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To anyone who may support the Muslim ban, let me quickly remind you of a couple quotes from the plaque at the Statue of Liberty.

“… from her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome…”

“Give me your tired. Your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

This country was founded by immigrants and built on freedom.

Alright you can hate the trump family but leave Barron alone please. He’s just a kid, he has no say in what his father is doing. Hes stuck in a bad light for all the world to see because of who his father is and throwing hate at him is just going to teach him to hate more.
Although his father is horrible, theres still room for Baron to grow to be a good person. But belittling him because of who his father is is going to do nothing but harvest more hate in that boy.

good things in skam s2

-the cabin episode
-vilde + flower crowns
-“cum-come” + jonas slow walk
-that noora look w the yellow shirt nd suspenders
-the evilde kisses
-that noora look w the blue nd white striped shirt
-meeting the kollectivet 4 the first time
-vilde learning 2 love herself 
-noora’s epic roast of nico
-just so much girl love nd supportive female friendships ?????