nd in colours






yami-yo  asked:

So........... 4/7 are blonde. I'm definitely not okay. Call the ambulance.

dude same i haven’t had the time to go through the hds from the concert yet but………..

sugamon’s hairstyles??? legendary

man i’m praying they leave it like that.. esp tht they don’t touch yoongi’s undercut

tiny-klancer  asked:

klance headcanon: lance totally buys them matching couples pj's but he could only find the male/female sets so keith wears the blue bc it's lance's colour nd lance wears the pink bc it's the closest to keith's colour and they look adorable wandering around the castle late at night together in them talking about stars and their future

but BUT…. do the pyjamas have little feeties?

These are the important questions. Haha