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i love clearing the air making sure everybody knows exactly where i stand i love coming into the room with people knowing exactly what i want and what i need and yes — yes! i do get confused because at the forefront i am very clear and very certain and then someone softly touches my boundary presses their thumb against it crumbles it down and then i forget what i needed in the first place, which is—so much. actually no, it’s not much at all. it’s just peculiar to me, and my making. that’s all. and someone’s expectations has nothing to do with my needs and wants. nothing about me is too much—and i am deeply wonderfully kind and complex and golden. but yikes. 

i need a quesadilla and for it to not rain while everyone’s feeling dramatic. makes petty grief too cinematic. sitting in the rain about some shit that we don’t need to sit in the rain about jesus.

I spy with my little eye…A CERTAIN BOY GENIUS.

Looks like Dexter loves The Human Fist as much as Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, and Gus.

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I imagine Taako is initially very possessive in the kitchen, and spends most of his time hovering over Magnus and making sure he’s doing everything JUST RIGHT, and it’s irritating, but Magnus knows Taako has some issues with stuff going on in the kitchen he can’t see, so he deals with it.

eight years ago, i sought hope. the lights were dimmer, shadows colder and for months the world felt suffocating. it still does sometimes. but when i look at the path we forged, the world we created, the life we leaked into everything our fingertips touched - i can’t help but smile. our future remains trapped amidst the unknown, and the thought of that’s terrifying, but it doesn’t feel like much of a threat when your warm body lays beside mine. it feels like a challenge, a chance to spit in the face of everything that once held me down. it’s seeing the light in something that used to be dark, and accepting that the world wants me to breathe. every image beyond this year begins and ends with you, and i never want to rid of that - i never want to rid of us. so, please, don’t rid of me. 

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who would you recommend following?

oh man I know I’ll skip over way too many people but? here’s a list 

personal pals: @traumatisedpsycho / @spiritosovrano / @aprehension 

people I see so often on my dash I’ve memorized their URL: @avpdkicking / @boerderline / @borderlinehvppy / @borderlinesilence / @borderlinetraumatized / @bpdhoneyviews / @bpdlils / @bpdrotten / @bpdtransspaceboy / @choosefile / @countingthestars-and-scars / @ghost-of-bpd / @hpdangelic / @humiliated / @kwaiibabe / @theotterandtheborderline / @trauma-rat / @traumatoybox / @waddupbpd

people I see so often in my notes/have interacted with so much I’ve memorized their URL: @unlxckiest / @teenawh / @limerencese / @dottycloud / @procrastinating-writer-rambles

and maybe check the notes on this too, since I have a bit over 900 people following me (which still blows my mind) and I can’t really tag all of them? thank you pal!!

So, a couple of weeks ago I had a lecture on translation studies and the lecturer was telling us about translating names into Russian. Also, she was showing us a presentation with some examples. At one moment I noticed something very unexpected on one of the slides (didn’t manage to take a picture but I got the presentation itself and made a screenshot) and I was so delighted at that moment that I just had to share it with you.
Look closely at the screenshot (don’t be afraid of all the Russian words) and maybe it will delight you as much as it delighted me.