Never Can Say Goodbye || Samcedes

Mercedes and Sam landed back in Las Vegas over an hour ago, but neither one of them got off the plane yet. She was straddling his lap, and kissing him deeply, and only pulled back when they were forced to breath. “Baby, I should go now….” She made no effort to get off his lap. “We have to get back to reality…..right?”

Never Can Say Goodbye → Graylor

Grant couldn’t believe Taylor was actually leaving today. They had been talking about this day for months, dreading it and trying to forget about it and it had come so fast. Ever since getting attacked, Grant was dreading it even more, not knowing how he was going to do this without her around. She was spending so much time with him, helping him with everything and now she was going to be so busy that he probably wouldn’t even get talk to her much. These next few months were going to be hard and he knew he had no choice but to pull through. Even if he wasn’t completely okay yet, he had been trying his best to make sure he’d be able to make love to Taylor again before she was gone and he was glad that was about to happen last night. He felt so close to her now and knew it probably made things even harder, but he didn’t care. When he woke up that morning, he glanced at the clock and sighed, knowing he’d have to bring Taylor to the airport in a few hours. Wrapping his arms around Taylor tightly, he pressed his naked body against hers and pressed a kiss to her bare shoulder, burying his face in the crook of her neck. swiftjk