Anyone else who doesn’t like to tell others that they’re learning Korean because people will think you’re learning it because of some boys, and not because of the genuine interest in Korean language and culture that you developed alongside your interest in kpop?


I love BTS. They are absolutely my favorite group. They probably always will be. But they are not all of kpop. Do not discredit other groups that work just as hard as they do. Kpop is so full of amazing talented groups. There’s so many of them. Stop acting like it’s just BTS.

PSA for the Kpop Fandom

Don’t be an idiot.

I want to just take the time to talk about the BTS performance at the Billboard Awards. Your homie is deeply agitated by ARMY at the moment, and this is exactly why I can’t fuck with the fandom, and won’t be taking on the title with my chest.

Y’all get pressed over the dumbest shit.

Why is it that everyone is so heated over the camera work done by the Billboard’s staff during BTS’s performance? You guys all do realize that they span between the performers and the audience with everyone that performs? Do you guys realize that the act of doing so has a purpose behind it?

The awards given by the Billboards is granted after keeping track of the impact that the invited, nominated, and awarded artist’s have on the music industry on both a national and international scale. BTS was invited, nominated, and awarded because they have a global influence, and a powerful stage presence. They won that award because of the audience that showed up to watch them perform at the Billboards that night.

The Billboard Award’s most important and most powerful people is the audience. The reason why they pan the audience between performances is to give the viewers who are watching it via television to get a minuscule visual of how incredibly powerful the performers, artists, and celebrities on the stage are. The fact that the audience was so in tune with, coordinated, and active with BTS is incredible in comparison to other fandoms present in that audience that night. And that’s why they keep panning towards them. Stop fucking raising your blood pressure over stupid shit like “I want to see the choreography!” and sending hate towards the camera crew because they keep turning the camera away from BTS. Why can’t you be fucking happy for them? Why you guys always have to make shit so difficult? And why do you guys keep getting mad at the wrong fucking things? Here you are, a moron, getting angry because you don’t want to see the audience. Because you want to see the choreography (which, mind you, is very much available on YouTube if you watch their fucking MUSIC VIDEO), when BTS is facing micro-aggressive racism and objectification during their stay in America.

Actually, lets drop BTS’s Army, and lets talk about ALL Kpop Fandoms - why do you guys get angry over the dumbest shit? You guys really out here getting heated over cinematography, outfit choices, hair cuts, your idol’s love lives, and people talking bad about your idols, but don’t even realize that there are BIGGER problems to worry about. Your idols are being sexually harassed and assaulted, cyber bullied, stalked, objectified, sexualized, overworked, under-payed, in debt, are suicidal and/or depressed and not receiving proper treatment - and 6 out of the 10 things I’ve mentioned there alone are done and/or caused by THE FANDOM ITSELF.

Now tell me, what you mad about again?

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iight then.

- Admin Dayna

Kpop Struggles #472

Trying to explain why a bunch of Seniors are called Super Junior 

Trying to explain the rise and fall of EXO K&M, why they all have super powers, and why Yixing is still in China

Trying to explain to YG why pitting Winner and iKon against each other at their very start crippled his own success, and why BlackPink deserves a comeback

Trying to explain why JYP after making the repeated mistake of including the number of members in the title of his groups names, named this newest one Stray Kids

Trying to explain the entire concept of NCT, why there are so many sub units, and why did the Seoul unit just debut in Japan with the only Japanese member having 4 lines and 17 seconds of screen time


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