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Guiding Hand

Title: Guiding Hand
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: JongTae
Wordcount: 16.5k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP, D/s relationship, daddy kink, size kink, praise kink, fisting, mild degradation, mild exhibitionism, subspace
Summary: In which Jonghyun learns to open up in his relationship.

Happy birthday, @myfortae. Ilysm and I hope this fic makes you even a fraction as happy as you make me~ <3

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Fanfiction Recommendations

Kids, gather around because I’m back with another useless post. I couldn’t decide on whether I should do angst or fluff, so I did both. The angst ones ripped my heart out so I probably won’t read them again, but they’re really good . Most of these are pretty well known (especially Locum…dear god), but eh. If you do read any of these, don’t forget to show appreciation for the writer by reviewing. Here they are:


Wake and Locum by JustGrace13  

Wake “If this love only exists in my dreams, don’t wake me up.” Ichigo’s in a coma, and recovery doesn’t seem likely. IchiRuki

Rated: M | Category: Romance/Angst | Words: 2,877 | Status: Complete | One-Shot

Locum |  When Ichigo Kurosaki spots a short blue-eyed, dark haired girl alone at a bar, he wants to take her home for the night and won’t take no for an answer. IchiRuki, in sad way.

Rated: M | Category: Romance/Angst | Words: 2,877 | Status: Complete | One-Shot

Concrete Angel by  KittiKat626

All she’d asked for was for someone to love her. Instead, she got a father who abused her, and a brother who didn’t care. Rukia was truly alone in the world. Her body’s bruised and her heart’s broken. Can a rash, orange haired teen change that?

Rated: T | Category: Romance/Angst | Chapters: 26 | Words: 81,993 | Status: Complete

Run To You by LoverofLove

What would you do if you were holding back the one you loved from living their life? If you were so far gone in your own misery, would you let them go even if it made it seem like your love for them was gone? Could you ever get forgiveness in the end?

Rated: M | Category: Romance/Angst | Chapters: 25 | Words: 148,940 | Status: Complete

01 by swingsdown

Even if I saw you now / only once / I would long for you / through worlds / worlds / worlds.

Category: Angst | Chapters: 10 (so far) |  “start of an aggressively long, canon-compliant drabble series determined to address at least some part of the 686 BS.”

FLUFF (something to make you feel happy after the angst)

Drooling Is Romantic, Right? by kokomatcha (no summary available but it’s cute as hell 10/10 pls read it)

Pillows by bliiss14

Ichigo never noticed that Rukia slept with so many pillows.

Rated: T | Category: Romance | Words: 1,185 | Status: Complete | One-Shot

What Really Counts by takaondo

For a present, it is not about how much it is worth or how thoughtful it is. What really counts are the feelings behind it and how those feelings are conveyed. IchiRuki Fluff /Rukia’s Birthday Present

Rated: K+ | Category: Romance | Words: 1,229 | Status: Complete | One-Shot

Kiss the Girl by VioletIris

Ichigo gives his first kiss, Rukia is unimpressed, and Kon is frothing with delight.

Rated: T | Category: Romance/Humor | Words: 1,194 | Status: Complete | One-Shot

In His Arms by Mai Sode no Shirayuki

Rukia finds out why Ichigo always rolls over to her side of the bed.

Rated: T |  Category: Romance | Words: 2,082 | Status: Complete | One-Shot

Hope you like these! And if you have any other recommendations, add them to the post/let me know.

Sweater Weather

Ficlet inspired by this post from @textsfromthetailors

           He made his way up to the bedroom, setting his suitcase down at the foot of the bed. He looked around the room with a smile, just glad to be home. He sat down on the edge of the bed for a moment before exhaustion took over and he flopped back, thinking that he’d rest his eyes just for a couple minutes.

           When he woke, he glanced over at the clock, and nearly an hour had gone by. He shook his head, silently chastising himself. He walked right past his still-unpacked suitcase, something that he would surely get talked to about later for the millionth time, and made his way over to his dresser. He pulled a pair of flannel pajama pants out of the bottom drawer, gladly changing into those instead of staying in the slacks that came with his suit.

           Then he meandered over to his side of the closet. He opened the door, pushing the hangers apart one by one in search of a comfy sweater to wear. Suddenly, he thought better of it. He shut the door to his closet and strolled over to Harry’s dresser. Eggsy knew where everything was at this point since when he moved in he unofficially made Harry’s wardrobe an extension of his own. It was comforting, and Harry’s sweaters sat perfectly on him.

           Not that Harry agreed with that particular sentiment. It’s not that the man minded Eggsy borrowing his clothes, he just didn’t see why Eggsy would want to. One day, Harry had told him, “If you like it, that’s fine, Darling, but we can go get you the same thing in a size that fits.” Eggsy would just smile and shake his head; he knew one day Harry would get it.

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softgayangel  asked:

and 🐢 📚 !!!

🐢- describe yoongi in 3 emojis   💖🌈 💌 like all of these are hearts bc yoongi owns my heart!! 

📚- share you favourite fanfic i don’t read fanfic but @wngs i need u series is written really well nd if anyone reads fanfic they rlly should read mille’s work!!   💖 💗

💗 💗 💗 💗

Fanart of Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney.

Well, I tried to draw him. I’ll try again next time. :) Years back, I played it in the nds and wrote narumitsu fanfics in livejournal. The last aa game I played was aa4. I was over the moon, of course when PLvsAA came out. XD I wonder though, in PLvsAA… who won the Miss Bezella contest? XD

I hate it when someone pictures Yvette (in their headcanons, theories, fanfics nd fanarts) like a “part of family”, where she is being BFF with Rhys and Vaughn after all. Not even after main events: she was never their true friend. She betrayed them, she never told you that it was done for any reasons except her personal profit. What kind of best friend it is, that forgets about you soon after you went on very dangerous planet? Even if Rhys saves her in last episode, she does nothing helpful, just being mean to him, like she didn’t all those horrible things to them, and then dissappears in the crowd of Vaughn’s followers.

Even August deserves to be part of their team much more than she, and he was the “bad guy” through four episodes.

Heart Out - coming to 1dff and tumblr in june

Hattie’s heard her whole life that New York City is the place where dreams come true, and for as long as she can remember, it’s been hers.

But then again, she wouldn’t call sleeping with her landlord (who may or may not be a drug dealer) in order to help pay for her rent, spying on her roommate’s ex boyfriend (who just so happens to be a B-list actor) for her new job as a “private investigator”, or selling tickets for Broadway shows her “dream.”

a story about the city that never sleeps, musicals, unethical ways of getting what you want, and basketball.

Everything In Between - Part 8

Hey everyone, so I ghost posted this on Friday so that everyone wouldn’t just be stuck with nothing for a whole almost 2 weeks. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it, I know @nenita1978 and @malvaloca93 but ya know what we’re just going to let everything play out because I couldn’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t give away everything. Except… sunflowers. 

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