trait. In short, his cruelty. His hypocrisy. It is his personality that makes him distinct. He is a mirror image to what we see in reality: an abuse of power. This applies to a religious & legislative abuse. Cruel & manipulative, he sways countless & successfully conditions his foster son, Quasimodo. He gaslights. His faith, his self-righteously, & his belief in his own intentions that he deems to be the best for Paris are what make him stand out. It is a combination of faith & abuse that make him stand out from the crowd. Appearance does contribute, painting a monster on the inside as well as outwardly. Indeed, his actions & mannerisms also blow up this caricature he forms: the image of a Church-goer, a law man who is meant to uphold justice, but violates it at every chance he gets. Think of the politician who vows to help the working class, but raises taxes solely for the working class. This is one such example.

There is an allure & fear that the audience feels, because men like Judge Claude Frollo exist. & society doesn’t call them monsters though we know they are.

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THANOS - A1063691

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