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The cast of GoT sometimes gives me mixed vibes because you have Sophie who is Like "LF for king" "Jon is an idiot and sexist" Emilia who only talks about hos Dany is a badass bitch etc and then you have Kit who gives super eloquent answer. It's not even an age thing because even Isaac has given more eloquent answers when he was 14 and now he's slaying with smarts? And he's younger than both Sophie and Emilia. Maisie also gives smart answers.

and then there’s NCW who’s like ‘idk man my mom read the books and gave me a summary btw did I ever tell you that jaime/brienne is the best thing about this series EVER’ and he’s tbh my fave lol richard also gave a+ answers sigh. kit is just another entire bag but then again a) he read the book, b HE ACTUALLY LIKES SMART DISCOURSE THANKS KIT ILU but eh let’s just be thankful for the a+ ones xDDD

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have you seen the commentary videos on youtube with ncw and michelle fairley? they're a riot together, from talking about robb's "prowess" to shipping jaime/catelyn and then fangirling over how sexy jaqen his lol. i wish i could watch the whole thing but the parts on youtube are really good :DDD

I DID. THEY’RE AMAZING XDDD I LOVE THOSE TWO TOGETHER and I love when ncw does commentaries he’s always a+++++ XD michelle is as well, god I need to find it in myself to watch the RW commentary one fully at some point…

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wait, ncw has read the books?

no, ncw told his mother to read the books and give him summaries according to him XDDDD and then I think he did read some of the jaime chapters but not all of them? his mom definitely read all of it if he’s not lying tho XDDDDDD I think the two people in the main cast that I’m sure read the entire thing are kit and gwen, alfie read the first couple and then possibly just his chapters (and @incblackbird‘s book lol), I’m 99% sure richard read 1 before doing S2, 2 before S2 and so on and tbh it shows because just someone who read the book would have moderately salvaged the talisa SL as he did, sophie didn’t, I think maisie didn’t, I’m sorta sure isaac did read them but I could be wrong, and then I have no clue XD