nd 1000x

okay so!! today’s my 2 month anniversary, nd as of yesterday, somehow i have 100+ followers!!!! i,,, honestly dont know how that happened but im rlly rlly grateful!!!!!! tbh i’ve always been hesitant abt doing follow forevers bc i was never close w anyone i followed, esp mutuals,,,,,, but thankfully that’s changed, nd i wanna give some love to my favorite ppl!!!!

  • @sanhaw​ - deni,,, my beautiful raptor angel,,,, i honestly lov u so much nd i cant imagine what id do without u!!! u make me 1000x happier nd im not sure who i was before u,,,, uve inspired me nd made me look forward to waking up every day!!!!! u rlly are too good for me okay,, rip,,,, ure so talented nd amazing nd anyways yes im sure if youngjae met u hed think ure gr999 nd nyways i lov u so so so much!!!!! thank u for making me so happy nd motivating me okay ily
  • @jiminniesuga​ - cindy u beautiful soul,,,,,,, thank u for being such a wonderful nd sweet person?? bless,,,,, thank u for being so open to me nd screaming over yoongi nd jimin w me!!!!!!!!!!! its nice to know im not the only one being ruined :’)))
  • @min-fructose​ - rose!! wow i remember when i found out we were mutuals nd id internally scream over ur blog,,,, but now we talk nd??? ure so cool nd so sweet to talk to!!!!!! rophi ftw;; let’s always kick chem’s ass together!!!!

((mutuals // network // i tried not to forget anyone, but if i did then let me know!!))

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Storm Warning by John Westrock


Exist by John Westrock
Via Flickr: