NCIS: LA: Eric Christian Olsen Reveals What's Next for Kensi and Deeks
After the events of tonight's NCIS: LA, actor Eric Christian Olsen reveals all.

Hang on Densi fans!

And of course Kensi will want to be “100%”. That’s who she is. Our girl is all or nothing. Or better said, “All in.”.

Some may growl about another episode of “Eric Christian Trollen”, but I personally don’t believe this is it. He sounds true, authentic, genuine - what we value and appreciate about ECO.

NCIS:LA Ratings - “Ghost Gun”

Numbers for this week are an estimate for now, because of football overrunning by a few minutes, but given that it wasn’t over by a lot (and we’re the second hour after football), I think the numbers are pretty steady and they’re looking great this week.

They are broken down to the half-hour today, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the final numbers end up closer to the second half hour than the first, but still solid either way.

Demo: 1.9/1.5 (830-9pm/9-930pm EDT)
Viewers: 11.90/10.97 million

If they can hang onto a high 1.x demo, it will be the first time since mid-S6!  6x17 (Savoir Faire) had a 1.8 demo.  We never got above 1.6 last season (which we hit three times mid-season).  So far, we’re averaging a demo of two-tenths higher than last year, and that’s before factoring in this week.

Curious to see how the final numbers look tomorrow!

anonymous asked:

so ratings are good? do you think we can expect season 9?

Ratings are definitely good so far this season.  Shows that have performed far worse are still going (not even just the ones LA competes with in its timeslot) and it’s doing well compared to the other CBS dramas as well.  (So far this season, it’s been the 3rd most popular CBS drama each week behind the mothership and Bull) and has been in the top 10 of all scripted broadcast shows each week (excluding the premiere week).

So, it seems like a pretty sure thing for a S9, but I honestly have no idea what other factors could go into that decision.  I am definitely far more hopeful for it than I was at the end of last season and over hiatus.  The show seems to have found a nice sweet spot with its new air time.