Yo! Clue Crew, how have the ND games have influenced your life? Do you say “It’s locked!” every time you stumble across a locked door? Or have you seen a career from one of the games and told yourself you wanted to do that for real? Were you inspired to take up a hobby like cooking or baking because of all the cooking minigames? How have you been influenced by the games?

So, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to a member of the Clue Crew, Kirrii! And it got me thinking about how I don't know many of the NDCC's birthdays. So, anyone who is a part of our fandom should send me their birthday and I'll create a master post on my sidebar. That way we can all wish each other happy birthday when the time comes!
ND31DC - Day Twenty

The Nancy Drew Clue Crew

I basically love you guys.

This fandom is just so kind, intelligent, eloquent, inclusive, clever, funny, friendly, and all-around amazing. I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful community. Sharing the games with you all is so much fun, and unlike a lot of fandoms, I feel completely comfortable talking to anybody here. Our fandom isn’t intimidating or dramatic; we’re just here to have fun and it’s amazing and rare to find such a genuinely warm group of people.