You Get Into an Argument and Threaten Him

I have an NCT mafia!au request. You’re their S/O who unwillingly joined the gang, and you threaten to rat them out to their rival gang after a bad argument with your boyfriend… (I predict you’re gonna be in deep shit LOOOL)

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated this series. I’ve been really busy getting ready for college and I finally found the time to sit down and post something for you guys. I’m sorry if it seems kind of rushed, I really wanted to get something out here for you guys. I also just want to thank you quickly for 1.1k followers. Even though I took a summer hiatus you guy still support me and everything I’ve done. I promise to upload my author introduction soon! I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to request!


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Oh boy would he be pissed. You could slowly see his eyes darken in anger and his eyebrows furrowing together. He would slowly walk towards you and tower over top of your body. You could feel a dark aura around his body as he only would shake his head and look right into your terrified eyes.

“You don’t want to do that Darling, now do you?”


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Taeil would be hurt. It really takes a lot out of him to put this much trust in someone and the fact that you were his lover made things worse. He would tell you everything that went down in his gang and having a threat being thrown at him like that would be like a shot to the heart. He wouldn’t want to have to see you suffer from the consequences of threatening him like that and he most defiantly wouldn’t trust you nearly as much as he did before.

“How could you even say something like that? You don’t mean it right?”


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If you you were to ever threaten Johnny, oh you better be afraid. Johnny would only look at you with a disappointed look and would take you by the arm as he shook his head. He would lead you to one of the empty rooms around the house and throw you inside locking you in. Despite your cries to be let out he tried his best to resist the the guilt.

“I’m sorry baby girl, but you need to understand that you can’t go around saying stuff like that without having to pay a form of punishment.”


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He would laugh at first taking your threat as some lighthearted joke. He would shake his head and look into your eyes with his dark ones with a low chuckle. He’s made you very aware about the consequences of telling anyone about his gang and what he does, there was no way you would want to mess with him like that.

“Oh sweetheart, you don’t want to do something like that. You know that means I’d have to kill you, right?”


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Doyoung would sigh knowing that it’s some empty threat. He would probably just shake his head and make tsking noises before sitting you down and holding onto you by your shoulders so he could look into you eyes and make it clear that you shouldn’t throw out threats like that especially if you didn’t mean them. He loved you more than anything and he would hate for a stupid argument to be the reason for your death.

“Don’t go around saying stuff like that just because you’re upset with me, I don’t want to lose you this way”


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Jaehyun would probably just stare at you silently after hearing you threaten to rat him out. You couldn’t lie, you felt pretty intimidated just by him looking at you with a blank stare. After a could seconds he would shake his head and push you up against the nearest wall and whisper into you hear, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine.

“Baby, why would you want to ever do something like that to me hmmm? Don’t you understand that not only you would be putting me in danger, but yourself as well.”


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Sicheng would be probably feel even more afraid than you did by threatening him. He also would feel slightly betrayed as he heard you threatening something so big like that. He would be frozen on the spot and stare at you with wide eyes before shaking his head multiple times. His voice would crack as he spoke and you could see him slowly starting to go into a state of panic.

“No…No, you wouldn’t do that right? You’re just joking…right?”


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Mark takes his position in the mafia very seriously. He rarely ever broke a rule and even thought it would hurt him to think about doing something to you, he would stick by them. At first he would make sure he heard you right by asking you to repeat yourself and if you ended up repeating the threat he would shake his head and look up at you with sad eyes.

“I really don’t want to do this to you but you need to understand that you can’t go around saying stuff like that. I’m so sorry for what I have to do now Baby.”


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He would be so shocked not knowing what to say. At first he would feel confused as to why the person he loved so much would even dare to threaten to rat him out like that. But then his confusion would slowly turn to anger, and boy, when Donghyuk is angry you better be afraid. He would run his hands through his hair and tug on the ends to prevent him from hurting you and he would probably excuse himself from the room before he took his anger out on you. He may be pissed at you, but there is no way he would ever lay a hand on his loved one.

“Excuse me? Did I just hear you right?”

hellooo im back and with the longest piece of writing ive ever done lol this is for the lovely summer prompt challenge for the @nctwriters network and i loved this prompt so much so i just had to do it!! i tried my best to embody the summer spirit even tho my ass is freezing where i live lmao i hope you enjoy! this is also the first piece of writing where i actually included a dark theme oop hopefully it sounded alright <3

member: haechan (i used his real name donghyuck in most of it tho), jaehyun, irene, doyoung (im so sorry doyoung stans fbheiewi)

fluff, angst, mild enemies to lovers situation, summer cruise au

word count: 8.5k

summary: you won a free 14 day cruise trip, but what they didnโ€™t advertise when you entered the contest is that youโ€™d be sharing the small room with the OTHER winnerโ€ฆ

warnings: almost rape/sexual assault, mentions of rape

important note: please do NOT read this if you feel extremely uncomfortable with the warnings, my intention is never to hurt anyone or trigger anyone so please make sure you have SEEN the warnings before proceeding with the story. most of all, i hope youโ€™re having a good day whether or not you read it because you deserve it boo

also pretty please send me feedback if u have any so i know whether or not its really shit ty <3


โ€œAnd here you go. I hope you enjoy your stay!โ€ The cold metal keys jangled as the receptionist placed them into your hands. You smiled and nodded. โ€œThank you!โ€

It was finally the holidays. Finally your time to rest. Over the past few months, you had been working non-stop due to it being the most hectic time of the year at the office. You would often work overtime and go home at 12 a.m; sometimes even 1. And adding on your bittersweet promotion, you had even more to do, and less time to yourself. Which is why you felt so incredibly lucky when an email came saying you had won the lottery for a free 14 day cruise on a luxury ship. You truly prayed for that one when you signed up.

So here you were, blissfully strolling to your first class cabin, surrounded by men and women clad in expensive suits and dresses, gold furniture and already flutes of champagne being passed around to the newly arrived guests. You politely refused when one came your way. Rich people sure are wild.

โ€œThis must be it. Room 20S. S classโ€ฆ Hoho. I really lucked out this timeโ€ฆโ€ You said to yourself as you pushed the keys into its designated hole and pushed it. A beautiful sight laid onto your eyes. It was as if you saw a really good, chocolatey, chocolate doughnut. But this doughnut was covered in gold. Pure gold.

The room was so lavish that you felt like you shouldnโ€™t have been there; like it was not your room at all. Which made sense, considering the contrast of this place and your home. You were pretty sure the living room was the size of your entire flat. And any piece of furniture was probably worth more than your entire outfit. Carefully rolling your suitcase to the coffee table, you put your hands on your hips and sighed, closing your eyes. This is itโ€ฆ Yes, 14 days of pure relaxa- You stopped and quickly opened your eyes in alarm. Whatโ€ฆ?

The water from the bathroom was running.

โ€œMaybe they forgot to turn it offโ€ฆโ€ You thought as you slowly put your backpack down and advanced towards the bathroom door. Slowly reaching out for the handle, you tried to calm your beating heart by taking multiple deep breaths. Itโ€™s okay, you can do this. Itโ€™ll be nothing. Why are you even scared? Youโ€™re in the first class of first classes! Security is the highest here, itโ€™s just some dumb cleaner forgetting to turn off the tapโ€ฆ

Too bad you got beaten to it.

The door suddenly gets pulled open from the other side, earning a scream from you and a shout from the newly emerged previous occupant of the bathroom. The two of you stared at each other for a full minute in utter shock, mouths gaping. None of you knew what to say or how to react in this bizarre situation so you just stood there.

It didnโ€™t help that he was a tall, red haired, sun-kissed, muscular hottie who was also, only in a towel.

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Lost and Found {3}

genre: mostly fluff, tad of angst??

requested: @tenjaehyunsehuntaemin

length: 2.1k words

pairing: Johnny Seo x Reader

summary: The best time of the week was the weekend when you can see your 4 year old niece but one close call led you to meeting a certain handsome man

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You’d exchanged a few text with Young Ho through the week just getting to know each other better and talking about the plans for Saturday, you found he wasn’t a teacher, in fact he was a radio host and even had his own segment called Night Night or something.

Saturday rolled around quicker then you’d been ready for, before you knew it it was 7:30pm and you were cleaning your apartment like your life depended on it, you cursed yourself for not starting sooner but you’d had class and work so you barely had time to eat. Young Ho said he would be there at 8 and you were almost finished so you began to slow down thinking you had more then enough time to just sweep the floor but you spoke too soon. Just as you finished Sun Hee knocked over the cookie bowl while trying to grab one sending crumbs and broken ceramic everywhere “Don’t move!” You said a little too loudly as Sun Hee’s lip dropped and quivered “what, no I’m not shouting at you, it’s okay, I just don’t want you to hurt yourself on the broken pieces” you panicked. Apparently this wasn’t enough to convince Sun Hee as she started to sob at the top of her lungs. You rushed over and scooped her up, checking her feet for any cuts which lucky for you was all clear, the last thing you wanted was an injured toddler and your sister on your back.

Just as you got Sun Hee sat down there was a knock at the door, SHIT he’s early! “Sun Hee baby, stop crying for a minute, I’m not mad” you stroke her arm trying to comfort her but she just cried harder. You run your hands down your face and go and open the door. Young Ho’s smile dropped when he saw your face and heard the crying from inside “oh no, what happened?” You stepped aside letting him come in “well there’s the cookie jar and I accidentally raised my voice about her not hurting herself and now this” you waved your arms about motioning to everything that was going on.

“Wow… well I guess I’ll go in, wish me luck” he laughed as he made his way to Sun Hee and of course as soon as she saw him her crying stopped and she opened her arms and ran to him.

“Oppa!! Do you have Moanna?!”

“Of course! It’s in my bag” he said picking her up and spinning her. What a snake.

You clean up the mess careful not to leave anything out that she could brake or hurt herself with, before making your way to the sofa. Young Ho had put the movie in the player and just had it on pause “everyone ready? I brought snacks too" he reached into his bag and pulled out a bunch of snacks and settled them on the table in front of the couch.

“Thanks, You didn’t have to, There’s more in the kitchen if you want anything else, I’m just gonna get changed real quick, you can start without me” he nodded and sat on the couch pressing play.

You didn’t know what to wear! You wanted to be comfortable but not sloppy but you didn’t want to dress up because it would look weird if you dressed up while watching a movie in your own house! Would he even notice what you’re wearing? It’s going to be dark anyways right? You sigh and just put some sweat pants on with a plain shirt and stomp out of your room. You wanted him to have a good impression of you, the last thing you want is a cute guy thinking your a slob but from how you looked the past two encounters you guess that was already out of the the window.

You made your way back to the living room and found Sun Hee itching closer and closer to the Tv, you don’t even think she knew she was doing it, she was just that into the movie, it would be nice to be a kid again. Young Ho greeted you with a smile which you returned and you sat on the floor in from of them trying to get into the movie with Sun Hee.

“Hey” Young Ho bent down and whispered in your ear “can you pass the chips” he got closer with every word. So you hit him. In the face. With his beloved chips. You heard him laugh and whisper a thank you, it was weird how comfortable he made people around him, you didn’t know him that well yet his easy going aura just allowed you to joke around easily. He was one of those good people to hang out with.

It was around half way through the movie when his phone rang, he looked at the contact and stood up suddenly making both you and Sun Hee jump “umm, give me a sec” he rushed of into the kitchen and you heard him answer the call before he turned the corner, you shrugged it off, it was none of your business but what confused you was the look of on his face when he came back out, it was an unreadable expression.

“I really need to go” he rushed picking up his bag “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you” he ran his hand through his hair as you got him his coat.

“Is everything okay?” You raised an eyebrow as he followed you to the door.

“Uh yeah” he gave out a clearly fake laugh which brought your attention back to his face and he cleared his throat “yeah of course, just some stuff to do at home” he fixed his bag to his shoulder and stepped out the door you’d opened for him “I’ll text you okay? Bye Sun Hee” he shouted past you.

“Bye” Sun Hee didn’t even take her eyes of the screen.

“Yeah, I’ll give you the movie back then” you said smiling.

“Great, see ya later” he shot you a smile before jogging away.

You wanted to ask more about what happened but you didn’t want to pry in to his personal business and you figured if he wanted to tell you he would have when you asked if he was okay, so you tried to drop it but you still had the same curiosity at the back of your mind every time you spoke to him. He’d text you that night as he said he would, he apologise for leaving so abruptly and asked if he could come over again or if you wanted to go out somewhere on the Tuesday after you finished class and you said you’d love to but Sun Hee was with her presents during the week and that’s when he dropped something you didn’t know if you were ready for. “That’s fine, it can just be the two of us this time lol :)” There wasn’t anything wrong with that of course, you weren’t going to be one of those girls who automatically thought the guy was asking them out, the thing was now that you look back at it you’d never been alone with Young Ho. Would it be awkward? You doubt he’d let it be but you, you were the definition of awkward when you’re on your own. Either way in the end you ended up agreeing, might as well test the waters, plus Young Ho seemed like a great person and you didn’t have too many friends that were free to hang out outside of classes and your best friend Min Seo was on vacation so you hoped this would be the perfect opportunity to make a new friend.

Classes couldn’t have been worse these past two days, you were sure all your professors had made a deal to assign homework all at once making it due the same week. You swear they thought students had nothing else to do with their lives then to take and study their classes. You felt overwhelmed with the amount of work you’d been given and how fast you were expected to do it, but the worst part is your brain had found this the perfect time to just… lag, you just couldn’t get the assignments started and it was frustrating beyond belief at this rate you knew you wouldn’t be able to finish the assignments and go out on the later with Young Ho. It was already 3 pm and you’d written a single paragraph and you were 70% sure it had nothing to do with the science assignment you were trying to write, so you decided you had to text him and say you couldn’t make it.

(Y/N) -Heyy, I’m so sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to come later, I have a lot of work to do this week :(

Young Ho - Ugh I get it, I hate my class because of all the work they set lol,what are you working on?

(Y/N) -Science, biology isn’t my strong point and I have major brain lag atm

Young Ho -You take biology? I used to do it but changed courses, want some help?

(Y/N) -Since I’m texting you and not doing it, I guess I do need help if you’re offering but if you just distract me I’ll fight

Young Ho -Wow so aggressive, if you keep scaring me I can’t help you (y/n)..”

(Y/N) -Shut up, you coming or not?

Young Ho -I get off work in an hour, see you then ;)

You’d managed about three sentences and a sandwich when you heard the knock on the door where you met with the same goofy smile as always, Young Ho was dressed in a white shirt tucked into his black skinny jeans, wow, must be nice to look effortlessly good in simple clothes. Can’t relate.

You let him in and resumed eating your sandwich

“Wow I know you said you had brain lag but is this it?” He asked sitting next to you and looking at your laptop.

“Hmm mm” you hummed slightly embarrassed “ I really don’t know where to go with this” you out taking another bite. You felt his eyes on you so you turned returned the gaze “… want some?” You push your plate over to him

“mmm (y/n)’s half half eaten sandwich” he chuckled sarcastically still taking the sandwich and taking a bite though “thanks” he said while chewing, You just rolled your eyes knocking him with your elbow

“Are you going to help me now?” You sighed

“Oh, right, show me the task” you nodded and handed him the folder.

He skimmed over the folder raising his eye brows and nodding every so often letting an “ohhh” escape at the end “right so it’s easier then it sounds, this bit” he points to the folder “is talked about in this bit” he said flipping a few pages in your text book and pointing “and this in this” he continues pointing out everywhere you had to read and things you needed to include and before you knew it you’d begun actually making progress.

It was 8:45 when you’d completely finished In between snack brakes and chatting but it was one down and two to go but this was one big weight of of your chest. You lay back against your couch with a sigh

“It’s over ,it’s really over” Young Ho lay back mimicking your actions

“And it’s all thanks to me” he laughed

“Sadly ,I can’t argue that ,I owe you one”

“Don’t worry ,about it ,it was better then doing nothing” you let out a yawn and slid down the sofa

“You’re tired already?” He laughed “it is getting late” he pushed himself of the sofa and picked up the blanket folded on the counter and threw it over you ,you raised an eyebrow and he just shrugged “I’ll see you later, if you need any more help just text me” he said putting on his coat and walking to the door “don’t forget to lock up” he shouted before you heard the door shut.

Spending time alone wasn’t as bad as you’d thought ,it was actually pretty nice.

part - 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5


I know the chapters are getting longer and i have no regrets ,but let me know if you want longer or shorter chapters and i’ll do my best. I promise the series is going to pick up very soon please stay with me here ,Thank youu~ :)


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When someone asks you if the boy on your lockscreen is your boy/girlfriend and youโ€™re just like: Obviously.

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And then youโ€™re like: Kidding, Kidding! He/She is not.

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And at the same time your head goes like: i would like that to be true. Why is this life so goddamn unfair?

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