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Do u have any kaisoo fic where ji is in a relationship or married but met ksoo and realized he's gay and falls for him and haply ending? Thank u so much

this was hard, but i’ve found a few fics where Jongin leaves his wife/girlfriend for Kyungsoo: 

- Admin R

- Admin N

Well well well this is embarrassing... (hmm I can’t remember how that word is written and i’m lazy today)

Hello folks! Well tbh, I can’t really remember how long I’ve been away. Life is ups and downs and well, this was my down. But I made a promise to myself that I would never leave tumblr while I still had something stupid to say to the world, so here I am!

I just want to apologize to all the people I left unanswered again, I love you all and you are all amazing, I wasn’t ignoring you on purpose hahaha (L)

To the people who followed me these months, THANK YOU!! I’ll check you outas soon as I can, and I think I’m gonna follow you all just for being patient and not unfollowing me despise being invisible here hahaha (well maybe not the porn bots lol)

About this blog, don’t worry, I’ll get my crap together. Just maybe not until summer, because my grades need a really ahrd push, and I get stressed if I do all at a time, Idk how the rest of the people do it, but you are all my superheroes!!

But, I am gonna do something

Maybe you don’t know (though I hope you do, you HAVE to know), that last week our sweet Chris released the Official Erago nColoring Book. Well, as I am a needy geek obsessed with Eragon and dragons, I had ordered that book in January. And. It arrived to my house YESTERDAY

So, as a present, I’m showing you guys some of my favourite pictures:) They are all amazing, so picking up among them is difficult. I’ll eventually post them all as I color, but I guess some of you guys (well if I’m tallking to myself then yey meee) wanted to see them So here it goes:

As it couldn’t be any other way, this is the first drawing of all, and the only one I have colored (because, as I said, it arrived yesterday lol).


Aaaaah, that boat… (L)

!!!!!!!!!!! Nïdhwal!!!!!

….. I cried. I literally cried. And you know freaking why


and yes, I cried again… what a tribute. What a tribute…

And well, that’s it! To see the rest, buy the book or wait a bit!!

I hope you all forgive me again for being away, but may your swords stay sharp! (L)