NCT Mafia Reaction: When they see someone flirting with their girlfriend

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Lee Taeyong

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“The audacity of this man!” Taeyong thought. He was sitting right next to you and the guy came up to you from the other side and started spawning the smoothest words he could muster.

You shifted uncomfortably in your seat and glanced at Taeyong. If the idiot doesn’t shut up, his flirting might soon end up in a disaster. To your surprise he was suspiciously calm. After a minute or two of listening he just leaned on the table, so the guy would finally see him.

You never saw a man’s face change so quickly. He definitely recognized him. Taeyong didn’t even need to say anything as the guy stuttered an apology and almost ran out of the room in fear.

Moon Taeil

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Taeil observed the situation from afar. He couldn’t believe somebody was stupid enough to hit on his girlfriend, yet every time you two went out at least a few guys would try that.

He wouldn’t see any harm in it. Honestly, drunk people are dumb in general but this started happening so often, he was just so annoyed at this point. Yet he didn’t want to make a scene, not in a public place like this. So he approached you two with a smile on his face.

“I’m sorry sir, could I talk with you outside for a minute,” he said, through gritted teeth. You could see he was barely holding it. He practically dragged the guy out of the club. No one saw him for the rest of the evening afterwards.

Johnny/Seo Youngho

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“What the fuck is going on over there?” he thought as he watched a guy follow you across the room, insisting you take his drink. You were obviously not having it.

“Leave me alone you creep,” you told him, leaning against the bar.

“Aww babe don’t be like that,” the guy said, as his hand slid down from your waist to your butt. Johnny stood up so quickly, his chair went flying but you had the situation under control. As soon as the guy touched you, you kneed him in the stomach and punched him right in the nose, knocking him down on the ground.

“Get out of my face, you shit head!” you shouted.

Johnny smirked and sat back down.

“That’s my girl~”

Nakamoto Yuta

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He took a few steps away from you to talk about some business matters and as soon as he turned away, a few other guys immediately approached you. He glanced in your direction and sighed.

“I can’t leave that girl alone for one goddamn second,” he thought already coming back. “Hey!” he shouted to the two men, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “She’s taken,” he glared at them and you were glad you weren’t the one receiving his deadly stare. The two guys tried to protest anyway, fumbling with their words.

“Don’t make me repeat it for the third time. I said, she’s taken.”

Needless to say, they left quickly after.

Qian Kun

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He could definitely see why these people keep approaching you. Heck he often thought that he was way too lucky to get you himself but even so, he’s not about to go along with it. Honestly, whenever he saw another guy around you, even if it’s one of the members he would always get extremely protective and possesive.

He not so gently nudged the guy with his elbow and wrapping his arm around your waist, escorted you away from him.

“Babe, you know damn well how it makes me fell when I see other guys around you. Don’t make me think that I have competition again.”

Doyoung/Kim Dongyoung

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Nope. He’s not having it. When he realized deadly glares in your direction didn’t help, he came straight to you and stepped in between you and the guy, hiding you behind his back.

“Doyoung what are you doing? I was having a conversation-”

“Do you know who I am?” Doyoung cut you off, asking the guy. “Or are you just dumb? Because I’m pretty sure if you did you wouldn’t be talking to her right now.”

“Dude, chill. I was just talking,” the guy retorted.

“I’m so sorry, how could I have been so blind and didn’t notice?” he said, pretending to be shocked. “Take him out of here,” Doyoung ordered his men with a serious face as he turned to you. “Didn’t I tell you not to make me jealous?”


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“Aww baby,” he chuckled, swinging his arm around your shoulder and pulling you closer. “Why didn’t you introduce me to your new friends?”

Your eyes sparkled with happiness, you were waiting for Ten to show up the whole evening, when these two started hitting on you. 

“Nice to meet you,” he said, grabbing one of the guy’s hand and purposefully gripping it tightly. “But this girl right here is mine and I would appreciate if you would fuck off,” Ten finished, never letting go of the man’s hand. He screamed in pain. 

“Please,” he begged. “You’re going to break my fingers!” he yelled, trying to get out.

“That’s what you deserve though,” Ten said, smacking his hand away. “Never touch or get near my girl again!”

Jaehyun/Jung Yoonoh

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You two just got into a fight and you decided to go out by yourself to blow off some steam. A few drinks later, you noticed he followed you to the bar his gang would often frequent and well you were feeling brave, you wanted to get back at him, so you decided to tease him a little. 

You flipped your hair back and took your jacket off and before long another guy approached you. You stepped to the side to be sure that he can see what you’re doing. Your eyes met Jaehyun’s and you giggled to the guy’s joke. He was a better flirt than you expected. You wondered how long Jaehyun can take. He’s not a very patient guy.

He chugged down his drink and slammed the glass on the table, slowly approaching you. He sat down at your table and rested his chin on his hand. 

“Leave,” he flashed the guy a scary smile. He honestly looked like a serial killer. The guy probably felt the deadly intent radiating from him and quickly excused himself.

“Way to ruin my date,” you scoffed, about to leave yourself, when he caught your hand.

“Stay,” he commanded you strictly, again with that creepy smile. “We have some talking to do.”

WinWin/Dong Sicheng

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“Is he serious right now?” he thought.  Another man? With you? Flirting? That’s completely unacceptable. He needed to get rid of him and fast.

And your boy Sicheng doesn’t mess around. By getting rid of someone, he legit meant for him to disappear off the face of the earth.

And he did.

You were talking with the guy for one second and then the next he had some urgent business “to take care of”.

“Babe, I would prefer if you stayed closer to me rather than some shady guys”, he would say once he got your attention back.

Kim Jungwoo

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You can be a little dense sometimes and you honestly thought the guy was just being friendly. That’s not how it looked at all to Jungwoo though. You noticed he was getting annoyed more and more with each passing second. You excused yourself from the chat you were having and stretched your arm across the table to touch his hand.

“Woo what’s wrong?” you asked him as he clasped your hand tightly.

“What’s wrong?” he chuckled. “Baby, I think you should come with me. We need to talk in private. I will show you what’s wrong~”

Lucas/Wong Yukhei

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Yukhei saw the only and permanent solution. Without even giving the guy time to explain himself, he came up to him in quick steps and landed him a punch across the face.

And so it started. The guy didn’t want to give up on you that easily but this very reason just drove Yukhei even more mad. He managed to land a few more punches on the guy and before long he was on the ground, trying to cover his head. You actually had to step in and stop him or he would have straight up murdered that guy right then and there.

“Yukhei! What the actual fuck!” you shouted in shock but he just pulled you into his embrace.

“You’re mine, baby, remember that,” he whispered in your ear.

Mark Lee

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Mark would be besides you in seconds. Protective, possessive and extra loving mode on.

“Sorry buddy,” he would say, tapping the man on his shoulder. “But the only guy who can flirt with her is me,” he would smile, snatching you away. You just blinked a few times and you were already back at his table.

“You don’t need to get so dramatic every time someone talks to me,” you scoffed, trying to move away but he picked you up and sat you back down onto his lap.

“That’s what you think, dear,” he said, playing with your hair. “It’s so much nicer, when I’m the one touching you, isn’t it?~”

Huang Renjun

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“Excuse me,” he would say, interrupting your chatting. He would just turn you around and kiss you in front of everyone.

“Wha-wha-what are you doing??” you would stutter, burrowing your face into his shoulder from embarrassment.

“Just showing everyone that you’re taken,” he would laugh at your reaction. “And that they should back off,” he would then say strictly, sending glares every which way. 

Surprisingly that worked even better than he expected because not only did they leave you alone, you also stayed practically glued to him for the rest of the evening, as everyone kept looking at you two after his bold actions and you were too shy to be on your own.

Lee Jeno

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Jeno is all sunshine and rainbows (even in this business) until somebody threatens to take you away from him. And even a simple thing as another man flirting with you makes his blood boil. Especially when he could see how uncomfortable you are by this whole situation.

“Could you leave the lady alone?” he asked, approaching the dude.

“Fuck off!” the guy yelled. Now he has done it. You took a deep sigh.

“I suggest you start running or-”

The guy was knocked out cold before you even finished your sentence. At least you tried to warn him.

Haechan/Lee Donghyuck

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He would find this absolutely hilarious. Somebody is actually dumb enough to try and do that.

“Aww man, this is the best,” he would snicker, leaning his head on your shoulder.

“What’s so funny?” the guy would ask. That was just what he needed.

“Oh I remembered this funny story about a man’s body which was washed ashore a few weeks ago. Apparently, he was last seen flirting with my girlfriend,” he chuckled.

“Hyuck!” you smacked him against his chest. “Stop scaring everyone I meet!”

“But it works,” he smirked as you looked up. The guy was nowhere to be seen

Na Jaemin

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He fiddled with his feet nervously. He was getting jealous by the second and it’s not like Jaemin to lose to another man. So he decided to outflirt him.

And oooohohohohoho boy he’s so good with words you actually managed to fall for him for a second time. 

“What the heck was that?” you giggled, as he took you away. 

“Just making sure I still have it,” he smirked. “Maybe I should go use this special flirting skill of mine on some other girls.”

“Are you serious?” you pouted.

“Of course I’m not,” he laughed and then leaned in closer to you. “But it would be awfully nice, if you would stop making me jealous…”

Zhong Chenle

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He was not impressed at all by what he was seeing but he was not about to dirty his hands over some low-lives. You weren’t too interested in what the guy had to say either, so as soon as you went away, Chenle sent his men, to teach the guy “some manners”.

“What’s got you so happy?” you asked, coming up to him.

“Nothing… It’s just that my guys have been bored lately and now they finally have something to do.”

“Is that so? And what are they doing?”

“Oh dear, I don’t think you want to find out…”

Park Jisung

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You start panicking whenever a person you don’t know talks with you but this was a whole new level. You looked for him in the crowd and when you noticed him, you asked him for help with your gaze. He immediately realized what’s up and he just started laughing. He always found you so cute when you didn’t know what to do or say but then he overheard what the guys were telling you and his mood dropped instantly.

“No one gets to talk to my girl like that, except me,” he thought, pulling his sleeves up and walking to your rescue.

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