nd i don't know

  • you are allowed to have feelings
  • you are allowed to feel intensely
  • you are allowed to be emotional
  • you are allowed to be sad
  • you are allowed to be angry
  • you are allowed to be hurt
  • you are allowed to be frustrated
  • you are allowed to be happy
  • you are allowed to be excited
  • you are allowed to be enthusiastic
  • you are allowed to feel your feelings
  • your feelings are not bad or shameful
  • your feelings are not too much
  • you are not too much

I spy with my little eye…A CERTAIN BOY GENIUS.

Looks like Dexter loves The Human Fist as much as Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, and Gus.

THE JUDGE FUCKING!!!!! GRANTED ME TEMPORARY GUARDIANSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! I filed the official letters of temp guardianship today, so now I have the powers of a parent and I just need to come back in August to get guardianship that won’t expire. If my mom doesn’t get any better, then I can discuss adoption but that’s for the future.

;___; the judge even praised me and said despite the turmoil around me, the deaths of their dad and gramma, brother in jail, mom absent, that I kept a good head on my shoulders and took care of them all this time. I nearly cried like

Thank u guys so much for the support and words of encouragement. This isn’t over but for now I got what I wanted for my sisters. I’ll be posting more updates later for now I’m hungry!!! Lol

hello friends!! i’m back for my christmas/end of the year follow forever ! Since everyone has been making/tagging me in follow forevers i decided to make one for myself :-) 2015 has been a pretty sh*tty year lmao but ever since i got into kpop i’ve made some amazing mutuals and friends on here and that makes me really happy!! I’m actually going to make this a smol follow forever bc last time i made a big one it was 1) time consuming nd 2) fcked up everyone’s notifications lmao. I still love all my mutuals very much and i hope u all have happy holidays and an amazing new year!! :~)

special shoutouts (i’ll try not to make these long lmao)

amina: First off i wanted to say that i love soso much! U are such an amazing and kind person i feel so happy that we’re friends. Ur the #1 person who always tags me in so much taehyung posts and that honestly makes me so happy and always brightens up my day. I love texting u nd screaming about bts all the time in our conversations. Thank u for putting up with some of the nasty sh*t i text u sometimes lmao. U could’ve exposed me soo many times but ur a tru friend and u keep it between us lmao. Ur the cutest person in the world nd i love u very much!! I hope we can meet someday irl nd i can cry nd give u a rlly big hug nd we can talk about taehyung :’)) 

frida: my sweet dorter :’)) i love u very much and im so glad that we’re mutuals! out of all my mutuals ur the one that i’ve been following for like ever! Both of us literally changed from 1d blogs to kpop blogs at around the same time lmao!! Ur the cutest lil bean and i enjoy texting nd chatting with u! U mean so much to me  and im so glad that we’re friends!! The day exo comes to LA nd we meet irl will be the happiest day of my life!! Anyways i’m rooting for u to finish high school strong and u can text me anytime u want!! i love u sososo much and im so glad that we’re friends :’)))

aysha: I’m soo glad that we’re mutuals nd our love for baekhyun nd jb brought us closer!! I use to think i was soo annoying whenever i tagged u in stuff lmao but now i tag u in baekhyun or jb posts at least once everyday omg! Thank u so much for always tagging me in posts and screaming/freaking out about how good jb or bbh looks in the tags lmao. Ur to kind to me all the time and i appreciate that very much :’))) I love u soooo much and i hope u have a happy holiday and a new year :~))

mutuals (in no particular order bc im too lazy for that lmao)

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