ncisla: season 5

Ashi deserved better

She is a great character, but she was basically

a) a plot device, erased as soon as she was not needed anymore

b) a tool for a male character’s development, used for Manpain

c) shoehorned into a rushed, forced romance with Jack, when she could have been so much more than a love interest

d) a perfect example of the Born Sexy Yesterday trope

d) she was very sexualized, and was naked for a good portion of her screentime

Oh, and she is supposed to be a warrior trained from birth to kill Jack, but she has like… no muscles… why is it that? (At least the Scotsman’s daughters were ripped) Plus her torso is so tiny that you couldn’t even fit organs in there -.- I’d like to have decent proportions for women, not a Barbie doll anatomy