nd fighting irish

My opinion on Tommy Rees. Do I love him? Absolutely. Does he make me nervous? Sometimes. Do I think he should be playing? Yes, he deserves to play. I mean, why do so many people hate him so much anyways? I’ve ALWAYS liked him. So I will ALWAYS have a sweet spot of him. I just think he deserves a chance to prove himself, just like every other player. Yes Evert did amazing today, but Tommy did do good. He didn’t get an interception. He DID have incomplete passes. But he did get them into position to get the go ahead field goal. I think everyone who said Coach Kelly should get fired for putting him in is crazy and quite frankly just needs to shut up. Brian Kelly is the coach, he has the teams best interest at heart, so if Coach Kelly thinks Tommy should play, us as fans should stand behind him and the team. People are down right roof to him. Just please remember he has feelings too. He’s hurt when people boo him. You don’t have to like tommy but please, keep your opinion to him. If you’re a fan of ND then you support THE WHOLE TEAM. And that INCLUDES Tommy. PLUS the team ALL came up to Tommy and patted his head and gave him a hug. They’re all happy for him. He’s allowed to be happy. They won and he got to help. Tommy is a good player. Does he have room for improvement? Yes he does. But what player doesn’t? Adversity makes a player better. I hope Tommy grows from this. I really do. I really want to see Tommy succeed. And every fan should back off and let coach Kelly coach and let the players play. ND fans are way too opinionated. Just be respectful.