Things are looking up.

Passed my Staff Sergeant (E-6) board

If slots are available, I get to do a 2nd go at Jumpmaster school in April.

I have Infantry ALC with the report date of 16May2016 (new army demands the soldier attend the proper NCOES before being pinned the rank. IE: WLC/BLC >SGT, ALC>SSG, SLC>SFC)

TRADOC pays for a school after graduating ALC, and I’m trying to walk on to Pathfinder school at Ft. Benning.

After that, the end goal before leaving my unit is graduating Ranger School. And upon graduation, I want to put in my selection packet for SFAS to go after my long awaited dream of joining the Brotherhood of quiet professionals.

Goals. 50m Target with follow on targets. Thanks all you guys who kept me up through my dark times. Ya’ll the real MVP. I’ll keep yall updated