To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: NJM

Group: NCT

Pairing: Na Jaemin x Reader

Summary: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before! Au. You’re an average, invisible highschooler with way to many emotions. Of course, you’d never admit to any of these emotions–instead preferring to seal them away. But when your letters are mailed to every boy you’ve ever liked– how will you deal with it? And is it all completely bad?


Are you gonna break my heart, Na Jaemin?”

“Your mouth is saying one thing, but then your mouth said something completely different.”

“See, when Jaemin made the promise to drive  you and your sister, Kitty, his bitchin’ black Audi was no longer large enough. So, he switched to driving his mom’s grey minivan—a feat that you admired him for. Not many guys would give up their Audi that easily. But, you were quickly learning, Jaemin wasn’t like most guys.”

Word Count: 7.2K

Genre: Fluff.

Dedicated to @loser-dot-com

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You preferred the world of your imagination to the world in front of you. The world where you could meet the love of your life in a field of grass, or on the run, and even right next door. 

The world where you experienced love. 

Instead, no matter the number of romance books you read, you were stuck in the real world. 

It astounded you how strong emotions could be. It was astounding how people would run away from their lives, change their entire self, or even murder people for love. 

Love was a moving emotion for anyone, but to you: who’d never been in a real relationship, it was a driving force with the strength of a god. 

Of course: feeling so many emotions didn’t seem normal, so you wrote it all down. Your way of venting. Thick stationary and glittery pens, the lines of ink spewing confessions and more. It was like a diary, but only for love. 

There were 4 notes: each addressed to a boy who you’d decided you’d fallen in love with.

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a five! six! seven! eight?

high-school!nct + social media au.

in which y/n joins a competition with their eyes on the prize. but what if lee jeno, their childhood enemy, was the only one who could help them reach their goal?

part 4 of ??

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a/n: yikes they were a mess and JENO SAID HE WHAT???? JDJSJSJD also!! i’ve decided to post once a week every sunday since that’s literally the only period where i’m not that busy!! i hope you all don’t mind!!! and pls don’t mind the time stamps!!!

[ At the Studio ] You are waiting for Jeno to finish , until you heard a familiar sound of a Violin just as you looked up to see Jeno with a Violin playing a beautiful song for You

things you said after it was over

→ pairing: wong yukhei x reader (ft. yuta)

→ prompt: requested things you said after it was over

→ genre: angst | non idol!au

→ words: 461

→ index :: 40 things you said

You didn’t expect your’s and Lucas’ relationship to end. You thought everything was going well. So when one day Lucas unexpectedly shows up, a solemn look on his face, you were shocked. “I want to break up.” Once the words leave his mouth, you feel as if your world shatters.

You feel tears form in your eyes but you don’t let them fall. Before Lucas leaves he tells you one more thing, “I’m sorry.”

It had been months since you and Lucas split and honestly, you were feeling better. The first couple of weeks were rough. You wouldn’t leave your room and you didn’t take care of yourself.

After a while, you started crying less, not wanting to shed anymore tears for him. You took care of yourself and picked up the pieces. You realized you were gonna be okay.

So when you met Yuta, you were ecstatic. He was handsome and kind, but you couldn’t help but think that you were gonna end up heartbroken. Your thoughts changed after you went on a couple of dates with Yuta. You were the happiest you ever were and Yuta felt the same.

You sat with Yuta at the small coffee shop, sipping your drinks and talking. Yuta excused himself to go to the bathroom, and then everything went downhill. “Y/n?” You recognized the voice and you turned around, your eyes wide.

“Lucas. Hi.” You replied awkwardly. Lucas walks and sits in the empty eat beside you. “How are you Y/n?” Lucas asks, making small talk. “I’m okay.” You reply. The silence that fell between the two of you was broken by Lucas. “Look y/n, I’m sorry I broke your heart. I’m sorry that I walked away.”

You were going to reply but was cut off by Lucas continuing to speak. “I know it isn’t my place, but seeing you with someone else kills me. I’m sorry y/n. Can I get a second chance?” You were shocked at his words, but you were also angry.

“What the actual hell Lucas? You can’t just do that. You broke up with me, you can’t beg for a second chance when I’m with someone else.” You let out a frustrated groan, hoping Yuta would come back from the restrooms. “Y/n please I’m sorry.” Lucas pleads.

You noticed he was doing his puppy dog eyes, hoping he could convince you to give him a second chance. Before you can reply, Yuta returns with a confused expression on his face. “Y/n, who is this?” He asks. You speak before Lucas can reply.

“He’s just somebody I used to know.” Yuta nods before asking if you’re ready to go. You nod your head, grabbing your things and walking out of Lucas’ life and starting a new one with Yuta.

hotel manager! jaehyun

[anon] please make a jaehyun imagine about him being a hotel manager 

- i hope that the fact that it’s bulleted is okay love, enjoy!!

warning/s: cussing?? idk i think that’s it

  • crescent lodge, a small hotel located in inchon-dong was a friendly place to stay
  • the personnel being polite, put together and working in harmony
  • .. unless you were jaehyun and y/n
  • crescent lodge’s very own cat and dog couple :’)))) god forbid if you found out your coworkers called you that 
  • it all started at the grand opening of the hotel
  • all was going great until mr jaehyun jumped out of nowhere and spilt his beer onto you at least according to you
  • the more accurate version of the story would be that neither of you were paying attention to where you were going, bumping into each other causing a minor accident
  • anywho you just kinda rushed off to the toilets pissed at him, never actually giving him the chance to apologise leaving tensions high between the two of you
  • from that day onwards snarky comments and hostility became part of your daily routine :’) and they say romance is dead

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Killer Killer

Title: Killer Killer

Description: Does Johnny have something in his eye?

Word Count: 1.2k

General Notes: college!au feat. johnny with mentions of taeyong, doyoung, kun, and ten

Author’s Notes: Based on this game my friends came up with last sy that’s a bit like the mafia game where everyone’s secretly assigned roles (citizen, healer, judge, or killer) and the judge has to catch the killer before they ‘kill’ 3 people by doing a gesture (usually winking) in the game regardless or character. It’s really fun but it gets boring so fast if you don’t talk a lot with the players but one time I got winked at by someone cute so who’s complaining lmao. 

Six hands find themselves hurriedly fighting for the folded pieces of paper on the carpeted floor of the student dormitory lounge where the same six people are sat around in a small circle, picking out one piece of torn up yellow paper from one of your old reviewers for each person. You carefully place your own paper at the palm of one of your hands, shielding the word, “Citizen,” written in Johnny’s handwriting on the paper from the prying eyes of Ten who sits to your right with a playful smirk before closing your palms immediately and returning the slyly folded piece of paper back on the floor. The others follow suit as they read what role has been assigned to them on your rainy day game of Killer Killer, a game Taeyong picked up from one of his neighbors on the 4th floor that resembles the Mafia Game, Kun leading the group by asking, “Are you guys ready?” which was responded well with a chorus of yes’s and yeah’s from the remaining five people.

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On this day, August 19, 2018, 8 months and 18 days after I created and opened this blog, retro-milk has reached 300 followers! Thank you for all the love, friendship, and support to my writing, Seventeen, and NCT these past months. Updates have been really slow because I’m so busy with school but I promise I’ll do better in the future! Let’s continue supporting our 31 angels in their activities as well!

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  • i literally woke up to this news after a terrible week (it’s already sunday here) and cleaning my room so i’m really happy and feeling really fresh!
  • also good luck to the people who are lining up for Ideal Cut MNL! I’m not going this year again just like in Diamond Edge because I have to focus on my studies but I will try next year!