okay but can you imagine if the entire Shandom just all went camping together? 

The election of princes, the testing of lords, an infinite number of broken bones, explorations of the nearest sewage system, red cool aid, concussions, brief friendships, inevitable betrayals, intense training montages, and late-night-screaming-hikes through the forest.

A beautiful, majestic cult in its natural habitat. 

Honestly Idk how to feel about the new episode of KS

Part of me is like yay, Sangwoo cares/loves Bum and I feel bad for them both, bc wow what a twisted relationship by 2 twisted individuals. So much great meta can be done on that ish. Yet, another part of me is like “yes, Sangwho u r ndeed abusive trash lik ur daddy, welcome 2 enlitenment”.

Sangwoo does have a nice bedroom tho.



✫- “Indeed. I am hoping this is true. It would be very interesting to learn about them.” She purrs, still gazing out the window before looking back to Megatron. She nearly would’ve thought he be better off dealing with Rodimus and Magnus than be here, then again, she was enjoying the company he was providing.

      “You are right about that. I’ve certainly been in situations where I should be dead by now.” She says with a chuckle.

✦_____ Megatron was still gazing outside, some of the brighter stars reflecting on his plating. He really needed to get back to the bridge… he had already skipped his refueling time by taking the time to talk with her.

“I am sure more are to come,” he chuckles, turning back to look at Fast Track. “I recommend you make sure your skills are up to par.”

Indeed Allah forgives major sins, so do not despair. And indeed Allah punishes for minor sins, so do not be deceived.
—  Abu Bakr As-Saddiq radi Allaahu ’anhu
[Reported in Sharh Al-Bukharee by Ibn Battal Vol. 19 pg. 267]