Okay I’m tired of seeing confused nctzens about the fixed unit thing so I’ll explain. Fixed means nobody that’s added in that unit can be taken out, not that there can’t be additions. After all it’s not the first time members are added to 127 aka Johnny and Doyoung. When this two were added nct 127 still was a fixed unit, yet they were added. This time is the same, Jungwoo was added so that means he won’t be taken out. Nobody in SM ever said 9 was the definite number 127 would have. That’s it.

Dance Along with NCT DREAM in Their “1,2,3″ Dance Practice Video

Writer: Desiree Baxter

NCT Dream made sure to keep their promise! Dream announced if their latest music video “We Go Up”  reached 10 million views, they would release their dance practice video for “1,2,3” another track that’s featured on the “We Go Up” mini-album.

On September 17 via SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel, they uploaded their “1,2,3” uniform version dance practice video. In the video, you’ll be amazed by the group’s chemistry, synchronized dancing, and energetic charisma.

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bitch my heart , my soul , mY EVERYTHING !

NCT 127′s Haechan, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo Look Mysterious In Individual Teaser Photos

Writer: Desiree Baxter

As we mentioned earlier, NCT 127 will be making an October comeback with an addition to the team- Jungwoo! “Regular-Irregular” will be NCT 127’s first full-length album.

On September 17 KST via NCT 127’s Instagram- Haechan, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo’s individual teaser photos were revealed. Each member showcased a mysterious aura, raising many questions as to what the theme of this comeback may be.  

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