Storm Warning by John Westrock

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how about the boys reaction to waking up next to sole after spending their first night together? All the love (*^◯^*)☆彡


For the first time in a while, he actually got a good night’s rest.  He didn’t wake with a startle, didn’t grasp for the knife under his pillow or find himself immediately alert.  Instead he turned to face the other person in his bed, watched their chest move with every breath, looked at their parted lips and resisted the urge to press his own to them.

In truth, he found himself surprised.  He had half expected them to get up and leave while he slept, so as to spare his feelings with the typical, “No, it was fine, it’s not that.”  But they remained, and his heart soared at the sight of them.  He couldn’t stop himself from smiling, just the smallest pull at the corners of his mouth, before picking up their hand and planting a soft kiss on their palm.  When he released them, they stirred slightly, their eyes fluttering open and their lips forming their own smile as they woke up just enough to realize where they were.

He laughed at himself, just a little.

“Mornin’ sunshine.”


It was too early.  Far, far too early.  He was still half asleep, despite the blinding sun’s insistence that he wake up completely and face the day he had ahead of him.  That wasn’t an entirely terrible thought, so long as he got to face it with the person he was holding in his arms.  He could tell by their breathing that they were slightly awake as well, confirmed when they shifted to roll over.  They pressed a kiss to his lips and said, “Good morning,” their voice groggy.

Preston tightened his hold on Sole, burying his face into their neck, and they laughed at his sleepy groan.

“’S too early.”  That was a lie.  He’d been up earlier before, his rest interrupted by nightmares or too many thoughts of What If.  But if waking up meant parting from them, then yes, it was entirely too early.  Damn, but he fell in love fast.

“I think we can spend a few more minutes here.  Just like this.”

“Mmhm.”  They both closed their eyes again, nestled against each other, and fell asleep once more, spending much longer than a few minutes in a tangle of limbs and ignoring the sun.

@naeril this idea that people who are dependent are allowed to demand for their friends to subject themselves to emotional labor.

Also how these posts about looking out for your dependent friend have a really
Guilt trippy tone. Like if you forget to call them or are just not interested in talking YOU’RE somehow the bad guy???

Like “dependent people shouldn’t make sacrifices but their friends should” kind of discourse

how do I exchange my anxiety for money

fck i just wanna make a close knit rp where there’s unlimited fcs (idk how unlimited maybe like 5 to each fc idk ) and we all have mumu accs and activity is super lenient (maybe like a week or smth idk) and the plot is simple and broad but still interesting and everyone rps with everyone and it feels like indie rp bc thats how amazing it is and its lit asf ! but idk bc i know that might be a bit of a reach lmao !