[15:30] as haechan takes a nap on top of your chest, you start tracing his features. from his sharp jawline, to his prominent nose, to his heart shaped lips. admiring the beauty your beloved boyfriend.

Anyone: *mentions Jaehyun’s iconic line in regular*



Word count โ˜ž 2k words

Pairing โ˜ž Mark x reader

Genre โ˜žย Fluff

Warnings โ˜ž Mentions of blood. if you notice something else please let me know!!ย 

Summary โ˜ž You and Mark decide to get a little privacy before leaving the party, only to be rudely interrupted by a certain somethingย someone

Authorโ€™s note โ˜ž I havenโ€™t written in ages ksksksksย this is probably trash but Iโ€™m proud of it considering the fact that I literally havenโ€™t written in a year lmAo. Please let me know where I can improve and if there are any mistakes!! I really would appreciate it :) โ™ก

I also suck at endingsย Iโ€™m sorry to ksksksk

EDIT: i just noticed that i posted the unedited version i want to cry ksksks I fixed it now though!!!

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[10:46] When it’s summertime, you and Mark carve watermelons. It’s a fun way of enjoying y’all’s favorite fruit, splitting open the melon while each taking a half. It’s much easier to carve into than a pumpkin, and you live for the silly faces that Mark manages to make. More than anything, you love the way he smiles when he’s eating it afterwards, his cheeks as red as the sweet, fruity flesh.

Lucas: If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, then why did it fall off?

Jungwoo: For God’s sake, Lucas, it’s 3 am. Please sleep.

Chenle: Maybe it got sweaty.

Kun: [prolonged sigh]