Nollywood sensation and Pop artist Tonto Dikeh sits down with Toolz on The Juice

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Tonto Dikeh is sometimes referred to as the “wild child” of Nollywood. Since getting her first break on the reality show The Next Movie Star, Tonto hasn’t looked back.

She has continued to challenge the norm with her attitude to Nollywood, taking on increasingly risqué roles, and pushing back barriers. 

Her recent foray into the music industry has caused somewhat of a storm since most reviews were far from positive.

We will let you decide for yourselves. For more on Tonto check follow her on twitter and in the woman’s own words -“Whoeva said success was a slow process was defiantly not talking abt Mii”

After 10 years though, I think it’s fair to ask the person you’re dating if you guys are getting married. Especially if you’re someone who really wants to be married and if you absolutely want to be married before you have kids. Coz I mean we are talking ten years here as per when I was in primary 5 and now I’m a 3rd year uni student 😂😂 this isn’t 10 weeks fam


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This guy is a great actor yo!

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