Valentine’s Day: A Drabble

Short little (belated) holiday drabble. 

Set after she’s rescued in 8x15 or whatever episode from Sullivan. 

“You can stop hovering, you know.” Kensi says as she crosses her legs and pulls them up on top of the couch. Deeks smiles and leans against the door frame into the living room and takes a sip of his beer. 

“I know. But let me have a few minutes though, it’s been a hell of a day.” 

“Fine, I’ll let you have a few minutes. Plus, it helps when you’re fiancé is as good looking as me.” She says as she pats down on the seat next to her. “Come, sit with me.” 

“Fiancé, huh?” Deeks walks across the room and joins her on the couch. Kensi snuggles into his side and puts her head on his shoulder. 

“Semantics. We’re way into our thing for the term of girlfriend, and you know how I feel about the word, lover. Fiancé just kind of makes sense.” 

“If we’re getting down to the semantics of it, let me be the one to remind you that I’ve asked you to marry me already. I’ve asked you multiple times now.”

Kensi silently laughs and takes the beer from his hands, taking a sip of the beer.

“I know. And I need to apologize for how I’ve been acting the last few months. It hasn’t been fair to you, at all. Because you should know, I love you. And I always will.”

Deeks grabs the beer back from her and pulls her closer to his chest. “Of all people you feel the need to apologize to, I should not be that person. You know I get it…. I get what you’ve gone through and it doesn’t change a damn thing.” 

She stifles a sob coming from her chest and it makes Deeks pull her tighter to his chest.

“ A lady has to be able to breathe, detective.”

“I know. I’m just glad you’re here.” 

“Me too.”

He holds her for a few moments until Kensi picks her head up and holds his face in her hands. 

“I just realized it’s Valentine’s Day and I didn’t get you anything.” 

“I got you back safe and sound. That’s all I need.”

“Marry me, Deeks. Tomorrow. This weekend. I don’t want to wait any more. I don’t want to be your fiancé anymore, I want to be your wife.” 

Deeks smiles as he reaches into his pocket and finally slips the ring onto her left finger.

“Best Valentine’s Day present, ever.” 

Something I’ll never get tired of is how Deeks’ entire demeanor changes when Kensi appears, he can snark off to whiting so much but suddenly there’s Kensi and there’s that soft little “hey” and that touch of a smile because he’s so gentle and GOOD to her. He’s playing with Callen at the Christmas party but the suddenly his head is being squashed against her neck and he’s whispering that tender little question to her because God their world could and has crumbled down around them but nothing is going to stop him from loving the hell out of her and treating her like a goddess and the voice he uses when they snuggled up in bed and when he’s locked behind bars is the same one because nothing is going change how much he loves her 

Me: desperately wants to write a fic about the team chatting on fb messenger where Sam and Callen constantly leave the group and Deeks keeps adding them back and changing their nicknames to omG and Samdawg and Kensi’s to Kenselicious because he loves scarring people and Eric feels the need to share every detail of his life on it and Nell won’t stop changing the group name and color and Kensi just wants to delete the app and Hetty is a creeper who views every message but never comments

Me:…shut up

NCISLA Set Visit?

Since some people have been asking based on past years, this post is to let you know we won’t be sharing any new BTS insights this year (at least for S8).

Why, you ask?

Isn’t three enough?! Like that alone didn’t make us seem/feel a bit “stalker-ish”?!

Anyway, let’s just say it’s a combination of “adulting” issues. BFF Kara (@iwannabemewhenigrowup) elected to fully remodel her master & guest bathrooms in her relatively new condo. As for me, I’m co-leading a university honors group to Europe in May and am going through an extended dental procedure (again - as always?). We’re also starting to plan a long overdue return escape to Hawaii. And I have to admit our most recent set visit experience had a slight note of disappointment.

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