nd sleep

Father Emblem

1. Virion – Gerome

“Ugh…I can’t believe women can even be that forceful…” Hissing quietly at the soreness in his neck, Gerome rubbed the spot gently. He regretted being forced to go out with Inigo today, for all that it gave him were just squealing women who just wouldn’t get off his back.

Squealing – physically strong – women who just wouldn’t get off his back; Gerome wondered if Chrom would even consider having some of them in the Shepherds judging by their brute strength-

His thoughts ceased once he heard soft sobbing.

Quickly he snapped his eyes forward, only to have them widen in shock at the presence of a crying sniper. “What the hell are you crying about?” Despite the grim tone, a tiny part of him was just as worried to see Virion crying out of the blue.

However, that worry immediately burned to a crisp once Virion blatantly – proudly – answered, “Look at you, my sonnest of sons, already a fame and glory to all women like his own father…”

Honestly, Gerome wanted nothing more than to take off his mask and fling it at the idiotic man. “SHUT UP!”

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whenever I feel really neurodivergent I listen to mother mother

these are some I like and the feels I get from them

(note that they use slurs, esp ableist slurs)

i want to make a series of killua in hats…. just him n some cool ass hats… i want it to be my Thing…. the girl who loves kilu in hats….(click for good res?)