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kkajghad valentine or ida for the name thing u decide

here we go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wish
  • Diana
  • Alive
  • saVe you tonight
  • Act my age
  • Little black dress
  • End of the day
  • Never enough
  • They don’t know about us 
  • I want
  • Na na na
  • Everything about you

all by one direction !! dsjgkja love u

I’d never do that to you - Luke Hemmings [SMUT]

Requested by Anonymous

Summary~ You knew he was protective but that was all it was, you never thought that jealousy played any part in it

A/N: Now I’m making a start on the many requests I have to complete before I can open requests again.

Word Count - 1184

“What was wrong with Kyle again?” you ask Luke, sipping a smoothie as the two of you walk away from starbucks.

“I’m almost certain that if you checked his phone his top contacts would be his mum, the local gym and some other girl he’s probably fucking on the side?” he bluntly responds.

“Nice way to put it,” you nod. “So it’s not like with James and his suspected tree fetish?”

“Hey! What normal person carries around 3 different books about trees?” Luke defends.

“Someone who majors in forestry!” you remind.

“The exact major that someone with a tree fetish would pick,” Luke points out.

You sigh, “I’m starting to think that you just want me to be single forever”

Luke shakes his head, “Why would I want that?”

Luke’s opinion means a lot to you, it always has, be it the colour scheme for your birthday party, what you should get for lunch when you’re with him or more recently your love life. He always has to confirm your choice of guy unless you want the relationship to be doomed from the start.

“Fine, since I seem to not have a date for tonight how do you feel about clubbing? Hitting up the town? Living the night life?” you suggest moving to stand in front of him, walking backwards, “I can be a pretty impressive wing-woman”

“No, I want to go out with you tonight but I don’t want to find someone, besides, as much as I like that you watch the show as much as me, your only technique is the ‘Have You Met Ted?’ thing from How I Met Your Mother,” he sighs.

“It works doesn’t it!” you exclaim taking his free hand in yours to fiddle with his fingers, something that he can’t resist you doing, “Plus, you’re not getting out of this, you’ve not got laid in weeks, nay months, Hemmings”

He exhales but nods.

That night you wear a black dress, classic and you show up at his place to see him in a shirt and skinny jeans, classic Luke.

“We ready?” he asks.

“Nuh-uh,” you tut heading to his closet, when you return you hand him his leather jacket.

He rolls his eyes and shrugs it on, “Better?”

“Much! Now let’s go”

3 clubs later and neither of you have had any luck, you’re not exactly trying for yourself but Luke somehow manages to scare off every girl you get him with.

“You’ve had 4 chances to get some tonight and you’ve ruined every single one of them, you’re off your game tonight,” you nudge him playfully.

“I told you I just don’t want to get laid,” he chuckles.

“Wow, your 16 year old self would be slapping you so hard,” you exhale.

“Whatever, I’m going to the bathroom, you going to be alright while gone?” he asks.

“Yes,” you giggle.

In truth while he’s in the bathroom you get chatting with a guy at the bar before you’re approached by Luke again.

“I’m going to catch a cab home,” he says, his voice slurred.

“Oh wait I’ll come with you,” you turn back to the guy who is already writing out his number.

Luke sighs and turns away.

“Wait up,” you shout after him holding the number on napkin. “What’s wrong?“


“Well then wait up,” you giggle.

Suddenly Luke snatches the napkin and tears it up.

“Woah, what was wrong with him?” you gesture to the guy at the bar.

“He’s not good enough for you okay?” he exclaims.

“Then who is to you?”

He turns and heads out the door to hail a cab. You get in with him but he ignores you as he says his address.

“Luke you can’t not look at me I’ll just follow you to your place”

“I can’t stand seeing you with guys okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“I like you okay, like a lot,” he mumbles.

Whether it’s the alcohol or the fact that this is the most sincere form of verbal affection you’ve had for a while you somehow end up with your seatbelt off and your lips pressed against Luke’s. He’s shocked at first but he melts into it, hands at your waist and yours around his neck.

When you arrive at his place he rushed to pay the driver and soon you are both out of the car and pulling each other up the hallways of his building, pushing one another up against walls on the way.

“This is like a dream,” Luke mutters fumbling with his keys trying to get into his apartment.

“To me this is more like an alternate universe,” you chuckle, tugging him in by the collar as he opens the door.

“What does that mean?” he giggles slightly.

“I didn’t expect my night to end like this,” you tell him.

You almost rip open his shirt trying to unbutton it, but eventually you push it off his arms and let it drop onto the floor. He pulls you closer pressing his hands to the small of your back a low moan passing his lips when you grind against him a little. His hands crawl up your back and find the zipper for your dress nd once he has that it falls to the ground in a heap

“Jesus christ,” he almost gasps breaking the kiss now and looking you up and down.

You smirk and move in, kissing his neck, undoing his belt and tugging his jeans so they join everything else on the floor. He walks you backwards until your knees hit the back of the bed and you both fall down gigging a little. His lips trail down your neck and the valley of your breasts, the cold of his lip ring making you gasp.

Things get even more heated from there, hands trailing every inch of your skin, you tasting his skin.

“Hold on,” he pulls away.

You don’t know what’s wrong now, he’s clearly just as into it as you judging from the hard on straining in his boxers.


“You’re not doing this just because you couldn’t get with that guy right?” Luke seems genuinely worried.

“I wouldn’t do that to you”

He smiles and kisses you softly, lowering you back down onto the bed. Fingers trail across your skin removing the last garments between you. You pump his length a few times but stop when he’s choking back moans, so he takes control and lines up with you, pushing in with one forceful thrust.

“You feel so good, babe,” he pants, his breath already ragged.

“Faster Luke,” you mumble, your face in his neck to stop from screaming out

You moan against him and feel the vibrations ring through him.

“Nuh-uh,” he says. “I wanna hear you baby girl”

With that he thrusts into you hard and you let out an almost pornographic groan.

“I’m so close Luke”

From there the two of you ride out your highs and collapse in a euphoric haze.

“You know how I said I liked you,” he asks and you nod. “I don’t, I fucking love you”


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what dating taehyung would be like

hi!! this is my first time trying something like this so here’s what it would be like dating taehyung, the cutest ball of sunshine!!!

you can request one of these for another member if you’d like!! enjoy!!!!

  • okie so like he’d sorta be like??? one of your closest friends @ first nd he wouldn’t really think of looking @ you in a romantic way?? until one day he sees you in a really pretty red dress nd you shoot him a smile nd his heart flutters nd he’s like uh o h
  • so from then on he’d kinda be super shy around you for a while nd he wouldn’t even look you in the eye?? nd you’re like omg whats up w/ him.. so you go and ask jungkook bc they tell everything to each other.. and he’s like “by the way taehyung likes you and i’m tired of him talking about you all the time please just do something about you y/n.. please im begging you iM SICK AND TIRED”
  • nd so jungkook tells taehyung that he told u nd taehyung spends 30 mins attacking him nd then he realizes? this is his chance!! hes can finally ask out the girl that he’s been crushing on!!! nd so he spends sO much time planning out the perfect way to do it bc you deserve the best
  • after a couple days he shows up @ your door w/ some flowers nd some chocolate (bc jin showed him a movie about it nd he thought it would be cute)… as your coming to the door he’s like tHIS IS SO CORNY WHAT AM I GONNA DO
  • but then you answer the door nd taehyung is at a loss of words bc of how beautiful nd breathtaking you look?? he’s like ‘she’s too beautiful this is too much what do i say what are words oh my god’
  • you see the flowers & chocolate in his hands nd you get the hint.. you try to stop yourself from laughing bc of how cute he is!! so you help him along nd your like ‘would you like to go out sometime tae??’
  • your very first date he takes you to an amusement park bc he figures that he’d have less time to embarrass himself if you’re both screaming your lungs out riding scary rides lmao
  • (also jimin told him that on scary rides that you’d probably cling to taehyung when ur afraid!! taehyung REALLY likes that idea)
  • nd jimin was right!! you both went on a really tall ride nd taehyung was scared out of his mind but he wanted to seem tough in front of you.. nd so when it started going down you got really scared nd held onto him nd taehyungs heart was beating out of chest but not because of the ride!!!
  • at the end of the date you both talked a lot about the events of the day and then he dropped you off in front of your doorstep.. he didn’t know how to end the date nd so you took the initiative (again) nd went on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek!!! taehyung was red for the rest of the night and he couldn’t stop thinking about you (and vice versa)
  • ur 6th date would be @ his favorite spot which was a small area tucked in between his favorite park.. he was comfortable enough to show you this spot & comfortable enough to talk to you properly (even though he still gets butterflies in his tum whenever he sees you)
  • nd you guys would just talk for hours nd eat the food that he made (which was amazing… what can’t that boy do?) .. you guys would learn so much about each other !! you talked about life & the stars & everything tbh.. like how he always seemed so carefree but he worried a lot about a lot of stuff.. @ the end of the night you were both like “how can one person be so amazing?????” 
  • a couple dates later you guys were officially a couple!!!
  • nd you guys are like the softest couple ever?? like?? you’re the couple that lights up a room bc you’re so in love nd so happy w/ each other!! the way you make each other smile is honestly the cutest thing nd makes everyone go “awwwww”
  • you guys would go on dates often!! taehyung’s such a wild card some days it would be like?? a horror house nd another he would prepare a picnic the next day… what a wild boy
  • sometimes you wouldn’t go out at all nd just stay home nd watch tv shows together while cuddling??
  • when u would watch your favorite k-drama/tv show.. you’d get a little too excited about some of the actors….. nd taehyung would be like “but i’m not as tall as him?? or as buff as him???? jagi??? huh??”
  • nd you would turn around 2 face him nd give him a big hug nd be like “you’re my sun!!! my universe!! i love you a lot nd i wouldn’t trade you for anyone i promise”
  • that would cause him to get SUPER red and smiley and embarrassed .. he’d lowly mumble “you too jagi” nd look away back @ the TV
  • he’s not an jealous person but he’s protective of you?? bc you mean the world to him so he wants to make sure you’re always ok & safe.. which means he wouldn’t let you climb on the cupboards for something on the top shelf bc he was scared u were gonna hurt yourself… but he’s super clueless when people are trying to flirt with you??
  • nd so sometimes the boys would be like “taehyung is pretty clueless huh?? we should play some pranks on him,,, hmm…”
  • then one day you guys were all watching a movie together and jungkook puts his head on your shoulder nd snuggles up close to you.. just to see how taehyung would react
  • you honestly didnt think too much of it bc kookie is pretty harmless?? right??? nd tae didn’t realize until like 20 minutes later bc he was so engrossed in the movie..
  • when he saw he’d be like “???? ???? ?? ?@???????? ??!!!???”
  • he’d be giving jungkook the death stare like ‘dude get off my girlfriend’ but kookie is just like :P .. eventually taehyung gets fed up w/ it bc u were HIS girlfriend nd he’d be like “hey jungkook can you help me with getting something out of the fridge” nd then he should shove jungkook head into the fridge nd be like “don’t you try anything on Y/N you rascal!!”
  • you’d just be laughing bc jealous taehyung was super cute (but you’d never tell him that)
  • honestly you guys barely ever fought nd if you did it would be over really stupid stuff?? like who has to do the dishes today or other stupid chores.. you guys are like an old married couple bc after like a couple minutes of silence you’d be like “okay i’ll do the dishes today i’m sorry jagi” nd he’d be like “nono i’ll do them..” 
  • eventually neither of you would do them and just fall asleep cuddling together!!!
  • your kisses would either be: 
    a) really shy nd soft nd sweet?? like you’re the most precious & fragile thing in the world 
    b) rushed & passionate & urgent & messy,,, like you two are puzzle pieces that can only complete each other
  • nyways,,, all of bangtan loves you SO MUCH like when they aren’t playing pranks on you guys or making fun of how cheesy you guys are, they’d always be taking care of you guys
  • jin would sometimes prepare your meals nd taehyung would take credit of them?? nd you’d be like HmMMMm sURE GUY….. how did u make this? nd taehyung would be like “well i uh.. iiiiiii”
  • sometimes when kook & jimin bother taehyung too much he’d get kinda annoyed nd start chasing after them nd they’d call out “Y/N!! Y/N!!! Y/N!!!! PLEASE COME GET YOUR CRAZY BOYFRIEND HE WONT STOP HITTING US WITH PILLOWS!!!”
  • nd u’d walk in and see this whole big mess and you’re like “jagi… relax..!!!”
  • his response would be “ur dating me not them don’t worry about them!! these idiots will be fine
  • taehyung is really clingy w/ you nd would practically initiate skinship w/ you anytime anywhere??? he’d always wanna hold your hand or give you back hugs or wrap his arms around your torso nd just nuzzle his head into your neck.. he just loves being around you a lot
  • he’d even do skinship in front of the boys nd they’d all make booing noises nd gagging sounds but like… lowkey they think you guys are the cutest thing in the world!!
  • did i mention that tHE BOYS SUPPORT YOU 10000%…….. like hobi nd namjoon would also get you guys embarrassing couple items for u two to wear,,, nd you nd taehyung would be like “thanks?? i guess” as you look down at your new matching socks… wow
  • u nd taehyung understand each other so well……. like he could tell when you’re not feeling well & vice versa without even saying anything??? he would just see the look on your face nd come up to you and give you a big hug nd whisper “i love you”
  • sometimes when taehyung works late & isn’t replying to your texts you bring food to the studio.. when you got to his practice room you would look in nd see how hard he worked.. he looked so tired but he kept on dancing!!! nd you would think to yourself “i love him so much”
  • when you dropped off the food @ the studio you decided to stay nd watch him for a bit but it was late so you started to fall asleep… after they were done practicing taehyung would look down @ your sleeping face nd peaceful expression,, how rosy your lips were nd how pretty you looked.. he would pick you up nd be like “There she is. That’s my soulmate”….. (what a cheese lord!!!)    
  • u guys would text each other all the time whenever you could?? during school nd when hes @ work or in the middle of interview breaks… whenever.. you guys just love each other so much!!! your friends nd his friends would ALWAYS be like “you guys are so corny nd inseparable.. get off of your damn pHONE!!!’
  • but you obviously wouldn’t
  • OVERALL you guys are the softest, warmest, cutest couple bc you’re so happy w/ each other nd in love!!! always making each other smile & laugh & comforting each other… ideal tbh