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could i ask, what are your top 10 klance fics?

MMMMMM my friend rn i got abt 98 fics that are hella rad but i’ll cut it short nd give you 10

the galaxies when you kiss - lumberjackwiki

am i too flirty? - memesofbees
deadpool lance and spiderman keith. HONESTLY ……….. GOOD STUFF

something i don’t know - thebrokaryotes
keith is afraid of thunderstorms and lance comforts him

of backups and outcasts - kasape

laughter lines - maunder
single dad lance meets keith and  ……………… this fic is so good please read ….

something just like this - klancekorner

king and a reaper - pastelclark
the earth gets destroyed by a ‘deathray’, everyone grieves, lances starts a rebel alliance THIS FIC ?? IS PRETTY BADASS, LADS

castle on the hill - gameralexis

lungs - dreamicide
MERMAID KEITH ND LANCE BUT LIKE …… CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TROPE this is so good i’ve read it like 500 times

perihelion - eclectricinkling
ROYALTY AU this is my favourite fic rn ????? rlly fuckin good y’all

THATS IT but if u want more fics pop on over to my ao3 @boys ;^)

The Reward of a Rainy Day by Vaidas M 

Beautiful evening light falling on the cliffs near Cap de Formentor in Northern Mallorca. 

Our second day in Mallorca was initially not looking that great - as we arrived at the northern town of Port de Pollença, the sky was covered in grey cloud and it kept raining almost constantly. After a few hours in town we were considering just heading back to the hotel in Palma, but we decided to visit the Northern peninsula of Cap de Formentor before heading South. The sky started clearing up and it suddenly became obvious that there was good potential for a beautiful sunset, and the sky certainly didn’t disappoint eventually! 

This is a long exposure taken using the B+W 3.0 10 stop ND filter, Lee ND grad was used to balance the exposure between the cliffs and the sky. Nikon D90 + Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 B+W 3.0 + Lee 0.9 ND HG 18 mm | f/5.3 | ISO 200 | 186 sec Explored | August 8th, 2011: #304. 

So, at my job help my boss do listings on eBay, and I help make notecards with the information that’s going to go on the listing. This includes pricing information, description, condition, and measurements of whatever object I’m listing.

My boss always checks the cards I make and she edits them to her liking before I actually list them, and there’s one edit she always tries to make that confuses me.

She always changes the measurements to whole numbers, and sometimes cuts out the information explaining the measurements! Like, let’s say a mug is 4.25 inches tall with a 2.75 inches wide opening - she’ll want me to just put down 4 inches. That’s it.

Like ?????? What about the 4 inches??? What does that describe?? Do nt’s honestly only need a vague number to know enough about the object to make an informed purchase??? Idk maybe it’s just me being overly specific?? Either way I fear confrontation so I’m not gonna talk to her about it.


wow so i made a CAS video of how i make my sims nd like. this took 10 years off my life nd it’s not even GOOD i’m sorry 4 the sh*tty quality nd audio!!!!!!! this is so bad omg i barely say any information!!!! wow i’m sorry this is such a Mess but i hope u enjoy anyways!!!!!! i’ll put this sim up for download later!!

the song i used was secret crates - springtime stroll!!


Våmfjärden, Värmdo, Sweden by Ruth Corke
Via Flickr:
Just before sunrise this morning, I took this long exposure with my 10 stop ND filter and 10-22mm lens, at this beautiful spot in the early morning mist.

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honestLY if he doesnt like you ill be shocked because i have never even talked to you before nd i would still 10/10 date djakhsf

snsksk that’s so sweet :-( thank u anon ily