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Thanks @MichaelMWeatherly for the #22PushupChallenge to raise awareness for suicide prevention and the mental health issues that trouble America’s veterans.  We want to honor those that have served our country and be here for them when they need us. If you are thinking of harming yourself please call 1-800-273-8255.  But know you are loved. You are appreciated.  And what you have done for this country is not forgotten.
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The (Un)forgotten Birthday
Alternate ending to 4x11, ‘Drive’ 

“I thought it was on the eighteenth!” Kensi exclaims as her eyes flash to his and Deeks can’t tell if she’s joking or not.

“Uh, yeah, nice try.  Actually, I heard you making dinner reservations, so…” he prompts, assuming she will admit her plans knowing that he overheard her on the phone.

“That was with somebody else,” she replies, looking a little mortified.

“Yeah right,” he scoffs uncertainly, “What…are you serious?”  It hits him then that maybe she’s not kidding.  “It’s my birthday…”

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No one should mention making lists around me because it’s really a major weakness of mine. 

But the other day wingsofnight posted about why the LA fandom doesn’t have challenges, contests and other stuff and that just sounded way too fun to pass up!

So I compiled this challenge list of not so common prompts (some are from existing lists which I just adapted to fit the show). The most common tags for edits in the fandom are #ncisla #ncis la #ncislaedit and then the character and/or ship name.

Anyway, here it is. Fill them with gifs or edits or even text posts. Just remember to caption your post with the title of this post and the title of day that fits your post.

Day 1 Favorite Quote

Day 2 Favorite Cast Member 

Day 3 Best Story Arc

Day 4 Something You Wished Never Happened

Day 5 Favorite Prominent One-time Character

Day 6 Top  "#actualLOL" Moment

Day 7 A Major Fail Storyline

Day 8 Biggest Non-ship Feels Moment

Day 9 Less Intimidating Bad Guy 

Day 10 Favorite Hug

Day 11 Best Whole Team Moment (top 4 or all 8)

Day 12 Favorite Moment with a Minor

Day 13 A Moment That Made You Cry

Day 14 Worst Moment for Your Favorite Character

Day 15 Best Moment for Your Least Favorite Character

Day 16 Most Frightening Bad Guy

Day 17 Your Crack Ship

Day 18 Favorite Moment Involving Food

Day 19 Best Moment in a Vehicle

Day 20 Favorite Hand to Hand Fight Scene 

Day 21 Favorite Not Addressing an Elephant in the Room Scene

Day 22 Best Fluffy Scene

Day 23 A Scene That Won You Over

Day 24 Best Kill

Day 25 Something You Hate About the Whole Thing

Day 26 Favorite At Home Scene

Day 27 Worst Timing Scene

Day 28 Most Disappointing Moment

Day 29 A Scene Most Love But You Just Don’t

Day 30 Favorite Gun Fight

Day 31 Bonus: Your Choice

The (Un)forgotten Birthday - Part 2
Follow-up to Part 1 - for the NCISLA Hiatus Fic Challenge
Word Count: 1100ish (Pt1) + 1900ish (Pt2) = 3000ish total

A/N - since is being a brat and not letting me upload this, you get it in full here instead of just a link.  Technically this goes along with my fic challenge that I posted last week changing one thing.  Because Kensi doesn’t forget Deeks’ birthday in that, technically The Box needs a new reason for existing.  But in the end, the meaning is still the same and this is also my new speculative headcanon.  If it’s not true, the writers and I will be in a fight.

kind of tags to Red Part 1 and Three Hearts

Two and a half months later – Spring 2013

“What’s in the box?”  Dave, from NCIS’s Red Team, is eyeing said box as he and his colleague, Claire, stand in the bullpen with Kensi and Deeks.

The box had shown up on Kensi’s desk about six weeks ago and despite his best efforts, Deeks has been unsuccessful in finding out what it is.  And Kensi seems to enjoy keeping the secret he so desperately wants to know.

“Wow,” he looks to her, “that is a fantastic question.  Why don’t you ask my partner…not that she’s gonna tell you.”

Attention now on her, Kensi lets out a small sigh, “His birthday was a couple months ago and I couldn’t think of anything to get him.  I finally figured it out though, and got him something he’s always wanted…more than anything else in the world.”  Her eyes never leave her partner, gauging his reaction to this revelation.

Stunned.  That’s the best way to describe the look on his face.  Kensi chuckles internally at the thought that this is the second time in a few short months that she’s left him speechless. 

Other conversation and background noise all but fade away.  In this moment, it’s just the two of them and Deeks finds himself a little bit in awe of his partner.

“You really did that?” His voice is soft and unsure.  “I thought dinner was my gift?”

Kensi shrugs and her eyes flick to the ground before meeting his again, “It wasn’t enough.”  

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Something to Talk About

NCIS LA Hiatus Fic Challenge #2
S7 Speculation:  Kensi and Deeks continue to deal with the IA investigation hanging over them.
Word Count: ~2700

“Lunch orders due in two minutes or else I come back with one of my food truck surprises for you instead!”

Kensi chuckles at Deeks’ announcement as Sam and Callen make their way back into the bullpen after spending the last hour in the gym.  It’s been a quiet day for the team and even though it’s technically her turn to do the lunch run, her partner is getting restless and offered to take over so that he can “smell the ocean air.”

As the senior agents rush to jot down what they want, Deeks looks over to her, “You sure you don’t want to come, Kens?”

She shoots him a brief glare, “You know I need to finish this paperwork.  Your paperwork, actually.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault you lost our bet,” Deeks smirks at her.

Kensi sighs, “Just go get our food, Deeks.  I’m getting hungry.”

Getting hungry?” he gives her a pointed look while he tries not to laugh, “Aren’t you always hungry?”

All she can do is roll her eyes and shrug – he’s not exactly wrong.  “Just go.”

“Going,” he winks at her and grabs her car keys off her desk before turning towards the doors.

He has been gone for twenty minutes when Kensi’s phone rings, disrupting the silence in the bullpen.  Frowning at the unfamiliar number on the screen, she connects the call and walks out into the courtyard for some privacy.

“Kensi Blye.”

Agent Blye, this is Detective Rivera.”

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