*the u dorms at witching hour*

ten: do you think ronald mcdonald is a dom or sub

lucas: bold of you to assume he’d ever be caught in domino’s or subway



ten: that’s deep man

[00:01] on the night of your birthday, jaehyun wakes you up at midnight and sings ‘happy birthday’ to you, still half asleep, then kisses your forehead before congratulating you again and falls asleep with you in his arms.

“Happy birthday, baby. Let’s make it a special one”

[9:08 PM] Yukhei holds one of your thighs in his big hand, your hand playing with the rings on his fingers. There’s an amused smile painting his lips while he drives around the new city, the radio playing in the background and the slight feeling of wildness swimming through your veins.


renjun’s head is in your lap and he’s rambling on about aliens and outspace. every once in a while he stops but once you encourage him to keep talking you soon realize you got yourself into something. but seeing the way his eyes light up when you ask him questions and how he squeezes your hand when saying something exciting just makes you want him to talk even more


basketballer!jeno, a lil bit of enemy to lovers

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  • okay im sorry im posting it now but i promised!! so here i go!
  • okay so jeno and you usedddd to be really close friends
  • because yall went to the same school (until now)
  • but the both of you drifted apart because after going to highschool you and jeno werenโ€™t in the same classes
  • and jeno had his own group of friends meanwhile you had your own group of friends
  • slowlyโ€ฆ. the both of you drifted apart )):
  • jeno honestlyโ€ฆ didnt like the fact that the both of yall drifted
  • i mean none of you knew that it would happen
  • and he wanted to be closer to youโ€ฆ butโ€ฆ itโ€ฆ was soโ€ฆ. AWKWARD
  • so he left it be

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dating dream

i honestly donโ€™t know what to call this


  • just pls protect him
  • he gets so happy when you compliment him
  • like one time you were texting him about how fucking bomb he looked in every music vid and he became so happy
  • his face grew red and he couldnโ€™t stop smiling
  • and oh my god his members will never let him live that down
  • lmao poor mark
  • he honestly gets upset when you donโ€™t laugh at his jokes
  • he made you this deal that if you laughed at his jokes around the other members, heโ€™ll buy you whatever food you want for a week
  • he can just tell how much you love him
  • so he makes sure to requite that love back
  • and being apart of like 6 different units, he loves how understanding and supportive you are
  • and ugh we love a healthy relationship


  • honestly really annoying ngl
  • he really loves to tease the shit out of you
  • but he has his sweet moments
  • like heโ€™ll make sure to hold the door open for you
  • and pull the chair out for you, even though this asshole sometimes pulls it out too far and almost makes you fall on your ass every time
  • but you get him back for that
  • like one time when he fell asleep while you guys were hanging out and you caked his face with makeup
  • which proceeded with him waking up to over lining his lips with lipstick, chasing you, then attacking you with kisses all over your face
  • he also he never misses the chance to tell you he loves you, which is really precious
  • โ€œWhere are you goingโ€
  • โ€œThe bathroom?โ€
  • โ€œOkay, love you!!โ€
  • but yeah he can be really sweet, but never let that innocent facade of his fool you sis


  • he would be such an amazing boyfriend
  • the type of bf to buy matching outfits and force you to wear them when you hang around other people and take so many pictures of it
  • heโ€™s so cute
  • he just loves taking you on spontaneous dates
  • heโ€™ll take you to the store and somehow make an amazing date out of it
  • but anything you do with him is amazing if weโ€™re being honest here
  • loves teasing you by pulling away when you try to kiss him
  • dream is just full of a bunch of thots i s2g
  • here you are, just trying to love him and heโ€™s being like this
  • which will usually end with you giving him the silent treatment and then him regretting it and coming back to give you so many kisses


  • the perfect flirt to roast ratio
  • goes from Iโ€™m so lucky to have you to wow youโ€™re so lucky to have me real quick
  • but deep down heโ€™s the biggest softie for you
  • and will hold you like his life depends on it
  • his lockscreen is definitely a not so attractive selfie you sent him one time
  • โ€œWill you please change that??โ€
  • โ€œNo, everyone needs to know that Iโ€™m the hot one in this relationshipโ€
  • bitch about to get smacked tf up
  • at this point you usually donโ€™t know whether to kiss him or hit him, probably the latter
  • but yeah just give him all the love and attention in the world and heโ€™ll love you


  • boyfriend material
  • ugh heโ€™s the perfect boyfriend
  • heโ€™s so sweet and caring and heโ€™s your biggest supporter
  • you wonโ€™t find anyone that would hype you up as much as jaemin
  • and he can just automatically tell when youโ€™re feeling sad or upset
  • So heโ€™ll make sure to cheer you up to the best of his ability
  • heโ€™ll wrap his arms around your frame and see if you wanna talk about whatโ€™s making you upset
  • he is all about skinship
  • heโ€™s so clingy and just loves holding your hand and kissing your cheek
  • would cuddle you 24/7 if he could
  • he deserves all the love in the world, please give him all your love


  • dating him is like dating your best friend
  • itโ€™s great bc he knows you better than anyone else and could read you like a book
  • he loves to joke around and mess with you, but we all know how freaking soft he is for you
  • but sometimes you canโ€™t tell whether heโ€™s joking or not bc one time he ignored you for two hours when he saw your lock screen was a predebut pic of him a king
  • annoys you constantly by texting you weird things, especially after midnight
  • โ€œdo you think ants have feelings??โ€
  • โ€œchenle,,,itโ€™s 2:57am leave me alone.โ€
  • but he also gets super soft and will become very clingy, loves holding your hand and giving the biggest hugs bc he knows how much you love them
  • bitch Iโ€™m threw


  • you two have such a cute and wholesome relationship
  • took him four weeks before he finally worked himself up to kiss you
  • you could tell how nervous he was and it was just so cute
  • but yeah one of his favorite things to do with you is to bake w/ you
  • It either ends up with you two covered in the ingredients
  • and heโ€™ll and be like, โ€œyou got something on your mouthโ€
  • and just lean in and kiss you
  • and bitch youโ€™d be threw bc of how damn smooth that was
  • it scared him how in love he was with you
  • like one time he walked in on you screaming his part in go and couldnโ€™t stop smiling about it for the rest of the day
  • which made his other members tease him for it bc they didnโ€™t understand โ€˜young loveโ€™
  • we all know they were secretly jealous
  • but heโ€™s honestly the cutest
  • In other words stan jisung

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