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I was so tempted to use my black eye progress pics because I have exactly 6 of those now but I decided to spare you all you’re welcome

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“What I have now is about the show and not about me. I’ve been working in this business for 20 years, and I’m very grateful for what I have, but it’s going to end sooner or later. Should I fall into a depression because I’m not going to have that kind of attention someday? I can’t allow that because it’s just stupid.” - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Men’s Fitness USA (June 2015)

I think it’s fantastic what Nikolaj has achieved. We started out together and have done numerous theatre plays and films together as well. But very early on in his career, he went abroad and he was very ambitious about working there. It’s taken him a while, but now he’s made it and he’s made it big time. So I’m very proud of him. I think he’s achieved something fantastic.

Mads Mikkelsen [x]

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Opening tonight!

The “Clue” inspired art show at Gallery1988. Here’s my contribution to the show:

“Not Just a Game Anymore”
Two-color hand-pulled screenprint on natural cover stock.Print size: 12″ x 18″ Limited edition of 75.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $45 each.
First in the edition (#1) hand embellished, mounted to wood and sealed with resin, $400.

Contact Gallery 1988 for purchase inquiries: gallery1988west (at)

More details and info in the blog.