nct dream au

[8:54 AM] taking prince!jeno out to do a normal errand such as buying pumpkin for halloween because he has never done it before. it’s a little early, even for him, to be up on a saturday morning, but you’re persistent to show him a great time.

(“first, we’ll get pumpkins at the pumpkin patch! maybe we can grab some brunch before that, and then we come back to my place to carve them and use the insides for a pie!” you pause, sneaking a glance at him. “we’ll have to go to a grocery store to get a pie tin and the crust… is that alright? i don’t wanna keep you out too long.”

the doubts dissipate as soon as he flashes a smile at you. “it sounds perfect - just lead the way.”)

There Were Seven // NCT Dream // 4

NCT Dream x Reader

to all the boys i’ve loved before au

part 4


part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

summary: huang renjun, the boy who lives next door and works part-time at Rose Cafe.

words: 1.4k

a/n: i’m still not sure about how i’m going to be ending this series, so please slide into my asks and tell me how you’d like to see the series end! do you guys want alternate endings for each member or …?


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⁂ 「 ϝɾιҽɳԃʅყ αԃʋιƈҽ 」⁂

perhaps your best friend drifting from you was a way to find yourself. but what events underlie that once perfect friendship?

part 1 ⌇ part 2 ⌇ part 3

[2:34] you’re awoken from your slumber when you hear the front door open and close, you knew it was just Renjun coming home from practice. You sat up in your bed and turned on a light so he didn’t have to worry about bumping into things.

“I’m sorry princess, I didn’t know I was going to be home so late.” he leans down and kisses your forehead before telling you to go back to bed. After washing up and grabbing a snack, he comes and lays down with you. Wrapping his arm around your torso and tracing shapes into your back.



where resident caffeine addict and hopeless romantic na jaemin falls in love too fast with a girl from his homeroom class and he doesn’t even know her name. she, however, knows him too well and she doesn't want anything to do with him.

a na jaemin/fem!reader social media au

masterlist ; prevnext

a/n: here’s part two of the intro! i hope you’re hyped up for this series as much as i am aaaAAAAaaaaAA; anyway, please leave a heart/reblog! it would mean so much! til next time x

new heroes. masterlist

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summary ; jeno wasn’t expecting to meet his soulmate so soon. as a simple freshman in college, he had only expected a difficult change from school to school. but when he approaches a table in the cafe he works at and is faced with two other boys with the same symbol on their wrists as him… things are confusing, to say the least.

pairing ; huang renjun x male reader x lee jeno

genre ; humor, fluff, slight angst

parts ; ??? / ???


Stay Safe

Warnings: Swearing, threats of torture, not proofread

Word Count: 6.4 K

A/N: Consider this another birthday story, @sxngminhx

Hope you enjoy and feel free to request! (Spooktober Writing List) (Ask Box)

Buy Me a Coffee!

You hadn’t been expecting to deal with getting kidnapped when you went out for drinks with your friends on your birthday. It was meant to be a good time out, have a few drinks, share a few laughs, head home. That’s it. However, you had failed to realize all your friends would bail on you halfway through the party, leaving you to head home alone. In the dark. With no car. And the dial ride service no longer running.

So, putting one foot in front of the other and your focus on trying not to fall over, you began to walk home. Which, from where you were, would probably take you until six in the morning (it was currently three in the morning as is). However, no one would know until two weeks later that you never made it home.

As you were walking, you had been approached by a shadow from behind. This shadow grabbed you, pulled you into its chest and pressed a rag over your nose and mouth. The scent was somewhat similar to nail-polish remover and, from the small bit that got on your tongue as you struggled to get out of the man’s grasp, tasted somewhat sweet, though it had a bitter undertone to it. In about three minutes, your vision had completely gone black and you were out cold.

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NCT Hogwarts Au (¾)


Yuta (Headboy)

Full name: Nakamuto Yuta

Nickname: Everyone Oppa

Birthday: October 26, 1995

House: Slytherin

Blood status: Pure Blood

favorite class: potions

S/o: Moon Taeil and Dong Sicheng


Full name: Kim Doyoung

Nickname: Bunny

Birthday: February 1, 1996

House: Slytherin

Blood status: Pureblood

favorite class: transfiguration

s/o: Lee Taeyong and Jung Yoonoh

Jaemin (prefect)

Full name: Na Jaemin

Nickname: nana

Birthday: August 13, 2000

House: slytherin

Blood status: pure blood

favorite class: flying

s/o: Huang Renjun and Lee Jeno

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NCT 2018 As Songs You Really Don't Want In Your Head But They're Always There Anyway

This is both the best and the worst thing I’ve ever thought up. Please enjoy.

Highschool!AU Jeno

find college!nct (here) & hs!haechan (here)

  • favorite subject: art 
  • least favorite subject: pre-calculus 
  • voted most likely to: win a noble prize 
  • jeno is,,,,quite far removed from the detached art student trope that like everyone in his highschool thinks he 100% totally is
  • secretly, he loves laughter and corny jokes. he likes playing video games with haechan and jisung, betting on basketball games in the gym, and doing what any other highschooler likes to do
  • unfortunately, probably due to his almost always stoic expression and the sketch book under his arm - people get the wrong idea
  • and don’t get me wrong, he isn’t bullied for it or anything - people just think he’s unapproachable ,,,,,,,
  • handsome looks at such a young age, so much artistic talent, it’s hard to approach someone who just seems more mature
  • “mature my butt, jeno can’t even make fried rice.” haechan snorts once when another classman asks him about jeno
  • aside from spending countless hours sketching, wrappers from snacks and half empty cans of coffee littering around him, jeno likes sitting in the art room after school is over
  • the lightening pours in through the big windows and it’s quiet, jeno sometimes listens to music or just enjoys the silence
  • apparently people made up a rumor that countless people have come to him and tried to confess - but he cooly shrugged off their letters and presents with a cold glare
  • this rumor of course,,,,isn’t true,,the only person who even knows that he’s in there is the art teacher and jisung who puts his nose in just about anyone’s business
  • plus if someone did confess to jeno, he’d become a stuttering shy mess - seriously he wished more people knew he was a down to earth guy
  • he’d even confided this to jaemin, when he and the others visited him in a different town
  • “why don’t more people want to be my friend?”
  • jaemin had weakly smiled “are those idiots not enough?” he was referring to haechan who had gotten pen marks all over chenle’s arm and was lying that renjun had done it instead. in the corner, jisung was chatting to mark - puppy eyes to the eldest in the room (probably asking him embarrassing questions about college)
  • jeno had shook his head, “they’re more than enough - but apparently i come of,,,,”
  • jaemin smiled and it made jeno’s heart feel a little warmer when he said “you’re not cold jeno. you’re just reserved, you protect yourself. nothing wrong with that.”
  • but yes, jeno is a real angel!! like he’s always helping the art teacher carry supplies and clean up spilt paint
  • he isn’t very good at math, but goes to tutoring when he can - the senior who helps him is absolutely in awe of how cutesy jeno can be
  • with a half-moon smile, little chuckles, and moments of cluelessness which makes them go “you must be popular with the ladies?”
  • jeno just sinks down in his seat,,,,,,,mumbling that he’s far from it
  • he likes history too, especially korean history even though most of the class is him kicking jisung under the desk to wake up
  • his uniform is always neat and he looks well-put together 
  • someone had made a nickname for him,,,,cold hearted prince from a manhwa ,,,,,,,
  • haechan had thought that name was a RIOT and did not let jeno live it down - not until it all changed,,,,,,because of you
  • you had just transferred to the school, you weren’t aware of jeno until you realized your elective class was art
  • and the, obviously best artist there, was jeno
  • who on the first day, you couldn’t help but walk by his canvas - you were all supposed to be doing portraits of animals
  • and the face of an almost perfectly realistic kitten stared back at you on his half-done canvas
  • you had stared at it for god knows how long till jeno looked over his shoulder
  • “yes?”
  • you snapped out of it, almost dropping the paint in your hand
  • “oh, um i ,,,,,,, i came over to ask if i can use your brush?”
  • shakily you pointed to the large brush that rested on his easel
  • jeno blinked, but handed it too you before he could think to ask why
  • you bowed your head, and rushed away with a thank you trying to save face and not look like a fool
  • as the bell rang for the next period, you scurried up to the person who had been working beside you
  • “hey, who is he?”
  • you asked, one hand on your backpack strap, the person looked over to see you were talking about jeno
  • they gave you a sad smile
  • “lee jeno, cold hearted shoujo? no wait, manhwa prince.”
  • your eyebrows knitted at the sound of the weird nickname
  • the person just shrugged “he sticks only to his friends and apparently doesn’t even react when people confess so - don’t get your hopes up.”
  • you nodded, but still from the corner of your eye watched him
  • he had hung back and was talking to the teacher,,,,,
  • he didn’t look cold at all
  • your first month passed rather boringly, you’d made friends and all of them were keen on jeno being next to unapproachable
  • but you didn’t get it,,,,maybe because you hadn’t grown up around these parts like everyone else
  • but were you the only one seeing his cute little smiles while talking with the art teachers, the way his laugh sounded light when he hung out with his own group of friends, how he seemed really passionate about drawing
  • one afternoon you had walked past the art room on your way to make it to the book club you signed up for
  • when you saw jeno,,,,
  • he was hunched over a large drawing pad, his bangs falling over his forehead and the light making his figure look like it was outlined by a soft glow
  • he seemed to be humming to himself, very low and sweet
  • again you found yourself staring - it was hard not 
  • you heard someone call out his name somewhere else in the room, and quickly you hurried to hide behind a set of lockers close by
  • a minute or two passed and jeno walked down the hall, probably to get supplies for the teacher
  • cautiously, you made your way into the room. the teacher was in the connected office and wouldn’t be able to see you
  • so while jeno was gone, you were practically alone
  • you didn’t dare touch the drawing pad, but you did look at what he had been working on
  • to your surprise, it was a sketch of a vintage car - a mustang maybe? something that looked like it came straight out of the 70s
  • to your surprise, the details of the drawing were neat and spot-on
  • it looked like it had been traced from a magazine
  • “do you need to borrow brushes again?”
  • you jerked at the sound of the voice, reddening cheeks when you saw jeno standing at the door
  • you thought for a moment he was mocking you, that you’d look into his eyes and they’d be iced over with something mean
  • but they weren’t
  • they were a warm chocolate brown, his mouth was up in a small smile. he was,,,,,joking around with you
  • “o-oh i just,,,,i just,,,,,”
  • you didn’t have a quick excuse so you pointed to the sketch of the car “is this yours?”
  • he laughed “the drawing is, not the car. i wish it was the other way around.”
  • he came over and pulled out the chair where he had been sitting, he got comfy and picked up his pencil again
  • you watched in amazement as he easily filled in more details almost effortlessly,,,,,,, “are you a robot?” you mumbled thinking he wouldn’t hear it but he did and he laughed again
  • you couldn’t believe that the boy in front of you was supposedly ‘cold’ ,,,, he was nothing but cheerful 
  • “it took a lot of practice, i still have more to go.”
  • you wanted to say something like i think you’re perfect right now,,,but decided against it,,,,afterall this was your first real conversation with him
  • you realized only ten minutes after watching him work some more that book club was basically over - jeno was also finishing, packing up his pencils and getting up
  • “do you take the train?” 
  • he suddenly asked and you shyly nodded
  • he called out a goodbye to the teacher and motioned for you to follow him 
  • “i take it too, want to go together?”
  • you couldn’t believe it,,,you were walking out of the schools gates with lee jeno
  • and he was making easy conversation, with jokes, the handsome features on his face less serious and more relaxed
  • you were sure no one in school would believe you if you told them - the students who were still there and spotted you two looked shocked beyond belief
  • “i actually just remembered, i have to stop by the store before i get on the train!” jeno grimaced, smacking his hand against his head as if he’d forgotten something extremely important
  • “why?”
  • “ive gotta get some stuff for my halloween costume, jisung wants us to do the scooby doo gang,,,,,”
  • your eyes widen “,,,,who are you supposed to be?” 
  • jeno gives you a slightly sad look “haechan is going to be fred, jisung wanted velma, chenle daphine, renjun said shaggy before i could so -”
  • you put your hand over your mouth,,,,,,,, “you’re going as scooby???”
  • jeno made a pouting face, so cute it almost made your stomach turn, but you were too busy trying not to burst out into laughter
  • the cold prince of your high school,,,,,,,,,,dressed up as sooby-doo,,,,,,,,
  • jeno tried to tell you it wasn’t THAT funny,,,,but you couldn’t lie - it was
  • before you even knew it, you had silently agreed you were coming along and once you walked through the doors of one of those pop-up costume shops you pointed to the set of brown dog ears that hung on display
  • “i think you’ve met your match,,,,,”
  • jeno cringed, but took the ears off the shelf and put them on
  • “woof!” he exclaimed, then hid his face in his hands as you stifled a giggle
  • “it’s ok,,,it’s very cute!!” you tried to cheer up jeno but it was beyond hard to keep from laughing
  • you two spent a good hour in there, picking out silly costumes, trying on fake vampire teeth and wigs, just having a good time in each others company
  • and at some point, with you shifting through funny looking outfits on one of the racks, jeno noticed for the first time that he was getting along with someone so easily
  • someone that was outside of his immediate friend group
  • and you looked,,,,,adorable,,,,,your uniform slightly messy from all the costumes you’d tried on, your backpack had a swinging charm from of it that jeno hadn’t noticed before, and your small smile - the one you had just for yourself
  • jeno was sure his heart had made an extra loud thud in his chest,,,
  • “maybe you should convince jisung that you guys can go like,,,,pac men,,,,,or,,,,,,vampires?”
  • you said suddenly and jeno snapped into reality with a faint smile “ah,,,maybe”
  • you noticed the change of tone and check your time “it’s getting late, we should get to the train.”
  • jeno agreed and you two left the store, the guy at the entrance shot you a glare - probably angry about you two spending a good hour in there with nothing to show for it
  • but you and jeno just giggled to one and other
  • the train was even more crowded with people coming home from work, so you and jeno found yourselves closer than before 
  • practically smushed against the pole you were holding onto,,,,,you each gave each other nervous glances and then chuckled
  • “do you want to go into art?”
  • you asked curiously, to try and ease the embarrassment of standing so close
  • “maybe,,,,,what about you?”
  • you told jeno of some of you dreams, noting how diligently he listened
  • again - you didn’t know how people thought he was detached, unapproachable ,,,, it just didn’t make sense
  • so you asked,,,, “why is your nickname cold manhwa prince?”
  • jeno blushed at the nickname, but also rolled his eyes “did jisung tell you that? ,,,, i don’t even know myself. i think im just,,,,”
  • he thought back to jaemin’s words “reserved?”
  • you made an oh sound and nodded, thinking about it till you heard that your stop would be the next
  • “well,,,i had fun with you today. i don’t think you’re cold at all,,,,” you said, the last part a little bit quietly
  • jeno felt that loud thump in his chest again
  • you were so close so he could hear you, but he could also smell the scent of your hair, feel your elbow against his
  • “i had fun too,,” he added and the door signaled that they were opening
  • you pushed past the crowd and heard faintly that jeno said goodbye
  • when you were out on the platform, you couldn’t see him through the sea of people but you waved anyway
  • the warm feeling of his arm pressed against yours followed you the whole way home
  • the next day in school you had art again, and unlike usual you set up your spot near jeno
  • he seemed both shocked and happy that you did,,, the rest of the class just exchanged whispers and wide eyes
  • but you didn’t care, you and jeno talked easily
  • he made a comment about how he’s never had someone in art class to chat with and you just gave him a silly thumbs up “im that person then!”
  • over the course of the week, you and jeno grew closer and you’d even had lunch with him and his friends
  • jisung had looped an arm around you and went “jeno has never made a friend on his own - you are a REAL gem”
  • haechan had chewed his food slowly and leaned over to jeno “a friend? or is it something more?”
  • jeno bit back his tongue and the table turned to face him,,,,you almost dropped your chopsticks
  • sensing the tension, renjun coughed “pass me your leftover rice chenle you ate too much already.”
  • but even with the distraction,,,the thought crossed your mind,,,,what did you think of jeno? and what did he think of you?
  • the night of halloween,,,,you found out
  • because instead of going to a party being thrown at some students house with his friends, jeno had asked to meet you in the city
  • you were waiting outside of the train when someone tapped your shoulder and you turned to see jeno,,,,
  • but instead of his uniform he was wearing a cheap gold crown and a cape of red velvet
  • “im the cold hearted manhwa prince” he said with a straight face and then burst into laughter
  • you joined him only to stop and point to the fake horns on your head “a demon,,,,,,,,,the pre-calculs demon if you would” you joked, knowing jeno hated that subject
  • he made a fake gagging noise and you asked finally why you were here
  • “i want to go to the party, i want you to come to.”
  • you blinked,,,,you’d love to go by why hadn’t he just asked over text
  • jeno seemed to stutter a moment and then added “i want you to come,,,,,as my date,,,,if that’s ok?”
  • you felt the world freeze for a second,,,,date,,,jeno’s,,,date?
  • but before you could think of what to say your head was nodding - because of course,,,,,of course you liked jeno,,,
  • how could you not like him? not after seeing him in that art room, a glow like an angels halo around him
  • not after laughing with him in the halloween store
  • not after watching the boy everyone said you couldn’t even be friends with open himself up in front of you
  • your hand felt nothing but perfect when it held onto jeno’s
  • and at the party you were greeted with other students staring at you two in awe while haechan slid down the handle of the stairway, messy blood painted over his collar and fake fangs crooked in his mouth, “i called it! i knew they’d fall in love! congratulations to your first day~~ a halloween anniversary!!” he laughed and vanished into the crowd
  • the rest of jeno’s friends reacted more or less without surprise, renjun said he knew jeno was in love. he was smiling more.
  • dating jeno,,,,was like opening a new chapter in a book because there is so much more to him than what you see
  • the love of art, the cute laughter, the serious work ethic, the easily flushed red embarrassment,,,,all of that was just the icing on the cake
  • the actual jeno was even a little clumsy, a complete nerd who housed one piece figures over his desk, could play guitar and had the voice of an angel
  • better yet, you found out about his chocolate sweet tooth and highscore on literally every mobile game you ever knew off
  • “i didn’t know i was dating a gamer,,,” you joked seeing him beat yet another level of some game on his phone
  • he stuck his tongue out and asked if you were going to finish your chocolate shake
  • you laughed and held the straw out for him “here you go, cold manhwa prince”
  • he scrunched up his nose “not you too,,,,jisung never lets me live already,,,,,”
  • your first official date after the halloween party ,,,, which btw you would have kissed at if chenle hadn’t walked in on you two,, was sitting in the library bookshelves afterschool watching ‘howls moving castle’ on a borrowed laptop
  • you had been shocked that jeno never watched it seeing as he liked animated movies, but then you’d leaned against his shoulder and woke up to your head in his lap while jeno sketched some doodles on his notebook
  • you’d sat up, completely embarrassed but jeno just showed you the little doodle
  • it was of you snoozing, a big air bubble coming out of your nose
  • you playfully pouted and he’d ruffled your hair - it was nice,,,,it was warm
  • sometimes you watch jeno sketch,,,,you might do it between studying or listening to music,,,,,but seeing him at work is so relaxing
  • he looks serious - but not cold,,,,,,,just hardworking and admirable
  • jeno has sketched you,,,,but you don’t know because he’s too shy to show you
  • (of course haechan knows about this and pesters jeno about possibly gifting them to you one day,,,,,but jeno keeps saying he has no idea what haechan is talking about)
  • but also you know when to let jeno have space,,,you don’t hover and you let him be alone with just paint and paper,,,,jeno is so thankful for that
  • you guys both are kind of new to dating ,,, so when jisung asks to see your couple shirts or rings or phonecases you just stare at him
  • and he orders you to to go down to the shopping distract and pick something out that matches
  • you end up getting charms of jeno’s favorite anime character,,,,,it’s corny but,,,,,,,jisung accepts it
  • but texts jeno like ‘get them an actual present next time!’
  • sometimes you and him meet up to go to the museum and jeno tells you which artists he’s grown to like,,,,sometimes - like most highschoolers - you end up spending more time in the gift shop than the museum
  • you start saving up to buy jeno some fancy brushes which when you gift him makes him a stuttering mess and he apologizes for the price and you’re like no no it’s ok
  • you learn he likes cats,,,even with an allergy,,,,,so you guys just coo at them from petshop windows
  • jeno wants to kiss you one night,,,as you’re taking the subway home and it’s just you two in the corner seats
  • but you get up too fast and he misses, falling first into the seat were you were just sitting
  • “are you ok??” you asked, hurrying toward the door. he waves it off and then spends the rest of the ride telling himself he’s got to get it together
  • when he does kiss you ,,,,, for the first time,,,, it’s because you’re both are trying to take a cute couple photo for jeno’s instagram
  • it’s near the big christmas tree they have up at the mall
  • and as he has his hand out with the camera, you try to focus on it and smile but then right before you know it - he leans in
  • and with his free hand cupping your cheek he kisses you,,,,
  • the sound of the camera click breaks you out of your dream like state and when you pull back you touch your lips
  • “did,,,,,did you just?”
  • he grins sheepishly and looks at the camera preview,,,,,, “it’s blurry should we do it agai-”
  • you beat him to it, putting both hands on his face and kissing him agai
  • he tastes a little minty,,,,,it’s nice and you feel like you could kiss him forever
  • jeno feels the same way about you 
  • the amount of times you’ve had talk jeno out of wanting to get a pokemon tattooed on him later in life is: too many
  • when jeno throws away a sketch he did in frustration, you always get really sad - sometimes you pick them up and you have some hanging on your wall
  • which jeno tells you you don’t have to do,,,he’ll give you some of his better ones but you say that these are just as good
  • when jeno calls jaemin to tell him about you,,,,he can almost hear jaemin smiling on the other line
  • “see, you’re not cold. you’re just reserved, but it sounds like you let th right person in.”
  • jeno lets you wear his sweaters 100% and then he grins to himself when the sleeves are too long on you
  • people in school still can’t believe it’s true, not until you and jeno are walking hand in hand out the gate and even though he tried to hide it
  • his kiss on your forehead basically made everyone in your grade swoon
  • you guys don’t do a lot of pda,,,,,,but jisung still makes faces when you drop by jeno’s class to give him a snack or just tlak
  • and jisung is like “ugh,,,i can feel the love and it’s crawling all over my uniform!!” ,,,,, you and jeno ignore him and chenle just goes “its cuz you’re jealous bro”
  • jeno once tells you his favorite season is winter, when you ask why he lists off a couple of basic things: the pretty snow, the holiday cheer, the sweaters
  • but then he looks at you and smiles mysteriously, you ask what it is
  • “i think i might change my favorite season to fall though,,,,” 
  • “why?”
  • “because that’s when i met you.” 

» moon taeil

»» chrysanthemumsroyalty!au ; taeil is the kingdom’s gardener and he likes to give you bouquets with hidden meanings

»» glad i could helpfluff ; blurb where you wake taeil up with a kiss

»» all of me soulmate!au ; you and taeil can only communicate through song, so you get a bit creative

»» strings of fatesoulmate!au ; you and taeil are connected by a string of fate and taeyong helps the two of you connect

»» natural disaster floral!au ; an angst where you ask taeil to help you learn the meanings of flowers, but he doesn’t know that they’re for your dead lover

»» natural disaster: part twofluff ; you return in the hopes of connecting with taeil again

» ji hansol

»» wrong moveangst ; everything hansol touches turns to gold and you fall for him

»» diagnosisdoctor!au ; in which hansol fakes diagnosis’ just to keep you around his hospital

»» ribbonspirate!au ; you accidentally stow away on a pirate ship. good thing captain hansol is there to help you get your sea legs

»» rêves fluff ; janitor!hansol who works at your dance school, and just so happens to fall for you the way he fell for dancing

» seo youngho

»» not a fanfluff ; you, a non nct fan, meet johnny at a fansign and instantly like him

»» not a fan: part twofluff ; you run into johnny again at a water park

»» it’s a datefluff ; johnny is the new teacher’s assistant and has a bit of a crush on you

»» ideal typefluff ; you are an interviewer for nct and johnny admits that you’re his ideal type

»» dreams of yousoulmate!au ; you and johnny can only see each other’s lives while you’re sleeping

»» piplup pridepokémon!au ; you lose your piplup and johnny helps you find him again

»» friends to lovers!johnnybulleted scenario

»» prince charmingfluff ; prince!au where you are a maid who hates johnny’s messy habits

» lee taeyong

»» how would you feelsong fic ; based on how would you feel (paean) by ed sheeran

»» queen of disastersong fic ; biker!au based off of queen of disaster by lana del ray

»» sunshinesong fic ; loosely based on blind by monsta x

»» unfoldsong fic ; based on unfold by aliana baraz & galimatias

»» i just wannasong fic ; based on i just wanna make love to you by etta james

»» summer daysfluff ; taeyong confesses at the beach

»» anniversaryfluff ; both you and taeyong accidentally forget your anniversary

»» moon riversong fic ; based on moon river by audrey hepburn

»» immortallotr!elf!au ; taeyong is an immortal elf and you aren’t. unfortunately the two of you can’t be together forever

»» hopepirate!au ; captain taeyong worries about his crew and you assure him that everything is okay

» nakamoto yuta

»» nothing to provefluff ; you make a japanese meal in the hopes of impressing yuta’s parents

»» kissing buddiesfluff ; you and yuta are casual, but yuta wants to be something more

»» cat boywitch!au ; yuta accidentally receives a cursed cat statute from you, a witch

»» cat boy: part twofluff ; you and yuta go on a date

»» middle of the nightsong fic ; angst based on middle of the night by the vamps

» qian kun

»» finding gilbertsoulmate!au ; you have a timer on your wrist, which goes off just as a flustered boy appears at your door, looking for his lost cat

»» finding gilbert: part two — fluff ; gilbert goes missing again, so you and kun look for him together

»» boyfriend!kunbulleted scenario

» kim doyoung

»» protect youknight!au ; doyoung mistakes you for a princess on one of his knightly missions. unfortunately, it looks like he’s the one who needs protecting

»» golden snitch — hogwarts!au ; doyoung has had a crush on you for the longest time, but it takes awhile for you to return his feelings

»»golden snitch: part twofluff ; you wonder if doyoung and you are truly an item

»» dance with meblurb ; doyoung wants to learn ballroom dancing after watching beauty and the beast

»» lolblurb ; you teach doyoung how to play league of legends

» chittaphon leechaiyapornkul

»» illustrated haiku — soulmate!au ; whatever you write in your skin shows up on your soulmate. strangely enough, you have a knack for haikus, and your soulmate loves to illustrate them

»» one dayfluff ; ten helps you babysit your nephew and the two of you discuss kids in the future

»» stay with meprince!au ; you have horrible night terrors, and prince ten is there to comfort you whenever the nights get too bad

»» seven minutes in heavenfluff ; at a party, you and your best friend get picked in a game of seven minutes in heaven

»» secret love songfluff ; you are an international dancer who performs a special stage with ten

»» restfluff ; ten is overworking himself so you plan a nice night in

»» viridity fluff ; a very fluffy scenario about you and ten being unable to sleep

»» friends to lovers!tenbulleted scenario

»» break down the wallprince!ten ; in which the two of you are married by arrangement, and it takes a year to come to terms with the fact that you love each other

»» break down the wall drabbles ; (drabble 1)

»» two houses slice of life ; ten comforts you

»» universefluff ; ten sees the stars in your eyes

» jung yoonoh

»» vice versafluff ; jaehyun has to spend valentine’s day, and his birthday, alone. luckily, you’re there to lift his mood

»» delusionalangst ; you think jaehyun and you are destined to be together. unfortunately, you don’t always get what you want

»» i’ll be waitingneighbor!au ; jaehyun moves in next door

»» nervousfluff ; you and jaehyun are picked to sing a duet together, and the two of you become close

»» goodbye summersong fic ; based on goodbye summer by f(x)

»» alwayssong fic ; angst based on disenchanted by my chemical romance

»» close to yousong fic ; based on close to you by the heathers

»» like a princesschubby!reader ; you are hesitant to try on dresses for your sister’s wedding, but jaehyun assures you that you look like a princess

» dong sicheng

»» heartbeatdoctor!au ; whenever you come into his hospital room, sicheng’s heart monitor mysteriously speeds up

»» remember the saintsracer!au ; sicheng’s dream has always been to race in the big leagues. good thing you’ve always been there to make sure he never gave up

» kim jungwoo

» wong yukhei

» lee minhyung

»» promiseprince!au ; you and mark hang out in the castle roof a lot, and that is where the two of you fall in love

»» notice youfluff ; with a little push from donghyuck (literally) mark finally introduces himself to you, his crush

»» boy without a carfluff ; mark is a waiter at your birthday banquet and you manage to trip on the stairs and fall right on top of him

»» not yetolder!mark ; mark is hoping to propose to you, he just isn’t sure when is the perfect time

»» turtles and teasingfluff ; for mark’s birthday, the two of you go feed some turtles

»» falling apartslice of life ; you come to mark when everything seems to be falling apart

»» that’s my girlfluff ; mark buys you a swimsuit but you’re afraid to wear it because of shoulder acne

»» sleeping beautyfluff ; in which mark has a bad case of sleepwalking, and can’t help but end up at your door

» huang renjun

»» deer in the headlightssong fic ; based in deer in the headlights by owl city

»» an artist’s soulmatesoulmate!au ; renjun has been drawing you his whole life, although he didn’t know it

» lee jeno

»» tonightfluff ; you and jeno spend one more night together before school starts again

»» healinghealer!au ; jeno is the castle healer and he runs into you, causing you to fall and scrape your knee. good think he knows how to care for that

»» knight in distressknight!au ; you are a princess who doesn’t wish to be saved, and jeno is just trying to avoid conflict with the other knights. he really didn’t mean to find your tower, honest

»» couragefluff ; part two of knight in distress, where you and jeno realize your feelings for each other

» lee donghyuck

»» first lovefluff ; donghyuck falls in love with you but he has a hard time confessing

»» thank youblurb ; you and donghyuck attempt to cross language barriers in order to get to know each other more

»» impulsefluff ; inspired by bts’ spring day music video, you and donghyuck decide to dye each other’s hair

»» maybeblurb ; donghyuck hears you singing in the practice room and falls in love

»» friends to lovers bulleted scenario

» na jaemin

»» adventureprince!au ; the prince has to live with you and your family for awhile, and the two of you become quick friends

»»adventure: part twoangst + fluff ; it’s two years later and you and jaemin are sure you’ve forgotten about each other. but when jaemin is arranged to be married, the two of you can’t help but try to find each other again

»» better than medicinefluff ; jaemin takes care of you when you’re sick

»» better than medicine: part twofluff ; you insist that since jaemin got you sick, he can return the favor and take care of you this time

»» part threefluff ; getting taeyong sick might’ve been the best thing that could’ve happened, since it gave you and jaemin the perfect opportunity to confess to each other

» zhong chenle

»» dragon talesfantasy!au ; the dragons in your yard bother chenle’s gragoyle (a/n: i hate this scenario and i promise I’ll try to redeem myself when it comes to chenle. again, i’m so sorry)

» park jisung

» random

»» hyung line as friends gifs

»» how nct would kiss you

»» nct and smrookies as street fighter iv winning quotes


lee jeno | you share a moment with jeno in the moonlight. boyfriend!au. | 2.6k words. | insufferable fluff and head swirling kissing.

Originally posted by haecan

a/n: inspired by this edit on twitter for jeno’s bday ;-;

“I can’t sleep,” a soft mutter against the base of your neck wakes you from your doze and a lick of irritation plays at the back of your throat in the form of a growl, one that rumbles just loud enough into the night for your boyfriend to hear and then laugh at, “sorry, I thought you were still awake too.”

You turn your head, forcing Jeno to move his face back so that you two could look each other in the eye. Your arms are thrown out on either side of you: one is stuffed underneath the pillow your head currently rests on and the other is going numb under the weight of Jeno’s head. He lays, curled up into your body like a child to a pillow, long fingers clutching some part of you to him in the dark. As far as you knew, Jeno hadn’t moved at all while you “slept”. Sleep wasn’t as good of a descriptor when one was going in and out with every new topic their boyfriend brought up next. He was never quite this talkative usually. You claimed he was a moon child and that’s what brought it out of him so late at night. “If I was awake, I’d be talking to you.”

Jeno takes no offense to your brisk tone, simply beaming under the moonlight he insisted you crack your blinds open to let flood your room. “Good thing you’re awake now.”

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   | to all the boys i’ve loved before! nct dream ;; and then, him

my letters are my most secret possession, 
i write them when i have a crush so intense, i don’t know what else to do.
there are seven total: 
mark, from summer camp
renjun, from rose café
jeno, the school bad boy
donghyuck, from science class
jaemin, better known as the basketball team ace
chenle, the school photographer
and jisung, from my after school club.

💌11:45 pm💌

to all the boys i’ve loved before inspired au {OUT NOW}

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Originally posted by leeminhvung

mark lee (click for extended preview)

my first love, my best friend since kindergarten…and my sister’s boyfriend”

things haven’t really been the same anymore, i feel like i’m walking on eggshells around him”

Originally posted by johnil

na jaemin (click for extended preview)

i met jaemin the summer of my freshman year when he accidentally ran over me with his skateboard”

it was one of those slow-mo moments you see in the movies, except for the fact that he didn’t actually catch me”

Originally posted by leeminhvung

zhong chenle (click for extended preview)

he transferred to our school from china during sophomore year, and i was given the opportunity to show him around”

he has a really cute laugh, and i always found myself trying so hard to hear it every chance i could get”

Originally posted by dotensus

park jisung (click for extended preview)

i kissed him underneath the bleachers once, it was after the football game”

it was really cute, his cheeks were really red and he kept rubbing the back of his neck…i might have kissed him again just to hear him awkwardly giggle”

Originally posted by dearnctdream

lee jeno (click for extended preview)

the cute waiter at the town’s local diner, i always liked him in his little striped uniform”

he’d always give me an extra cherry on my milkshake, paired with a flirty wink and his signature smile”

Originally posted by dovounq

huang renjun (click for extended preview)

ahh yes, mr. student body president, the one who everybody seems to have a…fervent dislike for”

he’s actually really nice though, i caught him skipping class on the roof once and he shared his orange slices with me, we’ve become close over the year”

Originally posted by dovounq

lee donghyuck (click for extended preview)

even if i didn’t mention his name, people would know exactly who he was”

i…don’t have much to say about him, not at the moment at least, things are confusing, he’s confusing…or maybe i’m confusing?”

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here you will find a collection of my various nct works, please enjoy to your fullest ◕‿◕

╰☆╮  nct dream college au

⇢ where the dreamies take on college in their own distinctive ways.

╰☆╮   boyfriend series

╰☆╮ member & reader scenarios

⇢ where the reader finds themselves sucked into an alternate universe

✿ lee taeyong

“rich kid” part one” part two

          ❥  in a world full of strange and unusual awakenings, taeyong and his unhealthy habits keep your toes swirling. also where the rich kid steals from your convenient store. 

making out with taeyong

      ❥  just for when your heart needs it.

✿ chittaphon 

zombie au

        ❥  the apocalyptic world consisted of two very different things: the living and the non living, maybe three if you include the flirty boy who nearly has no filter.

✿  jung jaehyun

poppy seeds

      ❥  late night classes weren’t so bad with the bright smile from the cutest cashier in town

✿  wong yukhei

bad boy

       ❥  the kid who comes from a rough background and finds his true meaning with you.

road trip

      ❥  for when you need that little getaway with the one boy who meant more than the world to you.

purple cheeks

      ❥  his fighting habits had always kept you on your toes, when his late arrivals would nearly turn you to stone. a fighter au

locked hearts

      ❥  making out with the town’s hottest and most popular dealer sounded so unbelievably explicit, you couldn’t help yourself.

✿ mark lee

four, just four

      ❥  where life smacks you in the face when you come to know the terminally ill boy from your mother’s assigned floor, who has some underlying love for chocolate milk.


     ❥ where having a best friend like mark lee was far too much for you and your fragile heart.

✿  huang renjun

“bad boy” part one”  part two

      ❥  in which your photography filled head brings you to the abandoned house, practically begging for you to come inside, where you come across the sleepy boy from chemistry, growing marijuana in the basement. 

✿  lee jeno


      ❥  after many sleepless nights with your mind racing on the thought of where jeno might be, you find yourself starting to forget about him, that is until you find yourself being chased in a forest by the love of your life.

lazy days

      ❥  for when you need a sweet day with a very soft jeno.

✿  lee donghyuck

“stoner boy” part one” part two

      ❥   in which moving to a new home literally meant falling for the stoner from next door with a bad temper yet a soft smile.

drug dealer

      ❥  dealing with a brother was enough, so when his best friend found himself in your room and “borrowing” your shower, you knew something was up. 

black coffee” 

      ❥  working for a coffee shop that was famous for its ice cream seemed like fun, until a faulty coworker makes a mistake and the number one item was now gone. things run slow until a boy full of tattoos walks in asking for a black coffee.

✿ na jaemin

mafia leader

      ❥  following after the atypical boy who dropped his wallet seemed like the right thing to do, but watching the way he interacted with individuals made your blood burn. in short, mafia leader jaemin is a softie.

stoner boy

      ❥  the famous senior bonfire was bound to bring great things and all you wanted to do was drink and dance, and not find yourself sitting next to a blown jaemin, whose eyes shone bright with love.

“cough drops and kisses”

      ❥ jaemin’s body couldn’t physically handle the friday before winter break and frankly neither could your heart.

✿ park jisung


      ❥  things only look positive in your babysitting gig when jisung finds himself practically begging you to let him assist. 

cough medicine

      ❥  the sweet side to the young boy who falls ill during a long sleepover.

☀ more to come ☀

Highschool!AU Jaemin

find college!nct (here) & hs!haechan (here) | hs!jeno (here) | hs!jisung (here) | hs!renjun (here)

  • favorite subject: biology 
  • least favorite subject: art 
  • voted most likely to: make the world a better place
  • jaemin is the highschool student everyone already knows is going to do super well in life
  • like it’s highschool - no one knows anything about their future
  • but everyone is in agreement that jaemin? he’s going to go FAR,,,,,,
  • maybe he’ll be a doctor like his parents are hoping for,,,,
  • maybe he’ll be an idol - he definitely has the looks for it,,,,, 
  • maybe he’ll just cure some horrible disease with one smile because WOW does he have the power to do it
  • jeno and jaemin are usually praised as the ‘silent, handsome’ princely types by their underclassmen fans
  • haechan always snorts and claims that jeno and jaemin are just hiding it - when they all hang out they’re just annoying and weird like the rest of us 
  • renjun just coughs like ‘jealous much?’
  • haechan: say it to my face
  • jaemin, ever the peace maker: let’s all just calm down. i heard mark is coming back to visit from college soon
  • he definitely likes school more than other people,,,,
  • he’s always having fun in bio lab and is actually pretty good at math
  • lots of people want to be tutored by him and jaemin does his best (haechan has been trying to get him to make a business out of it)
  • but also,,,,sometimes he’s just too nice to say no
  • and ends up having to rush his own work
  • he’s also super sporty, part of the volleyball and track team
  • no one knows how he makes the time for it
  • has super cute clumsy moments though,,,,,like when he wore his volleyball uniform inside out
  • or spilled jeno’s paints all over the floor
  • but everyone forgives him because how can you not,,,,,,,
  • he looks and acts like an angel
  • and you know jaemin by association, you had bio lab with him and renjun and it was,,,,
  • a lot to say the least
  • but other than those occasional times in class - you aren’t all that close
  • to be honest,,,you admire him like alot
  • because he seems so put together
  • and like everyone else, it’s a hint of jealousy because you wish you could be like him,,,,,,,,
  • which is what you’re thinking about,,,,,,ironically in gym one morning
  • and you guys are playing volleyball which you know people are either REALLY excited about or REALLY dreading it
  • and you don’t even remember which side of the spectrum you’re on because,,,
  • you see jaemin
  • and he’s in his uniform, laughing at something a grumpy looking haechan is saying 
  • you look down when you think he moves his head and try to do something with your feet
  • hoping he doesn’t think you’re weird for staring
  • or that he just didn’t see all together 
  • so as you shuffle to the other end ,,,, you don’t expect the ball that’s been spiked your way
  • and when it collides with your head you jerk and slip backwards
  • falling to the hard gym floor with a loud, embarrassing thud
  • you hear sneakers against the floor
  • a circle of students forms around you, but they’re blurry
  • “o-ow?”
  • you mumble, the pain stating to throb where the ball hit
  • and you hear someones voice go
  • “i am so sorry, im going to get you to the nurse! just close your eyes-”
  • their cool hand touches your forehead and you do as they say
  • you don’t even try to sneak a peek at who this mystery person is
  • the pain gets worse
  • and before you know it,,,,you’re out cold
  • the nurse is hovering above you when you finally wake up
  • she’s standing there with an annoyed look on her face and you hear a voice behind her
  • “they woke up!”
  • “i can see that, now sit down and wait.”
  • you try to move but the nurse shakes her pen at you
  • “does it hurt, can you see my hand - wait how many fingers do i have up?”
  • you look at the three fingers and murmur the answer there’s a small tinge of pain but it’s not too bad
  • the nurse scribbles something down and then leaves
  • revealing the person sitting behind her
  • jaemin? why is he here?
  • jaemin shoots up from his seat, coming over to you 
  • he’s still in his uniform and his big, dark eyes are overcast with worry
  • he touches the side of your hand, 
  • “are you ok? im the worst person in the world for doing this to you,,,”
  • you gape
  • “i- wha-”
  • “i spiked too hard because haechan distracted me and im sorry the ball hit you i wouldn’t do that on purpose - seriously i owe you, i didn’t mean to hurt you-”
  • he’s talking a mile a minute and you’re still not really getting it 
  • to be honest he’s making the pain worse
  • and when you flinch a bit,,,,jaemin instantly looks devastated all over again
  • “oh god i need to stop, im sorry - i just want you to know id never intentionally hurt you.”
  • you try to put forth your best smile 
  • “i know, it’s ok jaemin,,,,,”
  • the truth is you don’t know what is even going on ,,,,, 
  • but what you can tell in your haziness is that you want jaemin to be the smiling, angelic boy he always is
  • this side of him all messy stuttering and anguished eyes,,,,,it’s not him,,,,,,
  • jaemin seems to relax a bit and the nurse comes back before he can say much else
  • she shoos him back to class and tells you that you’d better just rest for the afternoon
  • the next day the pain in your head is pretty much gone,,,,,,
  • your friends are all worried but they’re also all kind of humored by the thought of you getting randomly hit by a volleyball
  • but it turns out it’s not random
  • not when haechan walks by and nudges jaemin like
  • “you hit them with your volleyball jaemin,,,,,you should be happy they’re not SUEING you”
  • you blink, confused and one of your friends gasped
  • “it was jaemin who threw it? but he’s so nice,,,”
  • you turn to them before jaemin can hear
  • “it was an accident! he didn’t mean it!”
  • you really dont want to pin this on jaemin,,,,
  • you know just from seeing him yesterday that he’s probably still beating himself up about it
  • and you’re right 
  • he is
  • jaemin finds you at your locker and purposes doing your homework for a week as an apology
  • you decline and at lunch he asks if you’d like for him to carry your books instead
  • you decline again but jaemin sees you during fifth period and asks if maybe you want him to buy you an expensive dinner
  • you don’t know any other polite ways to say ‘no thank you - hitting me in the head with your volleyball isn’t such a big deal’
  • so you just tell jaemin it’s fine it really is fine
  • but,,,,,he can’t let it go
  • you can see the way he’s clenching his gym bag and looking at you 
  • so you finally give in
  • “you can ,,,,,, win the next volleyball game for me and for the school.”
  • he straightens up a bit
  • “that’s,,,,,,i can do that but that’s really not how i should pay you ba-”
  • “jaemin, just win. win the game for me. that’s what will make me happy.”
  • you smile and you don’t know it but jaemin feels something bloom within the depths of his chest
  • you could have used this opportunity to make him do some outrageous favor and yet here you were being selfless,,,,
  • asking him to just win a game 
  • “i really didn’t mean to hit you with my volleyball,,,,”
  • you clutch your books to your chest and let out a small sigh
  • “jaemin i know, i know you didn’t. so stop wasting your time and go win that game and we’ll be even. ok?”
  • you mindlessly reach out to touch his arm encouragingly
  • leaving to get to a club meeting 
  • jaemin turns slowly, but you’re already down the hall and just a speck around the corner
  • he remembers seeing you in the nurses office, passed out
  • how he’d dreaded the fact that he’d hurt someone 
  • but what made it worse, the absolute worse was that it was you
  • haechan and chenle had waited for him when he got out of the office and haechan had shook his head
  • “you literally just hit your crush with a volleyball,,,,jaemin you have the worst luck in the world.”
  • chenle had shrugged, “for the first time haechan is totally right.”
  • jaemin did have the worst luck,,,,,,,but he was sure he had great taste in people
  • afterall he’d liked you since high school started and you’d only proven to be such a,,,,good person
  • jaemin shifts his bag on his shoulders
  • he’ll win this game,,,,for you,,,,,,and,,,,,,so he can finally do something he’s wanted to do for a while
  • the volleyball game is the most buzzed about topic at school the day of
  • everyone is going to go because your schools is facing another school for a chance for the province playoffs
  • usually,,,,you wouldn’t even think of going - but your friends are all interested and plus 
  • for some reason,,,you had a note stuck to the front of your locker that read
  • ‘you can’t miss the game today!’ - jaemin’
  • so,,,,,,,when you got there after classes pilling into the bleachers with the rest of the student body you felt,,,,jsut a bit nervous
  • your schools team came out first 
  • jaemin looked absolutely perfect with his hair pulled back in the band, the uniform just slightly baggy on his lean frame
  • for a second you caught his eye,,,,,,,he smiled and you felt a thump in your chest that reached your ears
  • gosh,,,he really was so cute,,,,,
  • the game was intense, everyone was on the edge of their seats but luckily
  • your school pulled through and the whole team rallied around each other
  • jaemin was sweaty, tired, and still he threw himself into the team hug but then - just as the coach came out to make a speech about how playoffs were the next step 
  • jaemin pointed out into the crowd
  • everyone feel silent
  • “this win is for -” 
  • your name rung through the gym
  • and everyone turned to look at you 
  • jaemin didn’t seem to care about the awkward, shocked air 
  • as he ran up the stairs in the bleachers and tugged you out of your seat
  • “jaemin?!??!?!”
  • you start, frantic and feeling your entire body heat up with everyones eyes on you
  • but jaemin just shakes his head
  • “everyone needs to know that-”
  • you expect he’s going to say ‘that i didnt mean to hurt you!’ or whatever 
  • but instead he goes “that i like you,,,,,,will you go out with me?”
  • the entire gym erupts into whispers and ‘ohs!’ and then applause
  • and you’re pretty sure this is just /too/ dramatic of a way to confess
  • and you didn’t think jaemin had it in him
  • and yet here you are
  • in his arms after a winning volleyball game and he just asked you out in front of the WHOLE school
  • before you can even mutter an answer the coach clears his throat
  • “na jaemin get down here immediately!”
  • he calls and jaemin lets go of you to rush down the steps
  • the coach scolds him till finishing his speech about playoffs,,,,but everyone (even the teachers) are way more invested in you and jaemin
  • by some miracle,,,,as everyone is leaving the gym you get pulled aside by chenle
  • who tells you that jaemin’s waiting on the opposite side of the school for your answer
  • you get there,,,,the sky’s already dark and you can see jaemin’s silhouette against the side of the school
  • his gym bag over his shoulder, his hair slightly a mess from the game (and from the millions of times he’s run his hand through it with nervousness)
  • “hey,,,”
  • you wave as you approach,,,feeling awkward and nervous yourself
  • jaemin perks up, but you can hear his voice is shaking a little. his confidence high from winning the game must have come down
  • and you can tell because he chuckles and goes “sorry for making a scene,,,,”
  • “it’s ok,,,it’s just,,,,,are you really interested in dating me - this isnt another one of your ways of saying sorry?”
  • you see jaemin’s shoulders kind of fall
  • his frown hurts more than anything else in the world
  • “no,,,it’s not,,,,how could you think id do that? do i seem like such a bad person,,,”
  • “nO!!! no,,,i just want to be sure,,,,,”
  • it’s silent for a moment but then jaemin steps forward
  • he touches the side of your head, there’s a small bruise you’ve tried to cover up to no avail where the ball hit
  • and he leans in a bit to kiss the spot beside it
  • “i do really like you, and i do feel bad for ,,,,, you know,,,,, but i hope you can still give me a chance,,,”
  • you nod slowly and jaemin’s eyes twinkle with their usual happiness
  • but then you add, “jaemin,,,,,the whole gym confession was a little dramatic,,,,”
  • he goes red and grips his bag
  • “i know, i know winning just got me into this mood and i promise not to embarrass you like that again,,,,not as your boyfriend.”
  • the word boyfriend makes the inside of your heart flip 
  • and jaemin slips his free hand into yours
  • “let me take you home~” he proposes
  • and before you can even fully register it,,,,,you realize you’re dating the one and only jaemin
  • and of course the next day everyone gathers around you to know what happened
  • but you don’t even have to say much
  • because jaemin turns the hall and the moment he sees you
  • it’s like he’s seen the warm sun come out
  • because he drops his conversation with his friends and rushes over to you
  • “when’s your free period?”
  • he asks, excited and you tell him ,,, still surprised by how fast he got over to you 
  • and jaemin just grins like “me too! let’s go get snacks together!”
  • chenle: are we invited?”
  • renjun: no, it’s a date DUH
  • everyone gasping: A DATE? 
  • speaking of dates,,,the thing about dating jaemin is that it never stops feeling like pure puppy love
  • because jaemin’s personality is pure and honest
  • he likes you for the sweetest reasons, he thinks you’re the most beautiful person in school but not just based on your looks
  • like there’s something about jaemin that lets him attract the good in people
  • and he knows that you are,,,,one of those rare good people who he’s ready to give his whole heart too
  • even though he’s still young an might think that giving your whole heart is sharing ice cream at 7/11 during your free periods
  • and spending hours in the library ‘studying’ but in reality you’re just doodling funny things on the same piece of paper and getting hushed for laughing by the library TA
  • and falling asleep on your shoulder as you take the bus home
  • but don’t get me wrong,,,,jaemin knows hosw serious loving someone is too
  • he knows the importance of being there for each other
  • from simple things like when you come to cheer him on at his games and jaemin feels this burst of energt just from seeing your smile
  • to serious things like applying to colleges together or talking about family issues together
  •  when you call him and your voice shakes on the phone because the future scar you,,,growing up scares you
  • and jaemin’s voice,,,like calm music assures you that the future is bright and that he will be there with you for any steps you want to take
  • “people always say that ill make it,,,that i sure to be someone or something - but im scared too. im scared like you are, but ill hold your hand no matter what. let’s be scared and brave together!”
  • god,,,that’s corny but jaemin would totally say that and in the moment you’d probably cry because your bf is the best,,,
  • jaemin’s volleyball team wins playoffs and as a gift the coach gets them jackets with their names on it
  • and jaein’s first thought is “im going to give this to my s/o”
  • and he does,,,,
  • you wear it sometimes to school and everyone is like so cute!!!
  • haechan: this is it’s own level of pda
  • jaemin: heY ,,,,,we don’t even kiss in front of strangers we wouldn’t kiss in front of you guys either
  • and it’s true tbh you know that jaemin like is shy about those kind of thigns
  • but it’s fine,,,you get enough kisses from him when no one is looking
  • and you kiss him too,,,which always makes jaemin get blushy (his ears turn firey red)
  • there’s this cute thing jaemin does and that’s he opens his mouth just a bit when he’s in deep thought
  • so just for fun you’ll poke his cheek and make him snap out if it and ur like babe a fly will go in if u dont close your mouth
  • and he always goes no it wont!!! but then he’s like,,,,,what if it does will you give me cpr if i choke
  • and ur like hkgdfljs ill do my best
  • but also jaemin and you having a horror movie night and he’s doing the open mouth thing and you’re like,,,,,jaemin,,,,jaemin there’s a fly on your lip
  • and he gets so scared he like throws all the blankets off you
  • and ur like no no im joking and he’s like i almost had a heartATTACk
  • jaemin’s favorite phrase when you do anything teasing is “don’t be mean like haechan.”
  • jaemin likes chocolate but sometimes you know how he can get when he has too much energy (the gym confession ahem) so ur like u have to stop him
  • sometimes you have to steer him out of the candy aisle before school
  • he doesn’t get injured a lot but he does love sports and nature so he’ll sometimes get a little hurt and you’re like worried and he’s like it’s ok
  • and you’re like don’t telll me it’s ok,,,you’re the oen who wanted to flip the world on it’s side when you hit me by accident with the vollebyall
  • and jaemin’s just like plEASE stop,,bringing it up,,,
  • but it is the story of how you two like became a couple
  • which people think is oddly charming
  • jaemin wins a really big game another time and you forget his shyness and kiss him right on the lips after the game ends
  • and jaemin is like aHHH,,,ahHH,,, ,aHH,,, s,,,sorry everyone!!!
  • but the whole team is like GET IT
  • and you’re like sorry jaemin i couldnt help myself im just proud and love you so much
  • and jaemin is like ok,,,ill let you off because you’re so freaking cute - sorry i didnt mean to say freaking
  • long story short he’s adorable